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About Keith Knutsson

About Keith Knutsson: With a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University and INSEAD, I am real estate investor currently based in Tampa, Florida. Before this, I worked with Paris-based Sodipierre Finance, an investment division of the largest private real estate holder in France, the De Montemarte family.

Serving as a Sponsor Investor and Co-Director, I was responsible for large real estate investments in the country. While based in Paris, I also worked as a Consultant for Devon Self Storage Holdings (US), LLC and Bulgari Hotels and Resorts. In July 2005, I founded Integrale Advisors, Inc; as the firm’s Managing Director, I pursues several large-scale real estate investment projects in residential, commercial, and lodging. I continue to work globally in several real estate markets, with an emphasis on Europe and the United States.

In addition to his business experience, I have lectured at Harvard Business School; Emory University; INSEAD and the Anderson School of Management at the University of California, Los-Angeles. I have spoken on topics that include international business, business development, and entrepreneurship. I also published at INSEAD on the topic of business development in Europe.

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Managing Director

Integrale Advisors



A real estate investor and developer.


Master of Business Administration


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