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Laura Berg

Strategic Communications Specialist

    Work History

    Communication Team Lead/Lead Associate

    April 2022Current
    Booz Allen Hamilton

    Booz Allen Hamilton is a management and information technology consulting firm with expertise in strategy, technology, and engineering.

    • Guide communications team in development and implementation of busy client front office deliverables.
    • Develop tools to effectively manage client priorities and prepare briefings.
    • Manage team product delivery schedule, client communication plans, and event production.
    • Assign work to team specialists, monitor quality and production, and report weekly updates to senior management.
    • Train and mentor communication team members in client spaces and develop opportunities to advance skillset while supporting client strategy.
    • Train and mentor multi-media team members in client spaces to produce, develop, and deliver training videos for senior management and stake-holders.
    • Conduct duties as site manager for contractor and sub-contractor team members.
    • Manage career development and goal setting for new employees.
    • Monitor and field incoming inquiries and execute timely responses to aid operations officers seeking guidance. 

    Communications Specialist, Associate

    June 2021April 2022
    Booz Allen Hamilton

    Booz Allen Hamilton is a management and information technology consulting firm with expertise in strategy, technology, and engineering.

    • Oversaw client internal and external website, provided page concepts, builds, updates, and decommission processes.
    • Aided in strategic direction of client communication efforts, including news articles, website composition, leadership messages, and graphic content.
    • Provided written and graphic support to client briefing material and project deliverables.
    • Coordinated content and built client placemats used for external communication on office activity, objectives, and goals.
    • Provided communication plans and advertising in support of various, new state-of-the-art technology deployment.
    • Prepared all content and graphic material for bi-monthly newsletter build and dissemination.
    • Oversaw employees as job leader, providing support on client site for day-to-day job functions, while acting as liaison for client in support of contractual obligations.

    Communications Specialist, Senior Consultant

    Feb 2020June 2021
    Booz Allen Hamilton

    Booz Allen Hamilton is a management and information technology consulting firm with expertise in strategy, technology, and engineering.

    • Gathered information from branch management for integration into presentable deliverables for senior government officials and stake holders.
    • Aided in strategic direction of firm-wide communication efforts, including internal news briefings, website composition, graphic information placemats, and video content.
    • Developed and managed communication plans that align with corporate strategy, including event advertising, employee awareness and engagement, and strategic facility planning.
    • Incorporated graphic design and written material into the construction of variable informational communication products.
    • Managed and coordinated corporate and facility outage calendars and prepared daily written facility notices.
    • Operated as liaison between external and internal facility leaders, branch officers, and senior management.
    • Proactively expanded knowledge of the government community in order to provide guidance toward the strategic initiations therein.

    Marketing Manager

    Dec 2014Feb 2020
    Agilla Pro Consulting

    Agilla Pro is an established e-commerce company, providing professional management consulting services for companies such as, and IDWORLDWIDE.COM

    • Created and implemented unique written and graphic material for marketing strategies on social media.
    • Wrote press releases and blogs designed to illustrate a positive company image.
    • Developed and delivered digital/print marketing content for B2B clients.
    • Created and revised both print and electronic marketing material, such as mailers, email, and A/B testing ads.
    • Proofread, edited and revised marketing material for customer recruitment and re-marketing.
    • Copy-edited written material for webpages on Blooms Today, Agilla Pro, and IDWORLDWIDE
    • Monitored and managed reputation using social listening tools, outreach and PR tactics.
    • Helped write process and requirements documentation for new website development.
    • Operated as liaison between Marketing, Operations (Sales) and IT Departments.
    • Created instructional documentation for business practices while maintaining language suitable for both creative and technical departments.
    • Performed SEO audit and crawl diagnostic reports and make corrections as necessary.
    • Generated leads by utilizing marketing research and consumer behavior to identify opportunities for growth.
    • Communicated with affiliate marketing for timely advert submissions.
    • Developed special advertisement campaigns in promoting new company products for targeted audiences.
    • Researched product successes using marketing reports and Google Analytics.
    • Created ads suitable for Google AdWords campaigns.

    Project Manager/Producer/Editor

    Jun 2013Dec 2014
    f22 Video Solutions

    Project Manager/Producer/Editor – f22 Video Solutions is an independent video production company that offers visual marketing and production solutions to businesses in Virginia, D.C., and Maryland.

    • Prepared outreach emails to gain exposure and educate business initiatives.
    • Promoted the company by attending and presenting at business networking events.
    • Maintained communication with clients through the lifetime of a project, including written proposals, on-board- ing processes, project planning, marketing initiatives, video creation and publication.
    • Built and managed company social media pages LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.
    • Wrote business informational content for company Wordpress website.
    • Wrote, produced, shot and edited video content for company website, video blogs, and client projects.
    • Researched and wrote scripts/storyboards for client deliverables.
    • Coached non-professional talent for on-camera recording.
    • Created video and on-screen graphic content for projects such as online video marketing pieces, tutorials, educational videos, interviews, events, highlight reels, testimonials, and product or service demonstrations.

    Project Manager/Producer/Editor

    May 2012May 2013
    RHED Pixel

    RHED Pixel is a privately owned media production company specializing in full media production, from initial concept and script-writing to studio and field production, video editing, and publication.

    • Prepared marketing and communication content for social media.
    • Created and implemented marketing objectives creatively, within budgetary guidelines, and within deadline.
    • Planned, designed, and created graphic presentations and video promotions using Adobe Creative Suite CS6 (Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Audition).
    • Tracked all incoming media, video editing, publication, and studio and field shoots.
    • Managed the daily development, production, distribution, and publication of video material for the Adorama Photography TV website (, including publication to social media sites.

    Editing Producer

    Apr 2006May 2012
    The Great Courses

    The Teaching Company produces The Great Courses: a series of educational video courses by the world’s top professors and experts in fields such as philosophy, history, literature, science, and the arts.

    • Worked with professors to transform written educational material into scripts suitable for video production.
    • Wrote instruction and production correspondences during on-boarding process for professors/video talent.
    • Trained and coached professors for on-camera video shoot.
    • Researched content for accuracy, copyright status, and relevance.
    • Organized and wrote procedural documentation for development processes for production department.
    • Aided marketing department with written course material for advertising.
    • Oversaw recording sessions to ensure quality and cohesiveness of each lecture.
    • Used Apple’s Final Cut Pro (FCP) to edit 24 to 48 30-minute lectures within the course.
    • Communicated with a production team of graphic artists, editors, audio technicians, and intellectual property coordinators to create a final product.

    Post-Production Editor & Graphic Artist

    Apr 2003Dec 2005
    ThinkTalk Networks

    ThinkTalk Networks produces an interactive television program geared toward college students.

    • Formulation of concepts for video communication and creation of graphic designs consisting of photographs, text, graphics, web design, and video editing.
    • Created graphic content for videos using Adobe’s Photoshop and video editing using Apple’s Final Cut Pro.
    • Created graphics used on ThinkTalk’s Web site, company business cards, and letterhead using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
    • Helped plan and execute promotional campaigns and publicize information on projects by developing written material such as brochures, pamphlets, fliers, and booklets.
    • Graphic and editing responsibilities included the production of on-screen text and other graphic content, video and graphic key-framing, filters, effects, background graphics, and green screen Chroma key for 30-minute shows.

    Technical Director and Production Assistant

    Apr 2001Dec 2005
    Liveshots DC

    Liveshots DC is an independent television studio with fiber optic and satellite connectivity nationwide. Clients include MSNBC, Court TV, CNBC, FOX, ESPN, Kuwait TV, Disney and several PBS programs such as “Charlie Rose” and “NewsHour with Jim Lehrer.”

    • Worked with and advised high profile professionals in a studio environment. Notable guests included Goldie Hawn, Ben Stein, John McCain, John Kerry, and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.
    • Responsibilities included maintaining technical control of live or taped television programs and assisting television directors nationwide.
    • Prepared white balance, tone and iris levels. Controlled robotic cameras and switchboard during live television broadcasts.
    • Used photography and digital experience to create several studio backdrops and helped create and edit company promotional materials, including business cards, flyers, brochures and letterhead.


    Bachelors Degree in Communication Arts

    Sep 1996Jun 2000
    Salisbury State University

    Tracking interest in Visual Communications and Broadcast Journalism (Print and Television).