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I worked in various environments managing people, projects and sales, as well as business development. 

I am hungry for sales results and increasing productivity. I make decisions quickly, but I almost never change them once they are made. I am accountable and go-getter.

I would be a good fit for a larger company that would like to have a head of sales with entrepreneurial thinking, who can see opportunities everywhere, engage people in common projects and who is unbreakable when working under stress.

Work experience

Fluent Forever Inc.

Dec 2020May 2021

Product Owner & Sales Manager & Customer Support

I was tasked with creation a new scalable product (service), find the software background to run it, create organization within the company that could hold its operations, recruit and hire people and create a product with a 30%+ margin.

In 6 months we launched the product that reached up to 30% margin with a roadmap of getting to 50% margin with an NPS score of 60+.

Napredne izobraževalne rešitve

May 2019Dec 2020

Selling and delivering educational products for my own company

From May till December 2019 I have revived the sales of my PhotoReading courses as well as new language courses. I have sold out the capacities for my language school for 2020.

Business Development, Product Developer, Sales

I have received an investment opportunity in Japan, took it and made 4x higher sales volume than investment in the first year of operations and sustained the level of sales for 5 years.

General Manager, Business Development, Sales

After aquiring licence for PhotoReading in the US, I developed a business model and became number 1 PhotoReading instructor in terms of sales volume and variety of markets (more than 10 countries).

I also designed another educational program to which I registered 260 people who committed to join my 6-month program.

In that period I have also brought to Slovenia a foreign international educational firm in the field of communication training to the great success of their programs here. The firm is still operating in Slovenia 12 years later.

Book Author

Jul 2006Mar 2007

Book Author, Book sales

I've authored a book about a travel I did and sold all copies of it, as well as speeches all around Slovenia and in 56 media outlets.

I connected quickly and effectively through my story with main players in Slovenian media space as well as the holders of events activity.

Education and experiences

West Virginia University

Sep 2019Oct 2019

Sales Operations/Management Specialization

I have taken a series of online courses from the online lectures from West Virginia University. The purpose stated at the website of this module is: Prepare Yourself for a Sales Management Career. Master knowledge and techniques to manage an effective sales force.

Northwestern University


The Art of Sales: Mastering the Selling Process Specialization

Professor and sales manager Craig Wortmann is a world-renown specialist in sales. I have taken his online courses in the period over two years and I have mastered the theoretical backrounds of sales process.

Landmark Education

Sep 2007Apr 2013

Seven-month Leadership and Communication Program and six-year continuous education

The program was focused on sales through authentic leadership and communication - Authentic Selling. I have successfully completed the program and I was offered a leadership role on the first and second levels of the structure.

Through my six years of continuous engagement with the company and educating myself in their methods of authentic selling, I have gained invaluable experience and a view into the sales process. 

Faculty for Social Science Ljubljana (FDV)

Oct 2002Sep 2007

Bachelor of Arts in International Relations

I have gathered a vast array of political, sociological and psychological, as well as economical and legal knowledge of the world we live in through the lens of Political Sciences. Gaining these skills enables me to start anything and have a good starting point to deepen myself in new subjects.

Gymnasium in Postojna

Sep 1998Jun 2002

High School Graduate

I have completed Gymnasium, which is the 4-year High School that we have in Slovenia. The curriculum is focused on general subjects and preparation for entering in to the university system. I completed the school and while I was enrolled, I took lessons in English, German and Italian.

Personal details

FULL NAME: Matej Ken Matsunaga Sedmak
BIRTHDATE: 18th May 1984
BIRTHPLACE: Postojna, Slovenia



Native fluent


Almost native fluent


I can speak 1-on-1, I make mistakes as I speak. It is the main language I want to learn!


Pretty good.