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Writer and Co-Owner

Southern Cross Web and Social Marketing

Southern Cross Web and Social Marketing is an innovative, agile, client-oriented social web business serving the world. We have clients in  Massachusetts, California, Hawaii and elsewhere in the USA; various locations in South America, and beyond. We are an innovative, agile, client-oriented social web business adaptive and/or responsive site design. Mark and Lisa Marie Mercer, combine their creative and technical skills to write content and increase your company's social media presence. 

Having lived in Uruguay since 2011, we can also answer questions about the Uruguay relocation and immigration process. See our Uruguay Expat Info  website for details.

Full Time Freelance Writer


Wrote articles for publications such as USA Today, Aspen Magazine, The Professional Skier, and a variety of travel, fitness and skiing  publications.

Jun 2004Dec 2009

Owner Mountain Sport Pilates and Fitness

My fitness studio specialized in conditioning programs for skiers and snowboarders. While living in Colorado, I wrote a Breckenridge guidebook and a ski fitness book. I also taught ski fitness weeks in Aspen Colorado and Portillo Chile.

Dec 2004Dec 2009

Customer Satisfaction Surveyor

Copper Colorado

Surveyed customers about their satisfaction with the resort.

Sep 2005Dec 2009

Tour Guide

Breckenridge Heritage Alliance

I conducted tours of historic sites in Breckenridge. Other aspects of the job included event promotion, and casting actors for living history events.

"Lisa Marie Mercer worked with me in Breckenridge, Colorado, in 2007-2009. Lisa was a tour guide for the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance – a nonprofit established by the Town of Breckenridge to help orchestrate the Town’s 150th celebration in 2009, and also to preserve the town’s history and promote heritage tourism.

Lisa was always a very willing and capable guide. She studied and mastered several of the various tours that were offered, and imparted her knowledge with enthusiasm and accuracy, along with a flair for entertaining. She personally researched the area’s history to enhance the tours she gave, and the visitors and residents who were privileged to take one of her tours always responded positively about her efforts and their experience.

Any project Lisa undertakes will be done so with 100 percent commitment and dedication."


Linda Kay Peterson, Chief Executive Officer, Breckenridge Heritage Alliance (2007-2009)

Nov 2008Dec 2009


Snowsport Outreach Society

Organized kids for ski days on the mountain. Got kids involved with local volunteer projects.

Sep 1995Jun 2004

Fitness Professional and Writer

I taught fitness at a variety of public, private and educational institutions, including the Harvard Club, the Federal Reserve Bank, the Volpe Transportation Center, Emerson College and WellSpace, a holistic health center. Within this time frame, I also became a fitness presenter, instructor trainer and published fitness writer. 

Jun 1973Jun 1995

Fitness Professional

As an early adapter in the fitness industry, I taught at various public, private  and corporate fitness centers throughout New York City. My teaching positions were as diverse as the city itself, and include teaching aerobics to the chorus of the Metropolitan Opera, and teaching at the World Financial Center.


Feature Articles
Expat Advice
Fitness Writing
Social Media Management
Travel Writing


To find writing and social media clients who are passionate about their products, publications and ideas. My goal is to get even the smallest businesses into the spotlight, and give them the recognition they deserve.


My books and articles embody a diversity of writing styles and topics.


Guest Blog Post 5.0

Client: ahalls

Feedback Comments: “Great work!” — ahalls

Blog Ghost Writer 5.0

Client: ahalls

Feedback Comments: “Worked quickly and brought her experience to the task.” — ahalls

Create High Quality Image Galleries 5.0

Client: JoeInMelbourne

Feedback Comments: “Lisa was great to work with. Showed a lot of initiative and delivered exactly what we wanted! Hope to work with her again.” —Client

Travel writers - needed for articles on Art Deco hotels 5.0

Client: pumpkinfan

Feedback Comments: “Beautiful article and photos. Very fast turnaround, and friendly correspondence. Would certainly use again. ” — pumpkinfan

Los Cabos Travel Article 5.0

Client: Richard_b

Feedback Comments: “Another great article, Lisa is always dependable and the quality is high class. Thank you again.” — Richard_b

Travel Writer 5.0

Client: msam2031

Feedback Comments: “Lisa was a very good eLancer! Her angles for stories were very creative and she was willing to incorporate feedback/suggestions. I would definitely recommend Lisa and will consider her for future projects. Thanks, Lisa!” — msam2031

Client: fabier  (13 other reviews completed) Jul 2, 2015|$160|E-books and Blogs|Completed| Job Details Feedback Comments: “Excellent work! Have been having a fantastic time working with Lisamer.” — fabier

Client: avaniamore  Nov 2, 2014|$110|Web Content|Working| Job Details Feedback Comments: “An enjoyable and easy experience. Very positive outcome all round. I needed help with getting to the heart of the writing and Lisa did it better than expected and effectively. lovely to work with and I got more out of it than I expected! thanks for everything. ” — avaniamore

"Lisa Mercer has been writing for View on Travel for several months now and we have always been impressed with her work. It has all been very timely with quality content and we have been glad to publish it.

Thus far, Lisa’s work has primarily detailed her experiences as an American ex-patriot living in Uruguay. She has written about the entire adventure—from what compelled her to move, to the transition period, to the new, different and wonderful things she has found living in South America.

Her pieces have proven quite popular with our readers. One favorite has been an article on the differences—and advantages—of the health care system in Uruguay. Another described the history of the current president, Jose Mujica, a man about whom I personally know nothing but feel that I should, in order to fully call myself a world citizen. She has detailed for our readers eating adventures around the world, social gatherings in Uruguay, and what it’s like to pick a new home from a map on the globe.

Uruguay is not a country on many people’s to-do lists, but since we began publishing Lisa’s work it has shifted onto mine. She does a wonderful job of describing this under-rated country, painting a picture for all of us of what is it like to live and tour in Uruguay."


Victoria See Editor

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  • The Arts
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City College

Psychology and Physical Education

High School of Music and Art

Now called La Guardia School of the Performing Arts, this was the high school featured in the movie Fame. Although I was a music student, all students were required to take classes in art and dance.

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