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Leticia Akemi Kido


    Primary Qualifications

    • Traditional Illustration 
    • Digital Illustration
    • Traditional Sculpting
    • 3D Modelling
    • 2D Animation
    • Video Editing
    • Supply Management 
    • Customer Service

    Profissional Experience

    Freelance Illustrator

    JAN/ 2019Present

    Production of custom illustrations for Youtube thumbnails; currently working as the artist for the channel "MAGIC NOOBZ".  (

    Marketing Intern

    Clay Solutions - a SALTO Group Company

    Part-time internship, assisting the marketing team with graphic and web design, infographic illustrations, social media posts and video editing.

    Retail Sales Clerk

    Epic Game

    Responsible for customer support and sales in a highly specialized shop (trading card games and boardgames), in both physical and digital store, while also tending for other needs like inventory management, marketing, training, cleaning & maintenance.

    Freelance Illustrator

    Alura - Cursos Online de Tecnologia

    Lead Artist for the webcomic "Vida de Hipster" (Hipster's Life), published weekly on Alura's website and also in the podcast with the same name. Responsible for the entire creation process: storyboarding, sketching, composing, character design and final artwork.

    Freelance Illustrator/ Video Editor/ QA Analyst

    LQDI Digital

    Production and editing of promotional videos, published on social networks.
    QA and testing of educational mobile & desktop games.
    Creation of character and background illustrations for educational games.
    Image editing and design replication for Facebook ads.
    Worked in projects for large and small companies, such as Tishman-Speyer, Stan, BKO and Editora FTD.

    Freelance Video Editor

    Pede Sabores

    Production and editing of promotional videos for digital medias and social networks.
    Creation of short, 2D animations for marketing purposes.

    Freelance Illustrator & Video Editor

    Editora FTD

    Video editing of  educational clips and illustrating for a digital platform.


    Atheva - Tecnologia em Educação

    Lead Artist and content creator for educational games and promotional content, both published in social and digital medias.

    Junior Designer for email marketing and UX.

    Administrative Assistant

    Editora Prana

    Data processing through spreadsheets and the company ERP, and customer profile update for auditing and audience estimation purposes.

    Teacher Assistant

    Instituto de Artes - UNESP

    Cleaning, restocking, conservation and storage of materials in arts & crafts ateliers and student tutoring. 


    Bachelor in Visual Arts

    Instituto de Artes - UNESP

    Learning skills such as painting, drawing, sculpting, photography, printing, semi optics and multi-media projects.

    Digital Arts

    School of Art, Game and Animation - SAGA

    Mastery of Adobe softwares such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects and Flash, and also 3D modelling softwares like Autodesk Maya; development of techniques in digital illustration, 2D animation and 3D modelling.

    Personal Qualities

    I'm experienced and proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere, and I'm also very flexible, reliable, punctual with appointment and very caring with my chores, promptly ready to learn any new skills needed to fulfill the job and always injecting a healthy dose of perfectionism. 

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