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Leadership Core Values

Leadership Core Values

First and foremost, I wholeheartedly believe the fundamental purpose of education is doing what is best for the children. This is my core value as an educator and leader. In times of conflict, my decision making process will be based on the question, “What is best for our kids?” By the same token, problem solving is a team effort. When confronted with a a situation, I want to work with those involved in a reflective and positive manner to find a solution that will put student needs first, but keep everyone’s best interest in mind.

In addition, I believe a respected leader must make oneself present and available, as well as take the time to build relationships. Clear and consistent communication is a key factor in leadership. My core values will become evident to the school and community though newsletters, school community nights and actions that reflect my core values. A school leader needs to be visible and open. Making myself available to staff, students, parents and the community is imperative to being a good leader.

Next, I believe that our responsibility as educators lies in what students are learning, not merely in what we are teaching. I hope to share my own experiences in proficiency-based education with staff and problem solve with them as they face challenges that may arise. I know that change can be challenging and I will support staff whenever they stumble and will celebrate all their successes too. I will encourage staff to take risks in their instructional practice and support them in the classroom and beyond. My support will be evident as I will make myself available for classroom observations, modeling or assisting with the creation of a student-centered classroom.

Also, the best educators and leaders are able to reflect on their practice and have the motivation and confidence to improve themselves. I know that full listening with an open mind is a key factor in relationship building and problem solving. I will have an open door policy so staff members feel supported and valued enough to come to me to reflect or problem solve. I will continue to encourage staff to remain calm and positive when a problem arises. I will help them reflect on what part they can play in solving a problem, and I will reflect on what I can do to support them.

Finally, there is value in time spent fostering and nurturing a well-functioning staff. A staff that feels empowered and valued will accomplish greatness. I want to work together with staff to continue to build community. Through professional development sessions, team building, think tanks, data analysis, PLCs and wellness activities, we will work as a well-functioning staff that can accomplish great things together for our students.

My hope is that I will be seen as a fair and just assistant principal who respects and values the students, parents, and staff. I look forward to working and learning with a new staff as I incorporate my core values with those that are already in practice. There is a lot of experience and knowledge among both veteran and new staff that I can learn a lot from. And in return, my leadership experience, interpersonal skills and core values will be a positive asset to your school and community.