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Pursuing Masters in Data Science at Monash University, Melbourne. Six years of extensive programming experience in Oracle PL/SQL to analyse, design and develop database applications using Oracle Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). One year of international exposure in the United Kingdom working directly with business users (Clients). Involved in all phases of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).  Expertise in data modeling, dynamic SQL, analytical functions, Oracle advanced collection data type and exception handling. Knowledge of key Oracle performance related features such as query optimizer, execution plan, partitioning. Also experienced in ETL techniques, analysis, and reporting. Aware of SSIS, Informatica, Python & UNIX. Excellent communication, interpersonal, analytic skills and strong ability to perform as part of a team. Oracle certified associate in PL/SQL programming. Microsoft certified in Data Warehousing with SQL Server. 


jul 2017current

Masters in Data Science

Monash University, Melbourne,


Jun 2007jul 2011

Bachelor's of Technology

Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology, Gangtok


Work experience

DeC 2016Jun 2017

Connect StoreApp Changes (Release 2)


Synopsis: Analyse the system with statistical data and look for improvements.

Key Responsibilities

  • Creating physical and logical data modeling
  • Business requirement analysis
  • Review coding standards of  the database components developed by the team
  • Design, develop and maintain optimized databases
  • Performance tune complex queries by implementing hints and indexes
  • Create process improvements using advanced Oracle PLSQL techniques
Jul 2015Dec 2016

Connect StoreApp Operations


Synopsis: Relevant maintenance of the application and managing the team from United Kingdom (client location) 

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop database objects as per the analysis and review it from peers
  • Develop structural designs of various databases based upon logical data models
  • Prepare system flow and process flow diagram
  • Write complex queries for end user reporting
  • Support & maintain the developed applications
  • Provide critical database fixes to major incidents in order to mitigate any business impact

Achievements: Client & inter Vendor appreciations for dealing the issues and managing the client efficiently without any escalation. In order to reduce the client's effort on application monitoring, I have proposed a system that holistically provides an overview of all the applications currently in place and will send notification automatically to relevant stakeholders. This idea has been appreciated by the customer and is now being worked upon.

Jan 2014Jul 2015

Connect StoreApp Development (Release 1)

Tata Consultancy Services

Synopsis: In order to embrace the advantage of the information technology and to improve the business model, ASDA (client) was all ready to digitize their existing logistics system under the brand name Store Connect. It allows ASDA to receive & manage parcels in store and dispatch it to the customers with minimum effort via a handheld mobile device. The performance of the application was set on top priority.

An application of this caliber is unprecedented in the UK retail industry.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Understanding the application to be developed by regular meetings with the business architect, users, and analysts.
  • Propose solutions to the challenges faced either technically or via change in process
  • Design dimensional model and develop 'proof of concepts' to address specific business requirements.
  • Develop ER diagrams implementing rationalization techniques
  • Write PLSQL packages and functions to implement the database design using the model

Achievements: Developed a system  using JAVA spring and PLSQL that replaced google API for locating ASDA stores in an area. This has reportedly generated huge profit for the client. ASDA has appreciated this effort and acknowledged it by an appreciation certificate. TCS provided  'On Spot' award for the dedication & commitment to the work. 

Aug 2013Dec 2013

International Sales and Stocks

Tata Consultancy Services

Synopsis: International Sales and Stocks (ISS) was developed for Marks and Spencer's (client) which provides overall business insights on sales and stocks in areas like Merchandising, Food, Petroleum for countries outside the United Kingdom.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Gather business flow information and develop ER models from data architect
  • Write PLSQL packages and functions to implement the database design  
  • End to end testing from data loading to the reports generation
  • The proper documentation of the self designed automated testing procedures
  • Regular client meetings to understand any requirement and also to discuss on areas for improvement

Achievements: Many team appreciations. Awarded by client (Marks & Spencer's) recognizing my efforts to automate the database testing using PLSQL 

Sep 2012Aug 2013

General Store Merchandising

Tata Consultancy Services

Synopsis: General Store Merchandising (GSM) deals with stock management for Co-Operative (client). It defines the stock value in the system segregated under two categories, which are 'Store' and 'Warehouse'. The location, arrangement of the stocks within the store are also managed through GSM. It is the upstream source to many other applications which forms the SMART system developed for better retail management.

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Analysis of data models and design the solution
  • Develop PLSQL codes to cater the business requirements and test them with valid data
  • Delivering presentation of the application developed to the Support team
  • Understand and document the issues & challenges faced

Achievements: One of the few billed resource for the client. Published paper in TCS on ORACLE PL/SQL best practices.

Oct 2011Aug 2012

Stock Exit Management

Tata Consultancy Services

Synopsis: Working with Co-operative (client), the business required to develop a system that could manage the sale of the products which are near to their expiry. Based on proper analysis, forecast and threshold calculation, discounts are generated on the 'near to expire' products thus promoting faster sales of those products.

Key Responsibilities :-

  • Develop the codes to cater the design requirements
  • Conduct performance tests to optimize the application for best service and operation
  • Interaction with clients regarding delivery procedures  and change requests
  • Business documentation
  • Provide a walk through of the developed codes to the support team

Achievements: Gained knowledge on tuning database codes through hands-on.

Jun 2011Sep 2011

National Scholarsip Program

Tata Consultancy Services

Synopsis: National Scholarship Program ( NSP ) was an initial learning project at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). 

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Understand the SDLC phase and implement them accordingly.
  • Deliver presentations on multiple solutions proposed to a problem.
  • Business documentations and assigning the work to the team members
  • Routine team meeting to discuss and overcome any challenges faced

Achievements:  On successful completion of the project, it garnered quite a positive feedback from everyone.


  • Oracle 10g 
  • Oracle 11g 
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • DB2
  • OLTP
  • OLAP
Data Modeling:
  • OLTP logical Data modeling
  • OLTP Physical Data modeling
  • OLAP Housekeep Data modeling
  • Aware of Ralph Kimball's Data Modelling
  • SSIS
  • Informatica
  • Python
Operating System:
  • UNIX
  • Windows
Reporting Tools:
  • SAP business objects


SEP 2016

Implementing a Data Warehouse with SQL Server Jump Start

Feb 2015

Advanced Retail Business Management

TCS business academy
Dec 2014

Oracle Certified Associate in PL/SQL programming



Miss. Joyeeta Dey Das                                         Mr. Arunava Biswas
 Senior Project Analyst,                                          System Analyst,
   - Strategic Projects, Analytics,                           Suncorp Insurance, Sydney,
Common Wealth Bank, Sydney,                          061 413 866 409
061 469 332 843                                                


 Mr. Lakhya Jyoti Dihingya
Information Technology Analyst,
Tata Consultancy Services ltd, India,
091 8900 402069