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Insightful strategist, and business personality offering over 35+ years experience in various business, marketing, and management positions, translating business action plans and strategic initiatives and well-planned marketing strategies into client growth. What a personality! Attention to detail always focused on the end result and willing to take one for the team. Always a top performer because of a big-thinker, from the early age of 14 a teen advice columnist, driven by a passion for excellence in business, knowing the importance of never giving up.

Placing a hard focus on customer relationship management, where all marketing begins, this marketing expert resides and wishes to works in the Tampa Bay, St. Pete, or Clearwater, Florida area or can coordinate work efforts from her well organized home office but would consider relocation.  Also residing in Springfield, Illinois a snow-bird, semi-retired is ready to tackle any project with passion.

Result-driven, traditional and digital marketing expert, business consultant, branding and advertising strategist for both, online digital commerce, or offline traditional sales and marketing. Proven expert search engine optimization specialist  and social media marketing expert proved by marked increased reach and engagement, for industries including banking, legal, structured settlements, advertising and creatives white label specialist and the list goes on and on.

Wordpress expert web design and development and experienced web developer and project management, blog writing, editing, sales, lead generation, expert email marketing strategist, talented graphic artist, voice talent, video and all types of creatives projects. If anyone can be described as having a true passion, Kathryn should be at the top of the list.

Distinguished background, having served hundred's of clients with few complaint, this professional is soft-spoken yet driven for the success of each client and is seriously dedicated to the research and vision of her profession.

Track record of monetizing digital investments, monitoring data, maintaining records of critical campaign metrics, including return on investment and growth reports, to achieve meaningful insights for clients. Talented marketing strategist with expertise formulating fully integrated marketing strategies and funnel optimization.

Core Competencies 

  • Market & Consumer Intelligence
  • Digital Delivery Management
  • Brand Management
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Web design and development
  • Mobile Applications
  • LiveChat Web App Specialist
  • Social Media Guru
  • SEO, SEM & Web Services & Analytics
  • Conversion optimization expert
  • Funnel optimization


  • Campaign Development and implementation
  • Team leadership
  • Lead Generation Expert
  • Virtual Sales / eCommerce
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Inside / Outside Sales
  • Talent Acquisition/Development / Training

Interpreting Data

Interpreting digital marketing data- who does that?

I do!

Someone who understands digital content from different business or niche perspectives, and can interpret numbers like a real scientist, is what every savvy marketing professional needs to acquire. I have that ability. I look at a clients scope of marketing, as a visionary company CEO who owns the company herself. 

Someone who in creating and improving custom strategy then implementing or targeting solutions that best fit their companies marketing profile. I spend lazy Saturday afternoons identifying trending topics and analyzing fortune 500 companies. I dream up new ways to help clients, because being creative is what separates them from the competition; however, I always analyze and test the data first, to see how to optimize the fully integrated marketing, I have developed. I myself, enjoy consuming digital content.

Areas of Extreme Interest

Digital Marketing

  • Director of Operations
  • Marketing Director or Manager
  • Account or Project Management -Because it's all in the details 
  • Systems management
  • Branding and Identity strategy
  • Market and consumer intelligence
  • Expert search engine marketing strategist and specialist
  • Lead Gen Manager and Hard-Core Sales Professional - Always a top producer

Virtual Expert Project Management

Experienced with 100's of personalized client contract virtual assisting / project management projects with a focus on ad and creatives agencies white label project management.


  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook, Adobe Photoshop, Mac/Windows PC. Can navigate any software, CRM, or Sales Management programs including Pipedrive, Inside Sales, Mailchimp, and a host of proprietary marketing and analytics tools.
    - Ad buys / Search Engine Marketing Management -  Experience with media planning/buying/strategy 
    - Understands the correlation between content consumption and consumer mindset
    - Very strong analytical and reporting skills
    - Strong oral and written communications
    - Solutions-oriented attitude, never negative
    - Quick learner with new tools/software 
    - Highly organized, detail oriented and focused
    - Thrives working independently and in groups
    - Not afraid to ask questions 

Press accomplishment

Kathryn's Extensive Experience Deems Her A True Expert

Introducing Kathryn Sias


“ How does a true expert digital media pro, remain humble when presenting their worth? A true professional, appreciates when someone knows their worth, right? I am humble and I know my business all the same. “

Why you should talk to me

"Rest assured your project will get the personal attention it deserves. My love for earning a return on investment for my clients, is what I dream about at night. Add to that, experience! I know how to organize an entire marketing department, yet more than willing to get on the phone doing cold-calls for sales, and always a top producer to boot. I know how to set up the systems management and controls that will keep the project running smoothly and on track but I also know the importance of team work. My accomplishments started early. Voted most charismatic / charming, and most likely to succeed, in high-school, I quickly learned that the gift of gab and a sincere smile and wanting to help others, could potentially be some of my best assets throughout every part of my life, personal;y and professionally and to date its served me very well.

If you're looking for someone who truly understands digital marketing, someone who lives on the edge of night doing research and intense analytical queries with an extensive 40 year background in business and marketing, then I invite you now to speak with me either via video, phone or chat. I maintain a highly professional home/work environment and like any good entreprenuer will drop everything, hop on video, if a client truly needs me."

Kathryn Sias

Marketing Clearwater - Digital Marketing Experts

What I can do!

  • Direct, manage, or lead your company marketing efforts. I work well under others, striving solely for the end result, appreciating the value of a solid team and combined effort

  • Develop, implement and maintain marketing campaigns using smart metrics, research, analytics, positioning, pricing and tracking return on investment(s)

  • Build, track, and monitor custom channels of content for campaign strategies

  • Develop, implement and maintain brand strategies including media plans

  • Set up systems management for new corporate seo, digital or internet marketing departments

  • Set up reporting process for clients to login an independent portal to monitor progress

  • Using licensed software, monitor and pull data and keyword, positioning and advanced SEO metrics to develop a solid keyword strategy for aggressive organic and ppc campaigns

  • Develop and assist a professional optimizations team to enhance performance

  • Works well with CEO's, team managers and staff

  • Help identify solutions to improve processes and increase team output

  • Able to implement livechat systems to promote business needs

  • Expert newsletter and email marketing management


With more than 300 clients in the last 10 years, I can earn your campaign, a return on investment.

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