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Nguyen Duy Khang

Software developer


  • I am a listener, a learner, a developer, a front-end enthusiast.
  • I am open to suggestions, improvements, and opportunities.
  • I strive for an in-depth area of expertise, and perfection.
  • My working principle: less talking, more doing.



Bosch Vietnam Ltd.
  • Role: Tool developer - design and build automation tools to support internal business units
  • Technologies:
    • HTML, CSS, Sass, JS, jQuery, ReactJS
    • DXL, OSLC
  • Tools:
    • DOORS, DOORS Next (requirements management tools)
    • Rational Team Concert (source control, team planning)
    • Rational Quality Management (quality management)
    • Visual Studio Code (code editor)
    • Skype/MS Teams (team communication)
    • Balsamiq Mockups (design tool)
  • Valuable experience:
    • Engaging in a full software development process
    • Following the SCRUM framework's principles to grow and overcome challenges as a team
    • Being part of a multi-cultural working environment (Vietnam, India, Germany, Austria)
    • Advancing soft skills and English: communication, presentation, requirements elicitation

Military service ——————————————


Application Programmer

Cathay Life Vietnam
  • Insurance business
  • Role: Senior Assistant - Assisting back-end developers and front-end users
  • Technologies:
    • eBaf (MVC model)
    • JSP, JS, HTML
    • XML (txBean)
    • DB2 JDBC
  • Tools:
    • WebSphere (Java development tool) 
    • ClearCase (version control)
    • Jasper iReport (printing)

International Volunteering Team

Wikia Inc.
  • Role: Helper
  • Tasks: monitoring Vietnamese Community Central activities, assisting users, and working on translations from English to Vietnamese.
  • Valuable experience:
    • Familiar with some online team communication and project management tools: Slack, Jira, Crowdin, Google Docs.
    • Honing my reading and writing English.
    • Meeting more people.


TOEIC Certificate

IIG Vietnam

A TOEIC certificate for reading and listening English with a total score of 845.

Professional Diploma (Software Engineering)

NIIT Hoa Sen

A diploma in .NET Software Engineering


💻 Open source

🎨 Front-end design

📃 Writing and reading tech blogs

🏀 Basketball

🎵 Music