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I have over 10 years of experience in human resources, administrative support, client relations, customer service, communications, community coordinating, event coordinating, billing and reconciliation.  I manage the day-to-day operations of the Human Resource office.  I perform responsibilities in the following functional areas: departmental development, Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), employee relations, training and development, benefits, compensation, organizational development, and employment.

Throughout my career I have exhibited a commitment to quality and consistent compliance with critical governing directives, standards, policies and procedures.  I am confident in my ability to deliver immediate and long-term results, and you will find me to be a performance-driven leader and collaborative team player focused on achieving and surpassing goals.

Work experience

Apr 2013Present

Human Resources

B&W Conversion Services

Corporate Event Planning and Special Events

  • Coordinate and arrange special events, gatherings, business or customer meetings.
  • Coordinates and host annual health and wellness programs.
  • Design and implement a go-green recycling program.
  • Coordinate community events and administer monetary contributions.
  • Coordinate with Corporate Communications Director on internal and external communications.
  • Coordinate with local colleges to retain intern candidates for our intern program.


  • Identified various recruiting resources for open positions.
  • Manage and lead Job Fair opportunities for all three sites.
  • Design Job posting, and recruiting.
  • Post all job opening both external and externally.
  • Review resumes and work with department managers on possible candidate sections.
  • Set up interview and interview selected candidates.
  • Write offer letters and submit to selected candidates.

Relocation Specialist

  • Main point of contact for all employees BWCS on-board that is offered a relocation package.
  • Provide all supporting documentation to new hires that received a relocation package.
  • Work with Corporate Relocation Team when we have individuals who are coming over with a corporate affiliation.
  • Work with new hire to insure he or she understands the relocation policy, and the expense process.
  • Provide Realtor contact information.
  • Work with Coleman Moving Company for the moving of household goods.

On-boarding and Exiting Employees

  • Manage new hire enrollment, and assisted employees with the on boarding process.
  • Schedule all drug test and pre-employment physical.
  • Submit and review background checks.
  • Prepare and assist all employees with new hire paperwork.
  • Prepare all electronic personnel files folders and medical files for employees.
  • Exiting Interviews.
  • Track and archive all Exiting Employees in the ADP/HRB system.

Tuition Reimbursement

  • Main point of contact for Tuition Reimbursement.
  • Provide career growth opportunities to employees and assist employees with Tuition Reimbursement.
  • Design and maintain Tuition Reimbursement Tracking Log.
  • Provide and assist employees with Tuition Reimbursement forms.

Performance Evaluation

  • Design and maintain any updates to the Performance Evaluations.
  • Work with management staff to implement and receive yearly Performance Evaluations.
  • Enter all Performance Evaluations into ADP/HRB system and maintain a historical record for all documents.

Succession Planning

  • Worked with managers to identify, and develop an individual’s care path through Succession Planning.
  • Provide detailed reporting to President and upper management.
  • Submit Strategic Staffing Report.

Employee Concerns

  • Maintain employee concerns log for corporate reporting.
  • Provide a monthly report to Department of Energy on all Employee Concerns.
  • Initiated Employee Grievance investigation and reporting.


  • Submit EEO-1 Report.
  • Submit VETS 100 & VETS 100A Report.
  • Submit AAP Report.
  • Submit Project Performance Report (PPR).
  • Submit Department Of Energy Headcount Report and Corporate Headcount Report.
  • Track and update Human Resources Commitment Management Report (CMR).
  • Track and update Human Resources Internal Action Items Status Report.
  • Track and update Overtime Report.


  • Administrator for ADP.
  • Administrator for E-Verify.
  • Administrator for Fidelity
  • Administrator for ADP/HRB.
  • Administrator of Anthem, and pay monthly invoices.
  • Administrator of Cigna, and pay monthly invoices.
  • Administrator of Delta Dental, and pay monthly invoices.
  • Administrator of McGregor, and pay monthly invoices.
  • Administrator
  • Administrator for VSP, and pay monthly invoices.
  • Administered Employee Benefit program and enrollments for broad cafeteria plan.

Department Of Energy Correspondence Coordinator

  • Draft and deliver all Human Resources Correspondence to the Department of Energy.
  • Maintain a Department Of Energy Correspondence Log.
  • Upload all Department of Energy correspondence to our records management system.
  • Main point of contact for all Department of Energy deliverable for Human Resources and Training Department.

Training Departments Main Contact/Lead for Lexington Site

  • Main point of contact for Training Department in Lexington.
  • Coordinate Training Advisory Group (TAG) Agenda
  • Design, implement, and maintain Training Document Tracking Log.
  • Track Critical Reporting (CR) Issues.
  • Lead weekly Training Update Meetings.
  • Reserve, review and prepare all documents for Directors signature.

General Job Duties

  • Manage/supervise site Human Resources Administrators. Provide work leadership to HR staff members.
  • Assist with updating company policies and procedures. 
  • Managed all sign-off documentation for the department in accordance with organizational and regulatory requirements.
  • Extracts and compiles a variety of personnel data for consolidation into confidential reports.
  • Creates advanced software documents such as letters, presentations reports, plans, procedures, spreadsheets and other project- related documents.  Typical software to be used includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Access, etc.
  • Document retention and archiving all documents in accordance with approved procedures or plans.
  • Responded to employee inquires, reviewed options, and assisted in processing changes.
  • Researched and revised Employee Handbook and all safety and training materials to meet compliance requirements from our contracting company. 
Dec 2004Apr 2013

Senior Administrative Assistant – Job Shadowing opportunities in Human Resources

LG&E and Kentucky Utilities PPL

Corporate Even Planning and Special Events

  • Coordinated and arrange special events, gatherings, and business or customer meetings.
  • Coordinated community events and administer monetary contributions.
  • Coordinated with Corporate Communications team on internal and external communications.
  • Supported Community Relations, implemented a number of outreach programs. 
  • Coordinate Corporate Event Planning and holiday event planning.
  • Developed and coordinated charitable giving programs for the organization and department.
  • Evaluated event success, identified opportunities for improvements, and reported back recommendations.

Human Resources

  • Arraigned drug screening and payments for random testing.
  • Arranged and attended interview for potential candidates.
  • Arranged Human Resources Update Meetings
  • Job shadowed with Corporate Human Resources Staff.
  • Provided management staff with service anniversaries information.  


  • Coordinated Human Resources Training.
  • Coordinate training for continual education, safety, and annual training.
  • Coordinate I.T. training for Lexington site.  
  • Web Design and Update
  • Responsible for designing and content of the Transmission Line Department web pages.
  • Responsible for design and content of Transmission Team SharePoint page.
  • Responsible for designing and content of the Accounting Department web page.


  • Ordered all Fire Retardant uniforms and maintained a historical list as required for Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
  • Comply with environment, safety, health and pollution prevention regulations, policies and procedures. 
  • I was entrusted as the Safety Warden for my department.  I attended safety meetings and updated the department with needed information and training classes.

General Job Duties

  • Worked with I.T. to updated software and equipment.
  • Coordinate with Corporate Communications Team on internal and external communications.
  • Skillfully provide professional administrative support for high-ranking leadership.
  • Manage the flow of information between the various branches and departments of business.
  • Get updates on projects and provide information to manager and director.
  • Ensured regulatory compliance with all applicable regulations, laws, and policies of Kentucky Utilities.
  • Accurately process staff payroll, client invoicing and bid proposals for major corporate accounts.
  • Managed and maintained multiple company credit cards for office supplies, training needs, tools, conferences, catering, cell phones, and corporate travel.
  • Answer large volume of incoming calls and serve as Point of Contact for customers.
  • Assisted upper management with corporate travel.
  • Ordered and maintained all safety supplies and office supplies.
  • Entrusted to oversee, secure and consolidate company credit cards.
  • Diligently address and resolve customer problems to maintain high levels of satisfaction.
  • Helped incoming visitors from Germany and other location with their extended stay.
  • Arranged conference call, video conferences, and online meetings.
  • Maintains travel and meeting schedules for Department Director, and management staff.
  • Supported development of standardized employee communications.


Jan 2012

Bachelor of Science - Human Resource Management

University of Phoenix

The Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Human Resource Management helps students grasp how the concepts of human resource management integrate into the way businesses operate, with courses like Organizational Development and Strategic Human Resource Management. Discover how a human resource degree from University of Phoenix helps you take advantage of the growth in the human resources field.

Jan 2003

Associate of Arts & Science - Computer Programming

National College

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Programming and Systems Design combines studies in information technology, programming, database design and implementation and encompasses accepted theories regarding information systems management and security. The academic and professional skills focused on during the program provide a basic knowledge+*-of high-level languages such as Java and Visual Basic, SQL scripting using MySQL, ASP.NET, project management utilizing Microsoft Project, and the Microsoft Office Suite, preparing them to function successfully in programming and systems design positions.

Mission Statement

My mission is dedication to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride and company spirit. I will develop an attitude of teamwork and quality in my day-to-day operations and create an atmosphere that fosters challenges, fun, and safety.


I have implemented and coordinated weight loss & fitness challenge for both KU/LGE and BWCS.  I have provided two, out of many programs that I have used to engage employees and encourage participation.   Each year I try to design a health and wellness program that builds on prior years knowledge while providing new knowledge.    


BWCS does not have an electrical Performance Evaluation system.  The Human Resources Department and IT is currently working on upgrading our Performance Management system to incorporate a electronic system, but we are waiting on funds to become available. 

I was asked to upgrade and redesign BWCS's original performance evaluation.  The new performance evaluation needed to take the calculation errors that some management was having and allow a more consistent rating scale.  

Below I have provide BWCS new performance evaluation form and the behavior competencies matrix that accompany the performance evaluation.   This new form has provides better direction.  The redesigned form also has removed any calculation errors by having built in formulas that calculates automatically.  

New Employee Handbook

The New Employee Handbook is a reference for all new employees / contractors joining the Transmission Department. This booklet will allow a new employee / contractor to have a quick guide to answer many questions that occur during the adjustment period. The employee handbook serves to protect both the employee and the employer. It makes the expectations of both parties very clear. This helps to prevent legal disputes between the two parties. In order to ensure an employee has received a handbook, they may be required to sign an acknowledgement form.

Company WeB PAGE

I have designed, implemented, and managed web pages for both KU/LGE and BWCS.  I have provided two examples form BWCS.  

KU/LGE I used SharePoint to design web pages for the Transmission, Accounting and Generation Departments.  

BWCS I worked work with our IT Department and FusionCorp to design the web pages.

Community / Volunteer Work

Volunteering and community services have been a part of my professional life since the very beginning of my career.   I think volunteering brings people together and builds teamwork.    I have provided a list of some of my community services that I have volunteered with.


Employee Concerns
Succession Planning
Performance Evaluation
Tuition Reimbursement
Highly proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Project, Publisher, SharePoint, Resources-On-Demand, PowerPlant, Oracle, Adobe Acrobat, PeopleSoft, ADP / HRB and QuickBooks software applications
Human Resources
Health and Wellness
Onboarding and Exiting Employees


Robby Trimble, Transmission Manager

Kentucky Utilities 1 Quality Street Lexington, KY 40502 (859) 576-0045

Drew Shaddock, Ethics and Compliance Manger

Corporate B&W Conversion Services, LLC 2016 Mt. Athos Road Lynchburg, VA (434) 522-6850