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Hi, I am Kimi.  31 years old, located at Taipei.

I am a analyst.

I received a master degree at National Cheng Kung University, majored in electronic engineering.My master's thesis  is focusing on circuit system mathematical modeling based on PTC Mathcad and implementation.

After leaving school, I join Renesas Electronics Taiwan . I act as a field application engineer (FAE) to support Taiwan's ODM customer in design and manufacture and applications  research.

For customer support

  1. On-site support for modeling parameters fine-turn.
  2. According to customer's requirement, I help to design and modeling customer's  circuit system which  included the  Server/MotherBoard/3D projector/Industrial Personal Computer.
  3. Record and track the failure rate data from Engineering Verification Test/Production Verification Test/Mass Production for future new cases and debug

For applications  research

  1. Study the latest circuit Modeling and design from Renesas Japan HQ.
  2. Enhance the circuit modeling with MATHCAD and NumPy/Scipy, the main target is to reduce the failed rate of  Engineering Verification Test/Production Verification Test/Mass Production.

After leaving Renesas, I join SYSTEX, Taiwan-based IT services provider. My job is to design business Intelligence and analytics applications. From the raw data processing , data model, and the Visual  Analytics. I also design the visual  Analytics module integrated  with Splunk for customer use, customer can experience the power of visual analysis when they use Splunk.

From 2015 Jan,  I have been transfer to SYSTEX's Big data BU, Etu inc. My job is about to design and update the existing data model for social network analytics system.

After leaving  SYSTEX Corporation, I co-found the Drawpie Design to provide visual analytics and blockchain consultant service. I and my partner in China, we have win the The Shanghai Blockchain Hackathon Third Prize Winners , 2016-01-07 .

Third place went to the Medical Records team, which developed an idea, built on Factom, for a platform that uses blockchain technology to store medical records and prescriptions immutably, which could reduce the insurance fraud and costs with a simple medical history verification process.

Now I’m working on  analytics applications which include financial and industrial. For more details, please see the attached works. In my free time,  I like play table tennis,  ride bicycles,  sightseeing and support open source decentralized platform community, like EthereumClassic.

Familiar Filelds,

  1. Server
  2. Gaming
  3. Power
  4. Microcontroller
  5. Big data analytic
  6. Blockchain


My system modeling Skills:
2. Numpy and Scipy

My Dapp Skills :

1. Bitcoind API for transactions development 
2. Multichain for private blockchain management 
3. Colorcoin for creating digital assets

My Software Skills :
1. Data visualization with D3.js
2. Reusable D3.js chart module design
3. 3D data visualization with Three.js
4. Geo data visualization with Leaflet
5. Graphic design with Adobe Illustrator CC
6. Presentation design with Reveal.js
7. Javascript MVC design with Backbone.js
8. Web framework deploy with express.js
9. Data System Design and modeling with Node.js
10. Stock data visualization with Elasticsearch and D3.js

My Data Processing Skill
1. Lo-Dash : javascript data array manipulation
2. Squel.js and Tedious : Microsoft SQL server manipulation
4. D3.js : CSV,JSON data manipulation

My Firmware Skills :
1. Arduino C (Open MCU) and related open hardware design.
2. Papilio VHDL (Open FPGA) and related open hardware design.

Work History

May 2015 Now


Drawpie Design

Blockchain applications consult 

DEC 2014May 2015

Senior System Designer

SYSTEX / Etu Big Data

Analysis applications 

Jun 2014Dec 2014

Senior System Designer


Visual analysis applications, Splunk D3.js app design

Oct 2011Mar 2014

Field Application Engineer


System design and modeling




Ethereum Classic Project / explorer developer



Taipei D3.js Meetup

Open Source Graphic design


Jul 20102012

Master of Science (MS)

National Cheng Kung University

System design and modeling

My Works

My Works