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Educational Technology

seesaw, google classroom, padlet, microsoft teams and microsoft suite, google meet and google suite. google drive, cloud computing


Common European Framework of Languages - 

French: C1 and C2

English: Native-speaker

Areas of Specialization

• Bilingual Education; Literacy, Language and Humanities
• Learning Support and Differentiated Instruction
• French National Curriculum



Master's of Education

Arcadia University

Specialization: Elementary Education.

Coursework: Literacy, Urban Education, Language Education

Internship: Learning Support in Upper Elementary/Middle-School 


Bachelor's of Arts

Temple University

Major: French

Coursework: Literature and language; heritage of francophonie



Professional License I

State of Pennsylvania

Citizenship Education Grades 6-9

Classroom Teacher Grades K-6

French Grades K-12


Teacher Certification

Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education/Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalisation: Denmark

Folkeskole Grades 1 - 10

Work experience


Middle School Teacher - ELB (English as an Additional Language)

International School of Luxembourg

Grades 6, 7

Working in a collaborative environment (across grade and levels), planned, wrote and instructed English as an Additional Language in a 1-to-World (1-to-1) laptop environment. Collaborative conferences with colleagues included in 8-day cycle; subjects: Science (Grades 6,7), English Language B (Grades 6,7) Grade 6 Team Meeting. Member of the  Grade 6 Team, including homeroom.  Assessed students using common tasks per trimester across the 4 language learning categories.. Used the cloud to deliver and comment upon student work. Requested additional educational technology instruction as mini-workshops to develop student learning.  Provided language learning push-in class subject in Social Studies and Science (Grade 6,7).  Provided professional development workshop for colleagues (instructional technology).  Augmented student learning with visits to the local MakerSpace Forum. 


Classroom Teacher and Teacher of English

AEFE - Agence pour lenseignement français à l'étranger (The Agency for French Education Abroad): Singapore, Copenhagen, Kuala Lumpur, Houston

Created curriculum according to the French National Curriculum and following the Common European Framework of Languages. Piloted curriculum, scope and sequence and assessment methods as team member. Co-selected all instructional materials, including basal program, weekly readers and adjunct materials. Wrote, researched and planned all curriculum for Bilingual Program in partnership with French National Education partner. Ability to provide Learning Support in both French and English. Taught binôme 4 times weekly with partner as well as ÉPS and Art. Used online administration and grading system (Pro-Note). Prepared Terminale students to sit the baccalaureat (98% pass rate in subject matter). Conducted Parent-Teacher conferences in French and English. Attended and participated in classe de conseil in French. Provided interpretation services for non-francophone colleagues in meetings and professional developments. Attended professional developments in French in Shanghai, Portland and Prague.

Aug 2010Jul 2011

SEN/Learning Support Coordinator

International School of Berne, Guemligen, Switzerland

Grades 2 – 10

Provided differentiated instructional in-class support to student caseload within content area classes. Specializations include MYP French A, MYP English B (English as an Additional Language). Administered and interpreted diagnostic tests, including WJ Mini-Battery, Vernon Graded Spelling, Key Math 3. Planned carefully with general education teachers to provide continuity of service and relevant coursework, both in small group and in-class settings. Wrote Individualized Education Plans, Semester Progress Reports, and Learning Records for caseload (PYP and MYP). Planned and taught self-contained small group classes to address learning deficits (PYP and MYP). Corresponded with community resources to provide educational and adjunct services for students, including embassies, therapeutic providers and interpreters. Administered school-wide standardized testing (International School Assessment).

Aug 2008Aug 2010

Teacher of Learning Support

ACS International School Surrey, England

Grades 6 - 8

Created curricula for two new middle school courses – French Prep (Grades 5/6 and Grades 7/8) and Literacy Fundamentals (Grades 5-8; one section per grade): learning outcomes, assessments, course overview and weekly scope and sequence; instructor of record for above courses. Member of Learning Support Team (4 faculty) for student with mild learning challenges. Presentations include: dyspraxia, dyslexia, ADD (with and without hyperactivity), specific learning disability. Provided differentiated instructional in-class support to student caseload within content area classes; utilized various instructional technologies such as interactive whiteboard and tablet laptop. Wrote International Instructional Educational Plans, lesson plans and co-teacher lesson plans. Delivered self-contained instruction for small learning group. Co-taught classes with content area teachers.

Aug 2007Jul 2008

Teacher of English

Al Ghad Project - Higher Colleges of Technology, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

Grade 12

Working in an Advisory Teacher capacity, instructed Grade 12 in educational reform project. Duties included preparation of students for the CEPA Examination. Re-evaluated learning path to create manageable and achievable student goals. Mentored and guided co-workers as demonstration teacher. Assisted co-workers in evaluating and understanding requirements for observation. Outlined plans for coworkers observation, including rubric. Outlined and modelled weekly lesson plans based on specified learner outcomes across multiple grade levels. Modeled current methodology through demonstration teaching.

Aug 2006Jul 2007

Classroom Teacher

Kagman Elementary, Saipan, Micronesia

Grade 5

Instructed Grade 5 in public elementary school in Micronesia in all four content areas as well as reading. Raised reading level scores for majority of students by one level or more. Differentiated instruction with various learning group; separated classroom into learning areas. Attended professional development workshop and provided materials as requested. Assisted in successful accreditation process as part of the grade level team (WASC).

Mar 2004Aug 2006

Transition (Learning) Support Tutor/Social Studies Teacher

School District of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, United States

Grades 6 – 8

Directed daily reading groups on three levels. Adapted and executed multiple learning methods. Wrote and utilized alternative assessments addressing specific differences in learning levels. Provided individual and small group instruction for mainstreamed students; directed small learning groups during whole-class instruction. Partner - taught Learning Support in multi-age classroom. Created mathematics learning materials addressing various learning styles. instructed by Supervisory Teacher. 

Aug 2002Mar 2004

Teacher and Education Specialist

Community Education Partners, Philadelphia, United States

School District of Philadelphia,  Grade 9

English/Language Arts. Planned and directed post-secondary and professional training cohort for teaching staff. Planned individual student curricula for high-school population. Accessed various agencies to obtain student records to award academic credit. Planned, wrote and facilitated biweekly professional development workshops.


Europass and Language Passport