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Kelli Sudduth

Vice President, Professional Services

Work experience


Vice President of Professional Services

Epiphany Healthcare

Vice President of Professional Services-Durham, NC

Oversee the day to day operations of the Professional Service teams: Implementations, Clinical Education, Technical Support, Customer Service and Quality Assurance.  The direct management consists of seven employees; indirectly managing thirty-three employees.  Managerial duties Include staff placement, salary negotiations, monthly 1:1s, and yearly performance meetings. 

Duties include evaluating/defining strategies for all three departments to improve quality of work product while also generating revenue. Revenue measured every quarter for project teams to meet and exceed $5 million every year. 

Created and oversee the clinical documentation, end user expectations for product use and delivery.  Develop and maintain all directives to manage live hospital sites and stay up to date with changing requirements to meet the demands of the healthcare industry.  Develop new market based content for promoting items and services.

Day to day Human Relations management over the Professional Service Departments.  Focus placed on new hire recruitment, training/on boarding, culture awareness, participate in interviews, background checks, counseling, hiring/terminations, and multi tiered metric measurements for quarterly/yearly performance.  Participation in growth and planning metrics for staffing advancement and company growth.

Responsible for creating, maintaining and reinforcing Quality Assurance guidelines held by our Standard Operating Procedures.

Highlights of day to day responsibilities:

  • Forecast and deliver revenue based on company goals
  • Identify cost savings, evaluate department expenses
  • Field training management – ensure accuracy of product training for clinical users
  • Participate in all audits (Internal, FDA and ISO)
  • Lead the Kaizen methodologies in all departments to eliminate redundant processes
  • Define process and needs for company programs – delegate and manage to completion
  • Recruit candidates, Counsel employees
  • Ensure manager’s departments are in compliance with QA standards, reeducate if identified
  • Review process failures for improvements
  • Manage customer complaints and direct resource to Corporate Customer Relationships

Implementations Director

Epiphany Cardiography, Inc

Implementations Director-Virtual

Supervision and managed the Implementations and Clinical Training teams; three project managers and two trainers.  Oversaw the hiring of new team members and performed monthly employee performance meetings and yearly performance reviews. 

Assignment of projects, day to day best practices defined and creation of customer facing documentation for proper adherence to the core functions of software. I also managed direct projects totaling 73 for two years.  Within the two years I closed $1.2 million in revenue while managing the team to close an additional $ 2 million.

Highlights of day to day responsibilities:

  • Managed team to generate company revenue metrics
  • Customer complaints
  • Managed SOPs for department
  • Managed a limited number of projects
  • Reviewed clinical team in the field periodically
  • Design job descriptions and map out plan for staffing
  • Manage performance evaluations, bonus incentive plan reviews
  • Created eLearning site for Customer Base


Project Manager

Epiphany Cardiography, Inc

Project Manager-Virtual

Managed ECG Management software implementations for assigned hospital orders to include the delivery of clinical use for go live.  Project work load ranged from a minimum of twelve on going projects and a maximum of twenty-eight.  Responsible for forecasting and closing revenue to match the company’s defined goals for the year.

Highlights of day to day responsibilities:

  • Demonstrate and explain best practices use for software for IT, HL7 , Clinical, and Physician resources
  • Maintain accurate project paperwork based on regulatory requirements
  • Deliver training to hospital staff
  • Developed enterprise implementation requirements for shared systems
  • Design Clinical Educational documents and standards for healthcare clinical/administrative use

Implementation Project Manager


Implementation Project Manager, Holter - Virtual

LifeWatch, Inc Coordinated and oversaw the implementation of remote holter customers for the monitoring service. Responsible for weekly meeting to ensure the work flow was defined, configured and all hardware was ready for training/go live. Handled the nationwide onsite training of the Zymed Remote Holter Station software and handled post go live technical assistance as needed. Highlights of day to day responsibilities: Designed the standard operating procedures for the department. Created the internal processes for customer reporting needs. Frequently interfaced with upper management to advise regarding ongoing and future software needs for growth. Coordinated internal staff training with necessary vendors Provided technical support for Holter customers Assisted Inventory Management with Customer Requests and Needs





Project Management