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Work experience

Web Developer
Web Developer Maintained, designed and developed numerous Microsoft n-tiered websites for medium to large sized real estate firms. REFERENCES: Available upon request.

Systems Developer

The Mariner Group LLC
Systems Developer Columbia, SC Performed an extensive amount of tasks including research on optimizing web-based application performance as well as played a contributing role in the design and development of the company's software user interface. Ensured software product ease-of-use, engagement, and user satisfaction by conceptualizing, designing, and synthesizing research that influenced the company's application interface.


Acentron Technologies/Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance
Developer, Tampa, FL Worked with in house team to successfully rebuild company's existing e-commerce website. Eliminated all dependencies on Microsoft's Site Server framework and migrated all of the business rules into stored procedures within SQL Server 2000. Facilitated marketing department's ability to analyze shopper information by replacing company's existing marshaled database schema with a more resourceful data model ultimately resulting in an increase in online sales.


Acentron Technologies/Royal and Sun Alliance Insurance
Consultant Charlotte, NC Consulted on a diverse array of client engagements to significantly improve the quality of the organization's global insurance web based software solution. Collaborated with fellow consultants to successfully revise an existing spreadsheet process into a web based distributed application using COM+, ASP, XML and Oracle 8i as the data source.

System Architect
System Architect Irvine, CA Served as the responsible party for the architectural design and vision of the organizations' primary revenue generating web based software application. Initiated, architected and led the conversion effort of the enterprises' web form framework to the.NET 2.0 platform. Provided the business as well as technology with a highly isolated multi-layered configurable solution that facilitated multi-variant testing of consumer experiences in a risk adverse manner. Designed and developed an XML driven web application framework in ASP that was implemented enterprise wide for use with consumer form data collection, validation and submission to data sources. Initiative involved heavy refactoring of legacy ASP code into discrete classes in an effort to prepare for a. NET migration. Framework also acted as a web service that was capable of receiving XML posts via HTTP. Designed and developed a.NET web service responsible for the acquisition of consumer credit data from one of the major bureaus providing the enterprise with the ability to analyze and make use consumer data in close to real-time.


Hanley Wood Market Intelligence
Webmaster/Owner Created and managed an e-commerce storefront selling satellite radios and accessories using 3rd party shopping cart CandyPress. Operation consisted of processing consumer credit cards and fulfilling orders through a remote drop shipper.

Senior Developer

Hanley Wood Market Intelligence
Senior Developer, Costa Mesa, CA Architected and lead the development effort for the migration of the organizations' primary revenue generating application(VB 6. 0) to a Silverlight mapping solution utilizing PRISM(MVVM), Bing maps, Telerik controls, WCF, Map Dot Net, ASP.NET MVC and SQL Server2008 geo-spatial querying capabilities. Designed, developed and implemented a subscription based REST web service built on top of the ASP.NET MVC framework with a SQL 2005 backend capable of outputting numerous output formats. Utilized the Microsoft Enterprise Library for logging, exception handling, data validation and data access functionality. Recommended and assisted with the implemented an automated build deployment system process for web based application removing the need for a manual resource resulting in optimized developer throughput.

Senior Developer
Senior Developer Mission Viejo, CA Architected and developed a Silverlight mapping solution using PRISM(MVVM) allowing for proof of ROI on client investment with marketing campaigns. Efforts consisted of spatially enabling existing customer data, creating a WCF service layer and building a front-end Silverlight user interface consisting of Telerik controls that would allow for new map views to be implemented with minimal development effort.

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer San Clemente, CA Designed and developed an employee scheduling application using ASP.NET 4.0, LINQ, Entity Framework and Telerik controls providing existing CRM customers with the ability to schedule resources in an effective and understandable manner.

Senior Software Developer-Consultant

Senior Software Developer-Consultant San Diego, CA Collaborated with a remote team of 15 developers to migrate the organizations existing ASP.NET fleet management solution to a Silverlight front-end client backed by a WCF/SQL 2008 service layer. Efforts consisted of reverse engineering legacy business logic and into an MVVM design pattern providing a performant, maintainable and testable solution. Designed and developer an online training course using ASP.NET MVC 4.0/AJAX/WCF that provided end users with the ability to further educate themselves on how to avoid potentially dangerous driving situations. Application allowed stakeholders to analyze end user participation in the training modules and identify which behaviors were the most observed and for what duration of time.



University of South Carolina


The Chubb Institute


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