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Kip Boahn

Freelance English Teacher (Austria, Germany, Switzerland - *Now Exclusively Online) / Creator of Virtlantis (Virtual World Language Learning - *Since 2006) / Co-owner Oxford School for English


LAST UPDATE: 28 February 2023

Status: Currently exclusively available for freelance contract work online (specialize in teaching English to native German speakers in Germany, Austria & Switzerland + e-learning/community development & virtual world language learning). 

Services include: 

  • Online Courses & Intensive English Workshops/Seminars (Business/Company-Specific English, IT English, Academic English (Abitur/Matura), Exam Preparation, etc.)
  • Company English Training (Online)
  • E-Learning (Course & Content Creation, Platform/Community Management, etc.)
  • Virtual World Integration/Support
  • English Lessons/Support via Mobile Phone

    Contact Website:
Please send inquiries to: 
Office (DE): 0049-175-2010-293 / 
Office (AT): 0043-676-6620-453 /

Work History

Online Freelance English Teacher

January 2020Present

Offer English language training (now exclusively online) on a freelance basis for schools and institutes throughout Austria and Germany. My specializations include IT English, Business English, Company-Specific English, Abitur/Matura English, Exam Preparation, etc. 

Freelance English Teacher (Germany, Austria, Online)

Aug 2001December 2019

Offered on-site in-house training on a freelance basis throughout Austria and Germany (and online) for a wide variety of employers, facilitated and maintained e-learning projects, provided online and in-person English language coaching/tutoring and various other types of language support. 

E-Learning Facilitator in Virtual Worlds

Jan 2006Apr 2019

Language Learning and Teaching in Virtual Worlds

Exploration of Numerous Virtual World Learning Environments

Organization of Various Types of Free (Open and Closed Format) Experimental Language Learning Activities, Creation of Language Learning Groups & Communities (see

Co-creation and Administration of the VIRTLANTIS Virtual World Environment (Immersive 3D Simulator)

Teaching of Several Long-term EFL/ESL Classes/Activities

Promotion of Language Appreciation and Intercultural Awareness

Facilitation of Several Virtual World Language Learning Projects for Universities

Provided Support to Numerous College Graduates & Professors (thesis, course & research related)

Assisted With The Integration of the Claroline Learning Management System and Second Life®

Experience with OpenSim based virtual worlds, e.g. Avination, OS Grid, etc.

Promotion of Virtual World Language Learning/Teaching

Continual Provision of Support, Resources, Demos and Q&A to Language Teachers/Learners

Participation in Multiple Conferences and Discussions on the Subject of Virtual World Language Learning

Promoted Virtual World Language Learning via a Multitude of Social Networks

Creation and Maintenance of Forums, Blogs and Websites for Community and Language Learning

English Teacher/Manager (Presence-Based & Online) | Webmaster | IT Support

Oxford School for English (Germany)
Jan 20012009

School Expansion & Transition Support

Assisted with Move to New Premises

Co-designed New Course Formats & Classroom Layouts

Recruited Teachers and Provided Relocation Support (airport pick-up, apartment finding, city and school orientation, work permit acquisition, etc.)

Prepared & Equipped School Office & Teacher Resource Room

Expanded, Upgraded and Maintained School Computer Lab

Helped with Miscellaneous Administrative Errands

Liaison Between Teaching Staff and School Management

Course Planning and Development

Learning Content Selection and Creation

Lesson Quality Assurance

Allocation of Teachers to Clients

Development of New Course Formats and Teaching Methods

Recruitment and Training of Teaching Staff

Provision of Ongoing Support to Administrators and Teachers

Incorporation of E-Learning and New Media

Encouraged Active Use of Learning Technologies (in and outside of the classroom)

Trained Teachers to Make Use of New Teaching Tools

Expanded and Developed School's Online Instruction Program

Initiated and Pioneered a Virtual World Language Learning Community (see VIRTLANTIS entry above)

Website Maintenance and Development

Continual Development and Updating of School Websites and Social Media Sites

Content and Layout Optimization

Translation, Text Editing and Proofreading for School and Clients

Technical and Business English

Pharmaceutical and Medical English

IT and Computer English

Websites and Marketing Materials

Product Descriptions and Handbooks

Terms and Conditions, Contracts, Disclaimers

Student Texts, Summaries, Essays, Presentations and Reports

Business Correspondence, etc.

Presence Based and Distance Teaching

Lessons: 1:1, Small Groups (2-8) and Large Groups (up to 25)

Intensive Workshops and Seminars

Exam Preparation:

 Geprüfte(r) Fremdsprachenkorrespondent(in) - IHK Stuttgart

    - London Chamber of Commerce Exams (LCCIEB)

    - Cambridge Exams


Individual Coaching for Special Purposes

Needs Analysis and Level Assessment

Progress Checks and Feedback Collection

Supplementary Use of Internet Technologies

Continual Online Support 

English Instruction and/or Assistance for Educational Institutes, Universities, Educators/Professors, etc.

* VWLL = Virtual World Language Learning

  • Adam Mickiewicz University School Of English, Poland (VWLL - Professor Assistance)
  • BBG (Berufsbildungsgesellschaft) - 3 locations: Göppingen, Kirchheim, Nürtingen* (Germany)
  • !Biku St. Pölten (Austria)
  • Biola University, USA (VWLL - Professor Assistance)
  • BizTalk (Austria)
  • Carl Duisberg Centrum für Fremdsprachen* (Germany)
  • Deutsche Angestellten-Akademie (Germany)
  • GFN Darmstadt - IT English - FISI & FIAE (Germany)
  • GFN Donaueschingen - IT English - FISI & FIAE (Germany)
  • GFN Heidelberg - IT English - FISI & FIAE (Germany)
  • GFN Heilbronn - IT English - FISI & FIAE (Germany)
  • GFN Mannheim - IT English - FISI & FIAE (Germany)
  • GFN München - IT English - FISI & FIAE (Germany)
  • GFN Nürnberg - IT English - FISI & FIAE (Germany)
  • GFN Stuttgart - IT English - FISI & FIAE (Germany)
  • Höheren Lehranstalt für wirtschaftliche Berufe (Austria)
  • Hogeschool Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands (VWLL)
  • Institut Dr. Rampitsch (Austria)
  • Kunstuniversität Linz (Austria)
  • Multikultikreaktiv - English Camp (Czech Republic)
  • Private Neue Mittelschule Zwettl (Austria)
  • Rathaus St. Pölten (Austria)
  • Schülerhilfe Krems (Austria)
  • Schülerhilfe Zwettl (Austria)
  • Steinbeis Transferzentrum (Germany)
  • Universitat de Valencia, Spain (VWLL - Professor Assistance)
  • VIRTLANTIS (Virtual World Language Learning Platform Development)
  • Volkshochschule Zwettl (Austria)

In-Company/Institute/Agency Teaching Experience

  • ADIC Germany GmbH* (Germany)
  • Allgaier Werke GmbH* (Germany)
  • Bezirkshauptmannschaft Amstetten (Austria)
  • Bezirkshauptmannschaft Melk (Austria)
  • Bezirkshauptmannschaft Sankt Pölten (Austria)
  • Bezirkshauptmannschaft Zwettl (Austria)
  • Carl Stahl* (Germany)
  • CL Fusion (Austria)
  • Deutsche Bank (Germany)
  • Dobner Metalldeckensysteme (Germany)
  • EMAG Group (Germany)
  • Ex-Cell-o GmbH - Now: MAG (Germany)
  • Fresenius Medical Care (Austria)
  • Fressnapf (Austria)
  • Gelita AG (Germany)
  • Heldele GmbH (Germany)
  • Herp Ingenieure GmbH & Co.KG (Germany)
  • Hinterkopf Maschinenbau GmbH (Germany)
  • Hotel Garni Donauhof (Austria)
  • EU Interreg - NÖ Regional (Austria)
  • Kaindl Flooring GmbH (Austria)
  • Klenk & Meder (Austria)
  • Lackfabrik Dr. Schmid GmbH & Co.KG* (Germany)
  • RATH Krummnußbaum (Austria)
  • Saxonia-Franke GmbH & Co.KG* (Germany)
  • ShowFly (Austria)
  • Schloss Gobelsburg Winery (Austria)
  • Schuler Pressen GmbH & Co.KG (Germany)
  • Spindelfabrik Süßen* (Germany)
  • T-Systems CSM GmbH (Germany)
  • UTi Deutschland GmbH* (Germany)
  • Wackler GmbH Spedition u. Logistik* (Germany)
  • Weingut Buchecker (Austria)
  • Zeller & Gmelin GmbH & Co KG* (Germany)
  • Zinser ZNL Saurer GmbH & Co. KG - Now: Oerlikon Schlafhorst (Germany)
  • Zuschmann Schöfmann Wein (Austria)

Online Company/Institute Teaching Experience

  • Alb Fils Kliniken GmbH (Germany)
  • Allgaier* (Germany)
  • Eurofoam (Germany)
  • EuroPos* (Austria)
  • Frilo* (Germany)
  • GFN Berlin - IT English - FISI & FIAE (Germany)
  • GFN Darmstadt - IT English - FISI & FIAE (Germany)
  • GFN Donaueschingen* - IT English - FISI & FIAE (Germany)
  • GFN Hamburg - IT English - FISI & FIAE (Germany)
  • GFN Heidelberg - IT English - FISI & FIAE (Germany)
  • GFN Munich* - IT English - FISI & FIA (Germany)
  • GFN Stuttgart* - IT English - FISI & FIAE (Germany)
  • HEITEC PTS (Germany)
  • Institut Dr. Rampitsch* - Matura English (Austria)
  • Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)
  • OPTIMA Pharma (Germany)
  • Ostheimer Spielzeuge* (Germany)
  • PHD Media (Germany)
  • Prudential Real Estate Investors (Japan) 
  • Saxonia Umformtechnik (Germany)
  • Schweizer Group KG* (Germany)
  • Spirax-Sarco Steam Solutions (Japan)
  • TeamViewer (Germany)
  • Universum Group (Germany)
  • VVKK - Vereinigte Versicherungskanzleien (Austria)
  • Wolff & Mueller (Germany)

* = Course duration was one to several years - often with simultaneous courses.

Additional Relevant Experience

In-Class Smart Board Use (+ various other learning technologies - hardware & software)

International Programs Assistant / Residence Hall Manager

Wenatchee Valley College (USA)
Aug 1999Jun 2001

Residence Hall Management

Managed College's International Resident Dormitory

Registration and Administration of All Student Residents

Installed and Maintained Dorm's First Computer Lab 

Significantly Enhanced Look and Feel of Dorm Interior - Created a More Optimal Living/Learning Environment

Helped to Resolve Resident Conflicts and Difficulties

Maintained All Dormitory Facilities

Cultural Exchange Program

Facilitated and Carried Out Cultural and Recreational Activities for Visiting Students from Japan (e.g. city visits, cultural outings, campus tours, whitewater rafting, hiking, shopping, etc.)

Liaison Between Visiting Students & International Programs Department

Constant Coordination with Head of International Programs

International Dormitory Room Allocation, Check-in & Preparation

VISTA Coordinator

AmeriCorps (USA)
Sep 1998Aug 1999

Community Liaison and Development

Primary Community Support Liaison Between K-12 School, Community and Team of Volunteers

Helped Initiate and Organize Several Community Clean-up and Enhancement Projects

Participated in Various Community Outreach Programs

Attended Several Methodology and Skills Development Seminars

Literacy, Reading and Learning Skills Improvement

Worked 1:1 with Students to Improve Overall Literacy

Assisted Classroom Teachers with Curriculum

Organized and Participated in After-School Learning Activities, e.g. Homework Support and Crafts

Offered Several After-School Recreational Activities, e.g. Soccer and Basketball

Provided Mentoring to At-Risk Kids 

Recruited Additional Volunteers and Raised Funds



Travel Experience

Austria*, Belgium, Czech Republic*, England, France*, Germany*, Italy, Netherlands*, Spain, Switzerland, The Caribbean, USA* (* = Have lived in these countries for extended periods of time.)


Active Lifelong Learning, Camping, Computer Repair and Troubleshooting, Culture, Current Events & Language Analysis, Digital Storytelling, Foreign Language Learning & Teaching, Geography, History, Intercultural Awareness and Understanding, Internet Learning & Teaching Technologies, Linux, Mobile Learning, Music & Virtual Concerts, Philosophy, Retro Tech, Self-Development, Videography & Machinima, Virtual Worlds for Language Learning, Walking & Hiking, Web Design, etc. 

Language Skills

English: Native Fluency

German: Near-Native Fluency

French: Advanced Fluency

Spanish: Pre-Intermediate

Dutch: Pre-Intermediate