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Work History

November 2015 Present
iProspect South Africa

SEO Specialist

As a mid-level specialist, I manage a portfolio of 2 -3 clients. Previously, working on multiple clients proved to not be the best in terms of creating refined and targeted strategies. The position involves dealing with clients both locally and internationally and servicing their needs directly. Communication and execution forms an important part of my day; it is required to work with other team members within SEO as well as across different functions within the business to develop strategies to roll out for clients. Therefore whilst working at iProspect, my duties were to oversee and manage a smaller portfolio of high value clients to achieve specific SEO objectives. Furthermore, I am currently developing my skills in terms of Data and Insights taking on roles which involve heat map analysis, Google tag manager implementation and User Experience recommendations to ensure the overall client objectives are achieved.

Some of the clients managed by me are Tsogo Sun Hotel and Entertainment Group, Mercedes-Benz South Africa and Santam Insurance. My mandate as an SEO Specialist at iProspect is to provide the best technical recommendations while managing and growing the performance of their websites.

My Roles and Responsibilities are as follows:

*Please refer to Appendix 1 for insight into roles

  • SEO Audit & Analysis 
  • Digital Strategy Conceptualisation & Implementation 
  • Technical SEO Implementation
  • Keyword Research 
  • Site Structure 
  • Content Strategy & Planning
  • Information Architecture
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Site Health
  • Link Building 
  • Link Analysis 
  • Microsoft and Google Drive Proficiency
  • Site Analytics
  • Paid media integration and optimisation
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Country and language targeting 
  • Goals & Conversion Funnels Recommendations
  • Working with Account, Project & Traffic Managers 
  • Client Consultation, Presenting & Communications 
  • High Quality Customer Service 
  • Tools used : AHREFS, Brightedge SEO Platform, Moz Pro, Google Analytics and Google Search Console, Screaming Frog and GatherContent. 

Feb 2015October 2015
R.O.I Digital

SEO Strategist

As a mid-level SEO strategist, I managed a portfolio of six clients across different industries and target markets within a full service digital marketing agency.  

My Roles and Responsibilities are as follows:

*Please refer to Appendix 1 for insight into roles

  • SEO Audit & Analysis 
  • Digital Strategy Conceptualisation & Implementation 
  • Technical SEO Implementation
  • Keyword Research 
  • Site Structure 
  • Content Strategy & Planning
  • Information Architecture
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Site Health
  • Link Building 
  • Link Analysis 
  • Microsoft and Google Drive Proficiency
  • Site Analytics
  • Paid media integration and optimisation
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Country and language targeting 
  • Goals & Conversion Funnels Recommendations
  • Working with Account, Project & Traffic Managers 
  • Client Consultation, Presenting & Communications 
  • High Quality Customer Service 
Nov 2014Jan 2015
R.O.I Digital

SEO Apprentice

My roles & responsibilities can be found above with additional duties  

Aug 2014Oct 2014
R.O.I Digital

SEO Intern

As an intern there was a great amount of emphasis placed on grasping the basics of SEO. This coupled with tasks and exercises  allowed me to further my understanding, and determine the pace of my growth. Being curious by nature and motivated to up-skill myself, I questioned the logic and formed my understanding of how Search engines work, and then how SEO integrates within that. This has been one of the greatest tools as it has allowed me to work with and understand search engines, to  locate good quality signal amidst the general noise that is the internet.

May 2014Jul 2014
Startup Institute

Technical Marketing Student

Selected by Startup Institute in a highly competitive process to attend an intensive training program. The program focused on developing and expanding my core marketing skills and knowledge. It is taught by high-achieving industry professionals from across the startup community -

The Technical Marketing track syllabus included :

  • Performance marketing- SEO, SEM, Affiliate Marketing and Growth Hacking
  • Content Marketing, Social Media & Community Management
  • Google Analytics and Adwords
  • Basic HTML, CSS
  • User experience research, rapid product prototyping, responsive design in product management.
  • Design thinking
  • Mobile
  • The course also involved us participating in projects with two different startups in Berlin.
  • The projects I worked on were involving content marketing and creation for Link Bird & Creating a new platform for expats coming into the Berlin Startup Scene. This was done with Sankt Oberholz.



Squared Online Digital Marketing

  • The digital marketing course and qualification developed by Google & delivered collaboratively online. -
  • The six month program was broken up into 5 modules with the core projects being group orientated with people from across the world
University of Cape Town

Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management

  • Core subjects include : Electronic Marketing, International Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Integrated Marketing Communications, Strategic Management & Marketing Research.
  • Head of the social media team for 2013 charity campaign
University of South Africa/Universiteit van Suid-Afrika

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) Business & Marketing Management

  • Core subjects include : Business Management, Marketing , Stats and Economics
  • This degree was a self study program which allowed me to work part time as well develop skills like autonomy, time management and responsibility.
University of KwaZulu-Natal

Electronic Engineering

  • Left the course to pursue a career which more aligned with my passions and personality. This lead me to marketing and economics . Furthermore my inclination towards digital has directed me towards a more statistical aspect of digital.

Additional Experience

Aug 2015Present
Business Model ToolBox

Current Project

  • Assisting a startup based in Berlin with the setup of their website. This involves content auditing and creation, Usability testing and SEO. 
Jan 2015Present
Dags Labs & Xionic

Adhoc Projects

  • SEO consulting to a development house and marketing agency in Durban. This requires input on various projects throughout the year. 
Jan 2011Mar 2014
Event Co-ordination

Part Time projects

  • Involved in planning  events in Cape Town and Durban. Managed a team in co-coordinating the successful running of events from start to completion.
  • Established a strong network both to achieve objectives and for further endeavors

Tool Proficiency

Screaming Frog
Moz Pro
Google Analytics
Search Console

Portfolio Of Work

  • Tsogo Sun Hotel and Entertainment Group - Managed the successful migration of 177 properties into one website -
  • Mercedes-Benz South Africa - Currently working on the launch of the new Mercedes-Benz website to go live in June. This will involve migrating 5 micro sites and campaigns under one domain.
  • Santam Insurance -
  • BBQ World - E commerce website based in the UK. Achieved a a 250% increase in organic traffic during my tenure at ROI Digital -
  • Developed SEO optimised content plans for DiscoveryForMe online magazine - 


  • People & networking
  • Travel & personal growth
  • Music & the internet
  • Gaming
  • Online Learning 
  • Cooking 
  • Sport 
  • Startup culture 
  • Digital Revolution


Karen Muller

  • SEO Specialist at
  • Previously Head of SEO & Product Specialist at iProspect South Africa

  • 073 518 2061  

Chris Booyens


Please refer below for a description of my core business skills as listed in my current employment:

  • SEO Audit & Analysis – Conducting a technical audit on clients websites from an SEO perspective and recommending fixes accordingly. These follow best SEO practices with identification of priority items which have the most impact on web traffic. Auditing a site to understand problems and opportunities. This involves gaining a holistic understanding of the site in terms of SEO elements. Looking for things such as duplicate pages, indexing problems, Meta description problems, internal linking problems.
  • Digital Strategy Conceptualisation & Implementation - Develop integrated monthly client strategies in collaboration with other business functions such as Paid Media, Design & Development, Social Media and Content. These strategies need to encompass other services on offer to best suit a users needs and increase potential for conversions on the website.  
  • Technical SEO Implementation – Carrying out SEO specific tasks for clients in a timeous and efficient manner Tasks include setting up Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools, country targeting, language targeting, canonicals, response code errors, Open graph tags, rich snippets, video and image optimisation, Meta data optimisation and implementation and any other onsite technical issues that arise.
  • Keyword Research – Conducting research into the industry and target market of a client's website to determine keywords which should be targeted to maximise the potential traffic coming to the website through search engines.  Involves researching search volumes of target keywords to determine if they are a viable option or not. This process serves as the base of the majority of an SEO strategy. It has an effect on the architecture, content, tone, calls to action as well as other aspects to maximise exposure of targeted keywords
  • Site Structure - You have to make sure that sites internal link structure is setup and working effectively. This is done to pass link juice around your site as well as preventing duplicate content problems. After analysing keyword data you have an understanding of how the site can be structured and how to best use keyword research to make your site user and search engine friendly.
  • Information Architecture - Creating a site architecture utilising keyword research data, to optimally develop the URLs. This is extremely important as it provides organisation and structure to the website for usability and discoverability.
  • Content Strategy & Planning- Developing a content strategy using keyword research and social metrics. Content planning is essential to the foundation of an SEO Strategy as Google uses content to gain sufficient contextual understanding of a URL to be indexed correctly. This also involves analysing competitors content to gain an idea of the market and trends. Analysing social sharing metrics of content across various platforms and correlating this data with release date reveals amazing insight into what the audience finds interesting. This can be found via content explorers and scraper tools. This aids in additional content ideas moving forward, and eventually lead on to briefing in content creation, optimising content according to SEO best practices and uploading content via various CMS.
  • Competitor Analysis - Conducting an analysis of competitors and investigating elements such as content, social metrics, backlink profile, marketing strategy, site performance and SWOT analysis. These investigations help identify opportunity within the industry and target market in question.
  • Site Health – Through technical observations and auditing, checking that there are no major health issues onsite that could affect the site ranking, crawlability, indexation and authority with the search engines.
  • Link Building – Building high quality links to increase the authority and strength of the client’s backlink profile. Making sure these links are built naturally and to relevant content. This involves developing a well-structured outreach strategy to identify and approach possible influencers.
  • Link Analysis - Analysing link profiles of clients and competitors. Making sure there are no malicious links pointing towards a client’s domain. This leads to categorising links to and from the site according to a score to determine the actions going forward. Links can be disavowed, removed, optimised or left as is. Link Detoxing involves the process of increasing the quality of your link profile by disavowing bad quality links pointing to a website. These links can be potentially harmful to the website and can reduce the quality score of a website, and in turn, effecting the link authority assigned to a domain
  • Microsoft and Google Drive Proficiency - Very important tools to effectively sort and analyse data. Used to filter content and raw data quickly and present in a structured manner. Ability to use pivot table, and graphs to filter and display information.
  • Site Analytics – Using data capturing tools such as Google Analytics to better understand the user behaviour of a website. Elements such as traffic, goals, revenue, conversion rates, bounce rate and many other metrics are needed to be analysed from a related perspective and conclusions and fixes drawn from the results to improve traffic, user experience and overall health of a website.
  • Performance Reporting – Creating monthly custom reports for clients regarding their performance for the month. This involves analysing the data and creating actionable insights from this. Reporting is important as it provides an overall view of  a websites performance and identifies strengths and weaknesses to provide actionable  points moving forward.  
  • Paid media integration and optimisation – Collaborating with Paid Advertising to optimise landing pages to increase the effectiveness, not only from an SEO perspective, but also a paid media one. When incorporating best practices for SEO on a landing page; this can improve the quality score associated with Google Ads and in turn reduce the CPC for an Ad.
    • Google Webmaster Tools– Using WMT to carry out additional analyses of a website in reference to search queries leading to the website and the click through rate thereof. Also used to identify other issues such as 404 errors, crawlability and indexation issues. Using WMT greatly increases the opportunity to further optimize a website and improve the quality of a website.
    • Country and language targeting – Correctly targeting websites who either are targeting a foreign country and language, or targeting multiple locations and languages in the correct manner so that the correct content is served to the correct user. This leads to a better user experience on the website and gives a company the ability to target specific user groups correctly. This is done in various manners such as using the correct HREFlang and alternate tags on a website.
    • Goals & Conversion Funnels Recommendations – Goals, revenue and conversions on a website, along with various other statistics provides one with a lot of data to make educated decisions about ones traffic on a website. By using this information one is able to understand how users interact, make purchases and how their buying behaviour occurs. By understanding this one is more effectively able to guide users in the correct manner to increase conversion rates on a website.
    • Working with Account, Project & Traffic Managers - Working in a full service agency has expontentially increased my communication and management skills. This engagement has helped me understand processes better and how to improve on internal processes to be more efficient and effective. For your team to perform well, these elements must be maintained.
    • Client Consultation, Presenting & Communications – Dealing and communicating with international clients. Having to deal closely with developers  on a technical level and then translating that into layman's terms to the client.
    • High Quality Customer Service – It is simple. Do what you say you are going to do. Exceed expectations. Maintain a standard of work as this is your representation of your skills and career