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  • Experienced in office management and business management in Europe as well as in US.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office 2003/2007 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Groove, and OneNote) Microsoft Project, Microsoft Outlook.
  • Experienced in Data Analysis, Asset Management and Reporting using Remedy 6.3, IBM Maximo 5, Excel 2003/2007 and building custom made applications in VBA for Excel. Some experience in Crystal Reports and Xcelsius.
  • Successful manager in Reporting and Data Analysis in ticket management aimed to build efficiency in Desk Side Support and Help Desk teams. At Houghton Mifflin (Boston, MA) the Profit Margin for Pomeroy jumped from 33% to 80%.
  • Experienced in Pivot Tables and graphic charts.
  • Proficient in automatic data importing into Excel, from Remedy and other Excel files. My proprietary applications are still in use at B. Braun (Allentown, PA) and Sanofi Pasteur (Pocono, PA). Both customers became aware of how much our technicians were achieving every day. This helped to build a better understanding with the customers, and set realistic future expectations.
  • Accurate in data entering and data reconciliation.
  • Strong in arithmetic, algebra, calculus, and statistics.
  • Communicating in English, Italian, and Albanian with strong sales ethics and excellent customer service. Able to notice the customer needs and to match it to products offered by the company.

Work experience

Mar 2008Present

Project Manager

IT Pro Management Inc.
  • Managed multiple IT projects to successful conclusion for clients like Pomeroy IT Solutions,  Sanofi Pasteur, and B. Braun.
  • Trained local managers in using my program "BB Formula" for Data Analysis and Reporting. "BB Formula" is an Excel 2003 file with custom made VBA for Excel scripts.
  • Performed help desk and desk side support assistance for small business in central Massachusetts.
  • Prepared Disaster Recovery plans for small businesses, and built self explanatory flow charts and diagrams in Visio.
  • Prepared Asset Management folders with self explanatory flow charts and diagrams in Visio for small and medium businesses.
  • Offered IT consulting for purchases and improvements for small amd medium businesses and private customers in Central Massachusetts.
Sep 2009Present

Information Systems Manager

Community Teamwork Inc.

POSITION SUMMARY: The Housing Information Systems Manager (ISM) is responsible for the implementation, development, maintenance, and operation of information and reporting systems in Tracker Inc. software and any associated software. Provides oversight of all Tracker modifications, providing training and support for Tracker users.



·Ensure the successful implementation and use of the Tracker Inc. (TSI) software system.

·Supervises the Information System Specialist.

·Analysis of data, record keeping and reporting requirements and the development of processes that ensure the most efficient and effective data management systems that meet the agency needs.

·Ensures that day to day database activities are in compliance with all State and Federal reporting guidelines.

·Manage vendor relationship in compliance with the software vendor maintenance contract

·Facilitate Tracker support to ensure that all database related communication with Tracker is centralized and monitor open support e-mails and phones calls until they are resolved.

·Develop training materials and documentation.

·Assess staff training needs and provide appropriate training to end-users. Coordinate staff trainings on the Section 8 software as necessary.

·Develop design requirements and specifications for modifications to software systems.

·Liaison with CTI’s MIS Department for the MIPS and Trackers accounting package. Fulfill information reports as requested by Housing and Community Development managerial staff.

·Troubleshoot, along with IT staff, printing, scanners, security, network connection, hardware and software/server issues.

·Supervise Housing Information Systems staff:

·Other duties as assigned.

Specific Trackers-related setup/support/maintenance

·Responsible for the installation of all TSI modifications and upgrades and their integration into the CTI IT environment.

·Responsible for security maintenance and Tracker password management. Assigns access and manages the user IDs and password resets for Tracker.

·Works as second and third tier of support for troubleshooting IT and Tracker related issues, coordinating with TSI support, MIS and S8 staff.

·Responsible for the direct deposit implementation and data maintenance including data entry, changes on data and account verification.

·Attend all TSI Trainings and actively participate in the Tracker User Group, Tracker IT Group, etc.

·Facilitate the distribution of information and training materials to appropriate s8 staff.

·Oversees webservices and data uploading to external storages like DHCD’s Central Database.

·Monitors network performance and other intranet issues related to Tracker.

·Maintains a ticketing system and periodically reports about all IT problems.

·Maintain all WL, S8 and Inspection Action tables and related documents.

·Perform caseload reports and Reallocations.

·Ensure maintenance of Utility Allowance, APS, Income Level and other tables as required ensuring that Trackers tables are up to date with HUD and DCHD published information.

·Provide related set-up, support, and maintenance of all TSI support tables.

·Ad hoc reporting using Crystal Reports and MS Excel.

·Help with adding new vendors, changing vendors addresses, and scanning of w9 forms on file.

·Generate list of property owners in alphabetical order, vendor order, social security/tax ID order, and vendor address change report.

·Generate and distribute year end 1099 forms.

Oct 2006Jan 2008

Project Manager and reporting

  • Managed multiple IT projects to successful conclusion for clients like Port Authority of NY & NJ, TJX, Houghton Mifflin, Sanofi Pasteur, B. Braun, and Motorola.
  • Experienced in Data Analysis and Reporting using Excel 2003/2007 and building custom made applications in VBA for Excel.
  • Successful manager in Reporting and Data Analysis in ticket management aimed to build efficiency in Desk Side Support and Help Desk teams. Increased the Profit Margin for the company from 33% to 80% (Houghton Mifflin account, Boston, MA).
  • Proficient in automatic data importing into Excel, from Remedy and other Excel files. Built proprietary applications that are still in use at B. Braun (Allentown, PA) and Sanofi Pasteur (Pocono, PA). Both customers became aware of how much value our technicians were achieving every day. This helped build a better understanding with the customers, improve the micro and macro management, and set realistic future expectations for all stakeholders.
  • Assisted the sales department in analyzing opportunities, building transition project plans, calculating returns on investment, preparing proposals and preparing service level agreements.
  • Coordinated staff members at multiple client sites for both project and staffing engagements.
  • Prepared Disaster Recovery plans for data centers and built self explanatory flow charts and diagrams in MS Visio.
  • Prepared Asset Management self explanatory flow charts and diagrams in MS Visio
  • Prepared Project Efficiency Evaluation, Structured Analysis and Risk Management.
Oct 2004Dec 2006

Sales Representative

Pro Marketing Inc.

Worked in Home Depot Stores in the Central Massachusetts area: Worcester, Marlborough, Natick, Shrewsbury, and Auburn. Responsible for product training and marketing and customer support.

Earned the “Harvey Award” in 07/2006 for “Providing Outstanding Above & Beyond Service", especially for developing a spreadsheet application to speed up service time.

Aug 1999Jul 2003

General Director

Department of Housing System for State Universities
  • Managed an independent department of the Ministry of Education and 5 state companies (> 2,000 employees) responsible for procuring and providing housing, food, health services, safety, and entertainment to more than 20,000 college students in three campuses.
  • Designed and audited policies and procedures related to procurement, budgeting, Procurement Requests for Quotation (RFQ) and Requests for Tender (RFT).
  • Analyzing and reporting on procurement of goods and services: cost-benefit analysis and cost-utility analysis. Analyzing and making decisions improve operations, based on the difference in cost and in risk between Direct Procurement and Indirect Procurement.
  • Coordinated financial and budget activities to fund operations, maximize investments, and increase efficiency.
  • Audited the procurement processes of the subordinate companies to make sure they were conform the state rules on bidding procedures.
  • Directed weekly meetings with the CEO-s of the 5 companies and other executive officials, and staff members to discuss issues, coordinate activities and resolve problems.
  • Maintained Public Relations with the media, student organizations and NGO-s.



Masters' Degree

Universiteti i Tiranes

One year, full time, post university course. 12 classes that ranged from programming in COBOL, and GWBASIC to Database programming,  data analysis, optimization methods, algorithms, and Statistics.

Sep 1984Jun 1988


Universiteti i Tiranes

Major in teaching foreign languages (Italian) and culture.

Minor in Psychology and Higher Education.


Daniel Ohlson

In speaking with Leka it is clear that he has a passion for helping others with whatever the task at hand is. I have been consistently impressed with his ability to take a process and simplify it through careful analysis and strategy. Leka has the ability to become an expert in the field he is studying and this is done through his dedication and pride in his work. Leka would be an asset to any company and I believe he has the ability to become a leader in any organization.





Data Analysis
Experienced in daily and weekly reporting to executives and customers. Data analysis experience Programed reporting tools in VBA for Excel. Experienced in pivot tables. Experienced in Crystal Reports
IT Hardware @ Software
Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, Element Active Directory Blackberry Support E-mail Ethernet, WAN, LAN, WI-FI HTTP IT Audit Lotus 123  Microsoft Access, Excel, FrontPage, Money, Office, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Project, Visio, Word, Works, Mail. Multimedia  Norton Utilities, System Works, Ghost, 360. Data entry Billing and coding: QS/1, Dentrix. PC troubleshooting PDA  PDA-PC Synchronization Printers: Local, network, wireless, usb, lpt1, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Data analysis: Remedy, Stata, Excel and Crystal Reports IBM Maximo Scanners: usb, scasi, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Scanning software OCR , OmniPage, PaperPort. WordPerfect Programming Languages: Cobol Clipper  Dbase HTML MS Dos Scripts VBA Basic Quick Basic Visual Basic Operating Systems: MS Dos Linux Windows 2000Professional Windows XP Professional Windows Vista Ultimate Windows CE Windows Server 2000 Windows Server Windows Server 2003  
Project Management
Program management experience. Building SOW-s  and work breakdown structures. Staff management experience for 20+ years. Problem solving skills Pricing and budgeting for small, medium and big projects. Public relation experience with public and private entities from single customers to World Bank and International Monetary Fund.  

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