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I am a professional communicator with a strong IT background. I am at my best as a go-between between the developer and the users, but when needed, I put on my tech hat and scrum with the developers, or put on my researcher hat and analyze the needs of users. I am a recently certified ScrumMaster, and have been doing Product Owner work without officially being called one.

My work experience ranges from content production tasks such as  writing and information design to IT tasks such as system analysis and development, requirement management, and lifecycle management. I have been communicating throughout my career, for example to users of our products, or to stakeholders of development projects. In my roles, the guideline "know thy audience" has been very important. Also, content = <3.

What else could I do for you? I have been trained in  design and brand management, UX definition and testing, and usability testing, and have experience in these also from my working life. I have taught web design and designed websites for customers. I love performing, and have produced training and learning materials and given trainings and lectures in my company and in several mostly international conferences.

I am the co-founder and Chief Technical Officer of Adina Solutions Oy, a company specialising in content creation, localisation, and publishing coordination and technical communication consulting and training. 

Last 10 Years in the Office

Jan 2017

Chief Technical Officer

Adina Solutions Oy

Technical communication consulting, technical writing, information design

Aug 2016Dec 2016

Independent Consultant


Information planning & DITA

Apr 2014 Jul 2016

Solutions Manager, System Design


Design future state architecture for phone's content creation.

Plan a controlled ramp-down of the Nokia's DITA CMS.

Oct 2012Apr 2014

Solutions Manager, System Design


Lead the active use and maintenance of Nokia's DITA CMS.

Analyze new requirements from stakeholders and turn them from "business language" to "IT language".

Feb 2010 Sept 2012

Development Specialist, Information Design


Lead the development of Nokia's DITA CMS from concepting to implementation and ramp-up.

Jan 2006 Jan 2010

Information Designer


Design the information architecture for user guides in print, phone, and web.

Represent information designers in all internal development projects.



Master of Arts (M.A.)

University of Tampere

Studied from 1997 to 2003, then worked full-time and finally wrote my Master's Thesis in 2008.

Major: English (translation studies), specialized in Technical Communication. Minors: Hypermedia (web design, 3D design, and graphics design, among others), Journalism, Swedish, and Finnish Communication.


Studies in Design Management (25 credits)

University of Lapland

The Design Management studies were arranged as evening studies at the University of Tampere. The course is part of the curricula at the University of Lapland.

The studies included introduction to design and brand management and their need in marketing and product/service design, service design, graphic design and brand communication.

Biggest Career Achievements

Marvel: The World-Class Content Management, Localization and Distribution Ecosystem

In this project, we built a new company-wide DITA CMS to replace the existing ones at Nokia. We designed and implemented the system in a global, virtual team. The system featured content authoring with extensive single-sourcing features, automated translation management, publishing, and automated integration to a content syndication service that distributed the content to our websites and phones using metadata. We trailblazed the use of DITA subject schemes, and achieved extreme savings in cost, time, and effort.

Creating a Responsive Support Experience Online

In this project, we converted the Nokia support websites from desktop to responsive. Over 26,000 support pages were adapted to all screen sizes. I lead the work where our tools were further developed to support responsive sites, including the development and deployment of a completely new system called syndication service for content distribution. In addition to the new development, I was responsible for the technical processes and tasks required for converting our legacy material to the new experience.

Visual Guide for the Emerging Markets

We developed a user guide with no texts or with limited texts for consumers who might have challenges with textual guidance, or simply prefer to learn through pictures. This was a truly innovative and unique approach to user guidance, and was awarded in the internal Nokia Excellence Awards. I was responsible for the technical development needed for the production of these guides.

Latest Conference Presentations

12 Apr 2019

Workshop: Single-Sourcing Content for AR and Other Media

Information Energy Conference, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
21 Mar 2019

Workshop: Identifying and Implementing Metadata for Intelligent Content

Workshop leader in tekom-Frühjahrstagung, Wien, Austria
24 May 2016

Using Metadata to Populate Responsive Websites

NORDIC TechKomm, Copenhagen, Denmark
19 Oct 2015

Sisällön haku responsiivisille verkkosivuille metadatan avulla

Finnish Technical Communications Society Conference, Tampere, Finland
13 July 2015

Creating Support Content for Responsive Websites at Microsoft Mobile

IEEE Professional Communication Society Conference, Limerick, Ireland
22 Apr 2015

Enriching DITA Transformations with Subject-Scheme Metadata

Content Management Strategies/DITA North America 2015 Conference, Chicago, USA
17 Apr 2015

Producing Support Content for Responsive Websites

TCEurope Colloquium, Brussels, Belgium