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Expert in digital business development, front end web and eCommerce

Focused on finding the most cost-effective and memorable uses of advertising budgets, SEO, web SEM, Digital Marketing

Work History


Digital Business Development Director / Marketing Director

HairArt Intl Inc. Gardena, CA

- Developed ecommerce property and increase direct revenue over 700% in 2.5 years  

- Created and Developed website increasing traffic and leads by over 800% organically using SEO and effective branding strategies

- Created and branded out men's division, resulting in 2000% the inbound contacts and leads regarding the Men's line

- Developed affiliate programs that increased revenue and energized fans

- Renegotiated technical contracts for savings of thousands of dollars a year 

- Searched for, interviewed, and hired a new cohesive marketing team

- Modernized processes and tools to free up staff time for outbound sales and customer care.


Digital Business Development Consultant

ArtisanCrew / Various

Branding Projects, UI/UX consultation, Product Market Entry Consulting, Influencer Marketing, Marketing Budget Allocation / CPA / Consulting, Market(ing) Research, Business Development Consulting, Review and Consult on efficacy of current marketing and tech vendors

Clients of Note:


City of Kobe, Japan:

Yamaha Music - Education division:

Automotive IoT Start Up aptpod:

toAugust 2017

V. P., Lead Digital Marketer / eCommerce Director (10 + years)

Artisan Crew Engineering Inc.



  • Continually executed high level market sector research in order to develop marketing & website development plans for American and Japanese corporate clients.
  • Executed the planning, design, and optimization of highly successful websites, social media properties, brands and campaigns.
  • Designed the creatives (graphics, image macros, photography, set direction, art direction, print materials, & written contents) in high pressure environment that demanded advanced multilingual capabilities, a cool head, and the ability to maintain a sense of humor under extreme situations. 


  • Created and developed original brands (internal and client properties such as Massager Machines & More, Artisan Socks, Cushzilla, Takino Shirts)
  • Executed the branding via front end design (HTML / C.S.S. / Graphic Design / Art Direction) and online social media properties for both major clients in industries from travel to heavy machinery, and all internal properties
  • Saw brand life-cycles through from the concept stage, to marketing strategies, to social media properties, to logos, to advertising opportunities to budgeting and responsibility for R.O.I.s



International office supply manufacturer, Digital x-ray machinery, Dewatering equipment manufacturer, Scientific instrument manufacturer, Motorcycle parts manufacturer,  Men's shirts & accessory manufacturer, Pet wigs, Health & relaxation goods manufacturer & importer


International travel, Post doctorate grants and resources, International use portable wifi / mifi device rental, Japanese heavy machinery manufacturer's rep., Local real estate, Fly fishing fly sales


  • Researched, sourced and negotiated costs for and / or implemented and maintained I.T. solutions for both clients and internally, including but not limited to S.S.L. certificates, I.I.S. based web-servers, web-server and mail-sever management (Exchange, Imail, other), dedicated hosting oversight / key contact person, bar code scanning software and devices, third-party spam filters, V.P.N. implementation, Hard and Software Firewall issues, Internet connections and I.S.P.s, trade show presentation hardware and software, and antivirus solutions. 
  • Windows server maintenance, D.N.S. record management and monitoring, domain name management, connectivity issue monitoring 
  • Lead troubleshooting efforts in both English and Japanese environments, for both own business and client businesses, found acceptable solutions when service providers technical support couldn't. 


  • OFFICE: Located, negotiated with, and was responsible for all legal aspects of leasing business properties and warehouses. 
  • HR: Managed corporate compliance documents, worker's comp audits, payroll (A.D.P.) and H.R. issues including but not limited creating job application listings, interviewing, reviewing resumes and qualifications and conducted hiring for over 30 positions, entirely responsible for payroll, E.D.D. issues, and cross cultural communications between staff and management. 
  • LEGAL: Drew up, reviewed and modified legal documents including, but not limited to website and software contracts, contracts (for our products), Non-Disclosure Agreements between Artisan Crew and potential clients or hires, legal document review of vendor contracts and terms, lease agreement review and negotiations. 
Nov 20092017


Artisan Socks (eCommerce)

Owner / Developer / Buyer / Art Director / Social Media Marketing for

  • Built, launched, and maintain the front end of a fun-filled website with a loyal user base, strong brand love, and a successful online presence specializing in socks and leg wear.
  • Created strategy, concept, and original site for minimal investment and almost no advertising budget using successful social media marketing strategy. Designed, developed, and secured love for the brand.
  • Performed all aspects of operations including establishing company vision, locating brands, building relationships at trade shows and through other sources, developing brand strategy, writing website content / marketing material, designing / developing website, executing marketing strategy, and administering finances.

Selected Achievements: 



Cushzilla Pet Wigs (eCommerce)
  • Came up with fabulous Cushzilla pet wig idea, sourced products, designed logo and photographed cat and dog models, designed website and content
  • Social Media campaign creation: (
  • Worked on attaining viral recognition that gathered international attention, a write up in a book, a spot on network television, The Chew, and internet virality with almost zero ad spend.
  • Donates wigs and costumes to rescues to get their wards extra attention and to get word out about their cause.
  • Case study here:


May 2005Dec 2015


Massager Machines & More Dot Com

Developed website front end, site S.E.O. strategy and implementation, and online marketing plan for B2B clientthat desired to move into B2C. Assumed full operation of website in 2007, including the setup of a warehouse, logistics, and purchasing as well as establishing relations and negotiating with multicultural suppliers / manufacturers.

Selected Achievements: 

  • Over $2M in sales with fewer than two dedicated full-time employees.
  • Achieved and maintained Top 5 SEO rankings for powerfully competitive keywords such as "Massager" that were competed for by,, and other national giants for over seven years with minimal ad budget.
  • Recruited and trained in-house staff, contributing to 100% increase in sales within three months.
  • Created highly successful customer service policies and routines, resulting in zero BBB complaints, remarkably few chargebacks, and no legal action from customers.
  • From $6,000 to over $100,000 a month: a Win / Win situation
    Case study here;


B.A., Political Science

Waseda University

早稲田大学 政治経済学部 政治学科

Matriculated into then graduated from the prestigious Waseda University's renowned Political Science and Economics department - the first Western student ever to do so; course work done in Japan, in Japanese.


Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level 1 (日本語能力試験1級)

Japan Foundation and Japan Educational Exchanges and Services

 The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is a standardized criterion-referenced test to evaluate and certify the Japanese language proficiency of non-native speakers. The JLPT has four levels, with Level 1 the most difficult.

Certificate in Computer Forensics

California State University - Fullerton (Cal State Fullerton)

Off-line training course in Computer Forensics taught by computer forensics trained law enforcement agents. The CSUF Computer Forensics certificate is awarded after  hands-on experience using EnCase, the industry standard in computer forensic investigation technology, and Forensic Toolkit (FTK), a suite of technologies used to perform forensic examinations of computer systems as well as learning how to image different devices.