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Orazio "Kitarraman" Testa

Composer & Sound Designer


Here's my portfolio, both for composition and sound design


I have under my belt five years of experience as a music producer using the DAW Reaper. I began my studies as a composer, arranger and mix engineer 6 years ago. I use industry-standard plugins and VSTs (Plugin Alliance, Waves, Native Instruments, Audiobro, Soundiron, 8Dio) to deliver my clients great quality standards. My philosophy is to recreate the analogue approach of the old days to the world of digital audio workstations.

I also have more than a decade of experience as a guitar performer in different live situations ranging from rock bands, acoustic duos and classical ensembles.

In the last year, I started dipping my toes in the video production and graphic design side of things, editing and post-producing the videos available on my YouTube Channel using Resolve 17 and creating logos and graphic elements using the Affinity Suite by Serif.


  • Expertise in composing, arranging and orchestrating music for live recordings or mockups;
  • Significant expertise with Cockos' Reaper, its SWS extensions and Reapack extensions for realistic orchestral mockups;
  • Great expertise with music notation software (Notion 6, Musescore 3, Sibelius 2018, Dorico 3.5 Pro) 
  • Medium expertise with DAWs on Windows (Cubase, Audacity);
  • Junior expertise with the following DAWs on Windows (ProTools 9, Live 11);
  • Medium expertise in recording, mixing and mastering audio files (studio);
  • Medium expertise in manipulating sounds using samplers, synthesizers and audio plugins.
  • Medium expertise in field recordings;
  • Great understanding of FMOD Studio and its core components;
  • Junior expertise in implementing sound effects using Unreal Engine 4;
  • Junior expertise in implementing sound effects using Unity and good theoretical knowledge of C# Scripting (although I recommend being assisted by a programmer);
  • Able to work in collaborative environments, adapting to the team's requests;
  • Basic knowledge of Java, TypeScript, Angular 6 and Ionic 3;
  • Good proficiency with HTML5 and CSS;
  • Basic knowledge of GIMP for images creation;
  • Good knowledge of the Serif Suite (Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, Affinity Publisher);
  • Good proficiency in video editing and postproduction with DaVinci Resolve 17.


  • Italian (Native Speaker);
  • English (C1);
  • Spanish (Basic Knowledge);
  • French (Basic Knowledge);

Work experience

2018Current Day

Composer and Sound Designer

  • Currently working on the upcoming "Hitch" by Studio Nerosolis.
  • I wrote the music, designed the sound and implemented the audio for "Silent Alarm" developed for the GGJ 2022. Play "Silent Alarm". Listen to Silent Alarm's Soundtrack.
  • I designed and implemented the sounds for "Lost in the Market Jungle" by The Outsiders at GGJ 2021. Play "Lost in the Market Jungle"
  • I was hired as a music composer and sound designer by Sideless Cube Studios to compose one track and make some SFX for their idle management game "Lazy Sweet Tycoon" (available on Google Play Store and Apple's App Store) from July 2020 to August 2020
  • I composed the music, edited prepared the audio assets and refined the implementation on "A Vampire in Rodentia", developed for Jam 2020. Play "A Vampire in Rodentia"
  • I composed the music, edited and prepared the audio assets for the videogame "The Tapestry of Time", developed by Dolci Broccoletti Arrabbiati for the GGJ 2020. Play "The Tapestry of Time"
  • I composed the music, edited and prepared the audio assets for the videogame "Catfall" developed by Catlective Effort for the Winter Epic Mega Jam 2019. Play "Catfall"
  • I composed the music for the Contest "NKS Vocal Special" held on Metapop and sponsored by Native Instruments
  • I composed the soundtrack and created the sound FXes for the videogame "Rugged Soul" developed for TV Game Jam 2019 by team TRIFLECT. Play "Rugged Soul"
  • I composed the soundtrack and created the sound FXes for the videogame “Fading Home” developed for Global Game Jam 2019 by team MAGREVO. Play "Fading Home"
  • I composed the soundtrack and created the sound FXes for the videogame “SoulLess" developed by Lazar Borovica for LudumDare 43 GameJam. Play "SoulLess"

Sannio Guitar Ensemble

Guitarist, Arranger
  • Concert at Giardino Palazzo Mosera Largo Torricella in Sant'Agata Dei Goti, 10th of September 2022
  • Concert at Chiesa della Santissima Annunziata in Benevento for la Festa della musica, 20th of June 2022
  • Concert at Chiesa di Santa Teresa in Benevento for "Le Giornate di Primavera del FAI", 26th of March 2022
  • Concert at Assunta's Church in Pagliara (BN), 3rd of December 2021
  • Concert at Auditorium San Vittorino in Benevento (BN), 21st of October 2021
  • Concert at Centro "La Pace" in Benevento (BN) 8th of October 2021
  • Concert at Villa Cimarosa in Aversa (NA), 27th of September 2021
  • Concert at Cantine Francesca in Apollosa (BN), 29th of July 2021


  • Held a webinar at Benevento's Conservatory on Video Game Culture - 24th of April 2021

Studio Assistant

Monolith Recording Studio

Assistant to Filippo Buono and Mario Possemato during the recordings of Buonarroti's "Anywhere But Here", recorded at Monolith Recording Studio 25th of May 2019


Studio Assistant

Monolith Recording Studio

Assistant to Filippo Buono and Mario Possemato during the recordings of Buonarroti's "Up Against The Wall", recorded at Monolith Recording Studio 10th March 2019


Assistant FOH

Karma Conspiracy Records
  • I was the assistant FOH to Phil Liar during the following events: Bruja Negra Fest held at Piazzetta Vari in Benevento April 25th 2018, Sweet Leaf Fest held at Polisportiva Taburno in Vitulano (BN) on July 29th 2017, Karma Konspiracy Fest held at CSA Depistaggio on April 30th 2016

Co-Arranger, Co-Producer and Co-Performer

2 Brothers, 2 Guitars (Classical Guitar Duo)

I was in charge of:

  • Choosing the appropriate repertoire alongside my brother, who was the other half of the duo;
  • Arranging the pieces of music;
  • Create the music sheets of the arrangements;
  • Performing live;



Corso Level 4 - Diamante

Game Audio Academy

Audio implementation with Wwise and Unreal Editor 5

Instructors: Francesco Del Pia, Gianni Ricciardi


Corso Level 3 - Rubino

Game Audio Academy

Audio implementation with FMOD and Unity 3D.

Instructors: Michele Postpischl, Gianni Ricciardi.


Corso Level 2 - Smeraldo

Game Audio Academy

The Unity 3D Engine

Instructors: Dario Khademi, Gianni Ricciardi.


Corso Level 1 Zaffiro

Game Audio Academy

The history of video game audio and the basics of the Unity Engine.

Instructor: Gianni Ricciardi


Master's Degree in Composition for Film Scoring

Conservatory of Music N. Sala - Benevento (BN)

Graduated on the 21st of October 2021 with a 110 magna cum laude score.

Thesis on the evolution of Video Game Music.

Project can be viewed at

Other works realized during the curriculum can be viewed at


Masterclass in chamber music for winds orchestra

Conservatorio N. Sala di Benevento (BN), Italy

Instructor: M° Massimo Martinelli


Masterclass on Film Scoring

Musica e Arte - Telese Terme (BN), Italy

Course of "Basic Home Recording"

Monolith Recording Studio

DAWs used: Pro Tools 9, Reaper

Tutor: Phil Liar


Master's Degree in Classical Guitar

Conservatory of Music N. Sala - Benevento (BN)

Graduated on the 20th of October 2016

Tutors: Mario Fragnito (Guitar), Giuseppe Ilario (Theory and Sight Reading), Renato Gaudiello (Harmony), Paolo Scarnecchia and Lucia Bonifaci (History of Music)

Score: 9/10


Certificate of Attendance "Songwriting Summer School"

The Institute Of Contemporary Music of London

Tutors: Jay Stapley, Jenny Howe, Luke Toms, Tim Elsenburg


Maturità Scientifica

Liceo Scientifico E. Fermi - Montesarchio (BN)

Graduated on the 3rd of July 2013

Score: 92/100