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Bilingual Executive with over 25 years of local and international experience in different areas: General Direction, Sales & Marketing, Finance and Operations. With proven talent to successfully plan and execute new business strategies. Results oriented with human focus and highly developed abilities in leadership and teamwork management.


Work experience

April 2018to date


  • Designed a strategic plan, leading the commercial, operations and administrative team that exceeded by 20% the sales budget, reducing monthly expenses by USD$60,000, doubling the EBITDA vs the previous year.
  • Increased by 282% the sale of a car parts brand, through the creation of a business strategy that involved the marketing, sales and supply chain teams.
  • Improved the cash flow, reducing the finance expense by 35% giving direction to the financial manager, enhancing good relations with banking institutions, gaining an extension to pay vendors and bettering the collection KPIs by 20%.
February 2017March 2018

General Manager - Central America

  • Elaborated and executed the business expansion strategy in 5 countries of Central America, improving the EBITDA by 15%, surpassing the profit goals, controlling expenses, and successfully opening new markets.
  • Enhanced the customer service KPIs by 25%, strengthening the training for the staff and implementing a customer centric culture.
  • Opened a new online sales model that generated sales of USD$700,000 and exceeded the profitability goal by 40% the first year, through negotiations with banks and vendors, implementing a detailed promotional plan.
Oct 2015Present

Chief Executive

  • Developed, directed and executed the business plan for the company, starting operations in Costa Rica and Panama.
  • Implemented the business intelligence area, optimizing the use of the information to generate commercial results, including an efficient products and solutions planning.
  • Implemented the Board of Directors protocols, gaining a better administration of the organizational structure, based on politics, rules and strategic planning.
2013 2015

General Manager

  • Generated annual savings of USD$1.8 Million, increasing income and profitability by 20%, re-structuring stores operations and back office support.
  • Hired and retained quality personnel that exceeded their performance goals by 10%, forging a new productive structure and an inspiring work environment. At the same time launching a new online store and mobile app that exceeded the sales plan by 35%.
  • Structured the financial statements and implemented quarterly reports getting a better control of the sales, expenses, costs and investments.

Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer

  • Optimized customer service support improving customer satisfaction scores by 30%, through the enhancement of CRM, training and team execution. At the same time launching a newly revitalized company image in the region.
  • Created a commercial Internet brand in Central America, elaborated the sales and marketing plan, and opened more than 200 points of sale.
  • Established a regional corporate winning sales force that exceeded their sales plan by 20%, the retail team exceeded their goals by 15%.

Consumer Sales Director

  • Revamped the stores look and feel and improved the customer shopping experience, increasing service KPIs by 20%, at the same time reducing shrink by 15%.
  • Launched programs to provide a better support for the direct sales channel that exceeded their objectives up to 50%, hired the Training Manager and incorporated incentives to surpass sales goals. Led the retail team of over 1,200 points of sale that overcame their sales plan by 25%.
  • Implemented the Balanced Scorecard platform to efficiently measure the performance.

General Manager

  • Reached profitability of 20% within the first 12 months, keeping the stores at operational level 1, with a close look at sales and expense control.
  • Contributed with the development of the general managers of Latin America and the successful opening of 250 stores in the international operation.
  • Won the “Best Team Player” award in Latin America being part of the leadership team for the business expansion.

Development Manager

  • Revitalized an underperforming team and replaced personnel that was not compromised with the business, developed a strategic plan, established training and incentives programs, controlling expenses, making the profitability grow 3 times.
  • Augmented inventory turnover by 30% through the improvement of the supply chain and the application of a successful commercial strategy, reducing expenses by 25%, and improving cash flow by 125%.
  • Successfully elaborated and executed the commercial plan for the region, where each operation gained growth of up to 32% per year.


General Manager and Shareholder


•    Created a strategic business plan for a new company that exceeded the profitability goal by 22% on the first year, this by doing an exhaustive analysis of the market and the opportunities, also involving a cross functional team.
•    Implemented budget control in sales, expenses, profitability, cash flow, reaching near 99% of efficiency.
•    Improved operational profit negotiating with vendors, reducing annual costs by 3% and obtaining marketing support.


General Manager and Shareholder

  • Exceeded revenue plan by 20% by improving the quality of the products, and with an attractive promotional offer. Managing a structured financial planning that reached the annual profitability target in the first 6 months.
  • Reorganized production and stores operations, improving customer service surveys by 30%.
  • Worked closely with the team, gaining a market share of 35% in 12 months, reaching 95% of what was planned for a 24 months period.



MBA with emphasis in Marketing


Bachelor of Systems Engineering



Costa Rica, Panama and Spain