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Kaitlyn W. Larsen


Proven, self-motivated and driven to succeed. Creative and innovative problem and situation solver through a broad range of duties and roles including general and event organization,  maintenance and care of children and home, routine processes, and time management.  Skilled at cultivating effective environments with people from varying cultures and backgrounds. Grabs opportunity. Gifted at collaboration and writing. Skilled at and powerfully passionate about genealogy work. Friendly, adaptable, effective, efficient, like-able, diligent, reliable, and exhibits powerful self-motivation and success drive with eagerness to learn and to please. Enthusiastic to grow and develop in an environment of collaboration and learning; willing to do whatever is necessary to reach the common and individual goals with high quality and efficiency whilst utilizing available resources. Seeking the opportunity to work where I can maximize my full energy. 

Work experience

Jul 2015Dec 2015


Adelaide, Australia Carers/Spencer-Hood Household

-Entrusted to exclusively handle a severely disabled teenage boy 24 hours a day, 6 days a week, within 2 weeks of start date. 

-Managed a developmentally disabled teenager and stepped in when the mother fell ill to also manage her and her health and to maintain the home. 

-Enforced routines, prepared food, diligently administered medications, managed transportation, maintained order and structure both with the family and in the home, maintained communications with the school, and supervised and engaged with the disabled teenager.

-Assumed additional responsibilities  and was eager to learn new methods, etc. to improve capabilities and processes. 

-Adapted  to new situations, routines, ideas, cultures, etc.

 This job required much diligence and patience and asked for long hours with little time for self; dedication, honesty, patience, selflessness, thorough  communication, the ability to make strong human connections, adaptability, and problem-solving abilities were all necessary characteristics of this position. 

Oct 2015Nov 2015

Strawberry Picker

Beerenberg Family Farm

-Recognized for hard work.

-Adapted to difficult and sometimes extreme working conditions, while still maintaining my results from more tolerable conditions.

-Maintained a consistent pay even through times of illness and strenuous conditions; paid by the kilogram so hard work became the reward.

 This was a seasonal and casual employment.



Kaitlyn's Care Service

-KTTC's Community Hero of the Month Award recipient - resulted from accomplishments performed with Kaitlyn's Care Service.

-Executed plans and coordinated schedules, known for promptness and for persistence.

-Engaged with children of all age groups and abilities.

-Maintained goodwill with clients.


Delivery Assistant

Post Bulletin

-Promptly executed and accomplished daily duties within a short period of time.

-Successfully maintained a route under the Post Bulletin's Circulation team.

-Organized the execution of the route distribution and assisted with extra duties such as sampling programs and carrier recruitment. Personal goal-orientation abilities resulted in success.



Honors Diploma

John Marshall High School

Public secondary education