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Krystaline Al-Shalaldeh

Non-Profit Administrator / Executive Director

Professional Experience


Executive Program Director (Northern Arizona)

Starlight Projects Foundation

Highly regarded Executive Director with 15+ years of successful experience in non-profit operations, marketing, fundraising, and providing visionary leadership.  Excellent business acumen demonstrated through development and management of ground-breaking programs. Outstanding verbal, written, and inter-personal communication skills. Track record of developing long-lasting  strategic alliances, that contribute to program success.

  • Lead a National Charity Foundation and carry out the vision of the organization with focus and perseverance.
  • Develop Systems to optimize efficiency of operations.
  • Oversee budget and national guidelines for resource development (fundraising) endeavors.
  • Aggressively program vision and mission through strategic planning, conference coordination, community presentations, staff training, team building, brand marketing and public relations.
  • Create, organize, and lead new programs serving the comprehensive needs of youths, individuals and families through out our service area, and coordinate national chapters.


Published Author/Creative Director (National Organization)
  • Author of Return to Life! An Empowerment of the Spirit (ISBN 0-615-42794-4)
  • Self-Help/Motivational Speaker and Life Coach.
  • Program Funding Proposal Wring. Fundraising Events Director/Coordinator.
  • Strategic Consulting, including business plan & sales strategy development.
  • Advising entrepreneurs on marketing and promotional branding strategies through artistic vision and design.
  • Brand development, web site traffic growth. Digital and Guerrilla Marketing.

Battered Women's Shelter Administrator (San Antonio, TX)

Family Violence Prevention Services Inc (FVPS)
  • Provided intervention assessments of families. 
  • Counseled Individuals and groups regarding domestic abuse cases.
  • Answered hotline phones to speak with victims of violence.
  • Interacted with other agencies to provide shelter and resources for abuse victims. 
  • Advocated for abuse victims at hospitals and in court (CDVC) Domestic Violence Counselor.
  • Established physical and emotional safety for more than 300 families.
  • Interviewed family members to survey household violence situations.
  • Encouraged self empowerment in patients/clients.
  • Found housing options for victims of domestic violence .
  • Participated in court cases, including those involving orders of protection.
  • Treated patients experiencing PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Program Development Consultant /Alumna (Chicago, IL)

Universidad Popular
  • Responsible for program recruitment and registration/intake process for volunteers parents and active participants.
  • Created, organized and delivered training materials.
  • Delegated tasks to staff and volunteers during daily activities and organized events such as field trips, community events and fundraisers.
  • Coordinated summer food service program for 50 youth daily.
  • Prepared and delivered lesson plans for 75 participants for the after-school program at Chicago Public Library (downtown Chicago branch)
  • Provided excellent customer service to the community and employees.
  • Responsible for data collection, data entry and sign-in sheets; completed all paperwork and submitted monthly reports.

Grant Writer (National Organization)

Pasticcio Group

Write and develop grant programs, build and maintain the grant department website. Design and develop grant department’s monthly newsletter, negotiate contracts with vendors and evaluators, develop MOUs, collaborate with multiple departments, grant reviewer. 

  • Experience with writing and finding Department Of Education, foundation and corporate grant programs.
  • Develop, coordinate, plan, and present Grant Writing Basics Training and Grant Management Essentials training to district personnel.
  • Creating and maintaining a foundation grant database to keep district personnel informed of current grant opportunities. 
  • Creating forms, timelines, and power point presentations to assist project managers to effectively manage grant programs. 
  • Coordinating and facilitating the grant writing and development process with multiple campuses and departments simultaneously. 
  • Understanding of federal and state funding guidelines and the OMB Circular.
  • Actively seek grant opportunities through the federal and state registers, corporate foundation sites, and the Foundation Center database. 
  • Analyzing campus and district data to identify gaps and weaknesses through the development of a needs assessment.

Event Promotions Director/News Collaborator (Chicago, IL)

Extra Bilingual Community Newspaper

Developed and Instituted an Special Event Department. Co-Founder of Insomnia Night Life Guide. Consulted in Graphic Design and Helped develop a new Branding Image that would eventually produce a new "Face" to switch from Traditional Style Newspaper print into Magazine Style editing and production. Resource Development Consultant.

  • Collected data from a variety of sources to assimilate hard and soft news stories.
  • Wrote feature articles and editorials.
  • Took photographs to supplement news and feature articles. 
  • Collaborated in layout of the newspaper

Freelance Writer (National Organization)

Chicago Tribune Media Group

Freelance Writer and Collaborator. Development of Bi-Lingual "Spin-Off" of the Chicago Tribune now called "HOY News"

Award-winning reporter, managing assistant editor, and by documenting internal 'best practices" manual I have designed, created, maintained, and updated all kinds of written deliverables. I am familiar with multiple style guides, adept at accommodating content for varied audiences, and am an experienced editor/reviewer.


Marketing Coordinator (National Organization)

Clear Channel Outdoor Global

Manage creative team in the development and implementation of brand strategies for various projects. Worked closely with clients and our team to drive creative and ensure implementation is aligned with strategic objectives and client needs.

Responsible for compiling research, information and strategy into creative briefs which are distributed throughout our entire team. Identify new opportunities for growth, manage budgets, PORs, invoices and freelancers.