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Currently enrolled in Masters of Management Information Systems and actively seeking a position in analysis, development or automation of systems.

I gained previous experience as a project engineer in the building automation services industry. Also, I successfully designed and developed a UAV prototype to detect and avoid obstacles as my university final year engineering project.

A personal vision to see a 100% automated world in the near future.

Work experience

Programming and Computer Science Tutor

Self Employed
May 2013Present
  • Self-Employed Tutor Programming Conducted a range of one-to-one and group sessions with a maximum of 10 students, to deliver the contents ranging from basic Java and C to Object-Oriented Programming in Java.
  • Successfully managed to deliver programming concepts to three 13 year olds using that aided them to not only successfully qualify for the Specialist Computer Science Program but also be able to easily understand the new syntax being delivered.
  • Conducted a holiday course at Christ Church Grammar School and delivered HTML & CSS; Javascript and Python to seven children who were 8 and 12 years of age.
  • Tutored a mature aged student to understand data flow in Object Oriented Programming in C, who had no previous computing experience, using beads and strings as an analogy.

Project Controls Engineer

Alerton Australia
Jul 2015Mar 2016
  • At the completion of my Engineering Practicum, I was offered this challenging position that I accepted.
  • This role requires myself to manage multiple projects simultaneously. It involves a major aspect of the Financial and Project Management side of a Project.
  • The technical side of this role involves the configuration, integration and programming of BACnet and Modbus systems into a single User Interface. This User Interface is a Web Interface, built on an in-house software Optergy Aurora. It has the ability to create trend-logs, alarms, energy metering and many other aspects that a Building Management System may require. All of these individual items are programmed and/or configured to monitor or control a point out in the field.
  • Energy Management is also another feature of Optergy Aurora, which allows a building to run all its equipment in compliance with the NABERS or GREEN STAR rating.
  • Time and Resource management is an essential requirement of this job to meet the clients' date of Project Completion. It involves coordination of site Electricians in accordance with the Builder and other trades involved in project. 
  • Leadership is another key skill to possess as all work is done in a team, which involves electricians, technicians and other engineers.

Controls Engineer (Engineering Practicum)

Alerton Australia
Jan 2015Jul 2015
  • Main duties included drawing up Wiring Diagrams, a Network Topology Diagram and Graphics for the User Interface of the Building Management System for a single project. Drafting up functional descriptions, commissioning schedules and other documents required for project completion was also included in my scope of work.
  • Stock control such as bill of quantities, valve and damper schedules was also a key responsibility. This enabled Alerton to have leverage against suppliers to negotiate a better deal for bulk buying.
  • Other duties such as document control, report management and delivery schedules was also a key responsibility.

Service Desk Attendant

Bunnings Group Pty. Ltd.
Oct 2010Mar 2015
  • Discovered a system to organise returned goods for supplier returns or write-off, which lead to reduction of time spent in organisation of returns by 30%.
  • Innovated a daily roster system that would require at least 3% less of the budgeted resources than the automated Oracle based roster system.
  • Aided in resolving bugs in the Windows and iOS based mobile point of sale systems that were deployed as a pilot program.

WA Museum Collections and Research Facility, welshpool, WA

This Building and Energy Management System consisted of controlling nine air handling units (AHU), one boiler with two pumps and two chillers with two pumps. One of the AHU system consisted of three individual air handling units and one dehumidifier, one AHU was used for exhausting air, one for supplying air and one AHU and dehumidifier combined to precondition the outside air that would be supplied to the Bulk Wet Store that would contain specimen in Ethanol. The control strategy for this building was very critical as it has to maintain temperature and humidity within very tight bands of +/- 1°C and +/- 5% r.H. using chilled and hot water valves on the AHU. The differential pressure across the laboratory door and hallway corridor had to be maintained (-10 pa) using only the outside air damper as the labs contained fume cupboards and exhaust fans, thus a fast acting outside air damper control system had to be designed as well. This building consisted with specimen submerged in ethanol, which could vaporise or even during breakages be harmful for humans in the zone. An Ethyl alcohol detection system was integrated to the building management system using Modbus/RS485 to poll the sensor readings. Based on these readings an exhaust/fresh air system was devised to maintain less than 3% of the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) by introducing fresh air and exhausting all the return air. Electrical and hydraulic meters had to be integrated to the BMS from the field to calculate energy usage over time. To decrease this usage, during cold ambient temperatures the HVAC was programmed to use a different control strategy where the chilled water usage is decreased by using more outside air. This job was commissioned with the help of 3 engineers over a period of 7 weeks and practical completion was achieved in December 2015.

Cape Lambert Utilities building, rio tinto power station, cape lambert, WA

Whilst engineering the WA Museum CRC job, I worked on engineering this job as well, considering the size of it. It was not very challenging to engineer this job as it only consisted of fans that were controlled using low level points from the Alerton controllers and Fan Coil Units (FCU) that communicated using BACnet/IP to the Building Management System. This system consisted of displaying all electrical and hydraulic meters in the field that communicated to the BMS using Modbus/IP. After commissioning was complete, the client requested converting all BACnet points to Modbus that can be scanned in to their General Electic Distributed Control System (DCS). Commissioning took four days and I was the only engineer assigned to this job. This was a variation to the original scope of work by Alerton that required myself to use a BACnet to Modbus gateway and work with the client's Communications Engineer to integrate all BMS control and monitoring points to the Rio Tinto DCS. The practical completion was achieved in January 2016.

The park private hospital, mount lawley, wa

Whilst I was doing my practicum at Alerton Australia, I engineered this job with the help of my supervisor. Engineering consisted of writing up a functional description, drawing up a topology and a wiring diagram, preparing the valve and damper schedules. The air side of the system consisted of five multi-zone air handling units (AHU) for the wards and an AHU each for the two operating theatres. It also consisted of fan coil units and fans which served the offices, showers and toilets. The water system consisted of controlling three chillers with integral pumps and six boilers with two pumps. The multiple number of chillers and boilers were to be controlled using lead/lag and stage up/down logic. The operating theatres consisted of two BACnet/IP HMI that had to be programmed to change temperature and humidity set points. After engineering the job and meeting specification requirements, we commissioned (two engineers) the job for 4 weeks before attaining practical completion in September 2015.

Obstacle Detection and Avoidance Technologies for UAVs

Implemented an Obstacle Detection and Avoidance Technologies for UAVs as my final year engineering project that allowed myself to exploit my skills in robotics, embedded systems and programming. The prototype that was developed was able to successfully detect and avoid obstacles in the forward direction using a LiDAR sensor and Computer Vision.

Industrial Control (PLC, SCADA And HMI)

Simulated the production of flavoured and plain yoghurt using batch and PID process on the Schneider Electric M340 PLC rack. For this to be successful a ladder diagram was developed on Unity Pro and CitectSCADA was used to build the human-machine interface (HMI). Please contact me for the ladder logic and SCADA files.

Real-time Embedded Systems

Successfully designed a working prototype of GSM DTMF controlled garage door using Atmel microcontrollers, a DC motor and other drivers. The C code was written in Kiel µVision IDE. Please contact me for the documentation and source code regarding this project.

UNIX and C

Developed a file sharing and monitoring system. It contains a menu driven interface, scripted generation of the file list and file verification logging system. Please contact me for the source code.



Proficient at programming Alerton DDC controllers using the DDC bar (function block diagrams) and Envision Bactalk for creating graphical user interfaces for Building Management Systems.

Operating Systems
Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows

C, C++, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, MATLAB, Python, Visual Basic, VHDL

Office Suite
Microsoft Office
Schneider Electric UnityPro, CitectSCADA, Vijeo Designer
Web Design
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL
Graphic Design
Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop
Database Management Systems
English (1st Language), Gujarati, Hindi, Kiswahili


Masters of Management Information Systems

Feb 2016Present
  • Learn to develop information systems using machine learning to create efficiency within process management.
  • Curious about how data can be better managed and processed to allow real-time analysis of information to improve machine learning techniques.

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems

Edith Cowan University
Jul 2011Nov 2015
  • Major interest in hacking, realtime embedded systems, control systems, robotics and software development.
  • Successfully implemented Obstacle Detection and Avoidance Technologies for UAVs as my Final Engineering Project.

Homtech Industrial Training Diploma of Embedded Systems and Robotics

Appin Technology Lab
Jan 2013Jul 2013
  • Fast tracked this course due to my previous experience with 8051, ARM, AVR and PIC microcontrollers.
  • To add to that, I had previously studied Digital Electronics and Robotics previously as part of my Computer Systems Engineering degree.
  • This course gave me hands on experience in terms of interfacing the microcontrollers mentioned above to other devices.
  • Developed a GSM remote-controlled garage door prototype using dual-tone multi-frequency signalling (DTMF)

Edexcel IGCSE (Year 11)

Oshwal Academy
Sep 1997Jun 2008

Attained a score of 6A's, 2B's and 1C


Certified Ethical Hacker (CEHv8)

EC- Council

Explored a wide range of tools used for information gathering, enumeration, system hacking, social engineering, denial of service attacks, web server and application hacking, wireless hijacking and penetration testing. In addition to that, avoidance of Firewalls, Honeypots and Intrusion Detection Systems was covered as part of this scope. This in turn led to a detailed study on Cryptography and Sniffers. 


  • Australian Computer Society (ACS)
  • Dynamic Automation Systems (DAS)
  • Institute of Engineers Australia (EA)
  • Professionals Australia


Andrew Lamb (Business Development Manager, Alerton Australia, WA)

E-mail:  Phone: (08) 9209 1070

Dr. Alexander Rassau (Engineering Project Supervisor, Edith Cowan University)

E-mail: Phone: (08) 6304 5026

Dr. Wlodzimierz Gornisiewicz (Engineering Project Assistant Supervisor, Edith Cowan University)

E-mail: Phone: (08) 6304 5172