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Work History

Global Online Strategist

MotionPoint, Inc.

I leverage MotionPoint's innovative and proprietary website globalization platform to assist the world's largest brands in entering and maximizing success in new geographic markets online. In this role, I am constantly exposed to opportunities that technologies can solve. I am currently the subject matter expert for many of MotionPoint's client-facing search and UX solutions.


Endagon Innovations, LLC

I founded a full­-service web agency during college. Our focus is on the retail, hospitality, and entertainment industries and how companies can automate technologies to market their products cost-effectively via community building, heightened customer experiences, and the personalization of content. 


First String Apparel

I wanted to sell a product online that could also give me a creative outlet for my humor and silly ideas. Apparel seemed like the most logical path with the lowest barriers to entry. I built a website, brainstormed design ideas, and brought the concept to market. Within a few years, we were operating several niche subsidiaries within the apparel industry that included t-shirts, shoes, hats, and accessories.

Chief Marketing Officer

Songclash, Inc.

I branded, developed, and grew an online "battle of the bands" technology to more than one hundred thousand active users in two years. The community and technology were sold to a competitor in 2011. 


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

University of Central Florida

I majored in business, minored in film, performed my music, and explored entrepreneurship. College, for me, became just as much of a learning process from my external activities as it was an academic experience inside the classroom. 

Products Managed

(1) I branded, developed, and grew a web app that distributed MP3 and musical content to third party websites within a single dashboard. The application was sold to a competitor in 2007, after garnering a market of over 5,000 active bands and musicians.

(2) I was hired to sell as many energy toothpicks as possible, both online and offline. I accelerated sales over 60% and established a handful of distribution and consignment opportunities with retail stores across the east coast.

(3) I co-founded a desktop application that leveraged webcams to place virtual artists into a single digital room for collaboration. While the project ultimately failed to gain sustainable traction in the market, the process of managing the development of the technology was an incredible learning experience.