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Work experience


Advisory Consultant

Independent Consultant

Volunteer and management advisory consulting in the areas of receivable management services, CRM systems and using social media channels in building a business network.Presentations on improving executive job search skills and company research given to:

  • Financial Executives Networking Group (FENG) Banking Special Interest Group, Technology Executives Networking Group (TENG), Right Management Executive Networking Group and various local executive networking groups.

Vice President - Operations

Receivable Management Services

Demonstrated leadership through the ability to develop, implement and manage customer solutions for the largest growth segment of the organization combined with the largest vertical market.  Accountable for all Operational and Marketing functions including planning, pricing, technology and service level agreements.

  • Utilized innovative and creative technology to successfully launch two new Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) services in the Insurance vertical market. Expanded a zero base of revenue and FTEs (full time equivalents) to a $500k, 9 FTE annualized run rate in less than 12 months.
  • Agency Bill service reduced outstanding receivables and improved cash flow for transactions between a major Property & Casualty carrier and their agents. Completed ahead of customer expectations and consistently scored "Exceeds Expectations" on their monthly scorecards.
  • Direct Bill service utilized voice response technology and decreased costs from mailing, preparation and follow-up on potential policy cancellations and averted costs associated with reinstatement. Increased customer satisfaction through a proactive customer support approach.

Vice President Technology

Receivable Management Services

Provided strategic leadership, vision and direction to more than 65 professionals.  Managed a $14M expense budget encompassing software development, systems support, production, desktop support, security and telecommunications to ensure quality results in North America, Hong Kong and India. 

  • Planned, negotiated, implemented and managed all major vendor contractual and pricing relationships employed with an outsourced data center including disaster recovery, print and mail production facility and network support/help desk and all associated service level agreements. Generated $1M annual savings through pricing analysis of competitive solutions.
  • Leadership of all technology components of the separation from the previous corporate owner to a stand alone private equity owned organization under tight time constraints. Separated the network and telephony infrastructure, eliminated redundancies, consolidated three technology groups into one streamlined organization, secured cost savings and raised efficiencies.
  • Directed the certification process of compliance in PCI (Payment Card Industry) an extremely rigorous security standards process governed by Visa and mandated by key customers.
  • Facilitated all technical (and some operational) aspects during the headquarters relocation of 850 associates. Ensured minimal downtime and zero business disruption to customers.
  • Implemented the web enablement of essential mainframe systems as one of the first real time SaaS solutions in the receivable management industry creating greater ease of client interaction.

Vice President Business Technology

Dun & Bradstreet Receivable Management Services

Accountable for how all phases of technology integrated with internal and external customers.  Made recommendations on market initiatives that supported the strategic growth strategy.  Ensured timely and secure creation and delivery of such critical customer initiatives as:

  • Oversight of file mapping to ensure accuracy of data being sent by customers.
  • Project management leadership responsibilities for establishing a new office in Richmond, VA.
  • Provided analytical business reporting (internal and external) to senior level leaders to measure performance results against budgeted goals.

Assistant Vice President Business Development

Dun & Bradstreet Receivable Management Services

Managed new business programs, lead generation programs, SFA initiatives, Marketing presentations, Sales and Customer Service compensation plans and key customer performance metrics reporting.  Significant achievements include:

  • Developing new business programs which increased new, organic growth business results from $9M to $18M over a three year period.
  • Implementing lead generation programs with other partner divisions of the organization improving submitted leads by 400% over a three year period.
  • Planning, developing and managing the deployment of SalesLogix (SFA) to the National Sales Team and Customer Service departments (approximately 175 users) to improve job performance, sharpen organizational skills and ensure documentation of customer history.

Director Sales Planning

Dun & Bradstreet Receivable Management Services

Accountable for sales channel segmentation and deployment as well as all aspects of sales training, strategic planning and retention programs.  Notable accomplishments include:

  • Developing Sales and Customer Service compensation and administration plans which improved morale while still maintaining required budgeted expense targets.
  • Conceptualizing, influencing and designing the development of the Lotus Notes contact management system for the Telemarketing organization of 40 associates.
  • Developing a franchised sales territory program targeting 16 states lacking sales coverage.



My High School Guidance Counselor once told my mother I could talk my way out of a locked safe.
Problem Solving
The issue isn't the problem.  It is the problem that is the issue.
If you can't find it you can't fix it, use it or worse yet profit from it.
Translating Business Needs To Technical Solutions
Favorite line I ever heard from a very intelligent Technical person:  "What do you mean we're going to miss our financial targets this year?  We had so many projects we couldn't even get to them all.  We must be having a good year."
Saving Money
Work in the Collection Industry and you too can learn how to save money.
"A competent leader can get efficient service from poor troops, while on the contrary an incapable leader can demoralize the best of troops. "     ~ General John J. Pershing

Why You're Reading This

One of the biggest challenges facing companies today is getting the business units and the Technology organization to communicate, cooperate and effectively execute on the strategic plans of the business. I can help overcome this challenge and turn it into an advantage.

I align business needs with appropriate technologies providing you with quality results. I deliver creative business solutions to you where traditional approaches would take too much time and cost you too much money. My goal is to enable even more satisfied customers in the future through my unique ability to blend operational and marketing skills with technology, providing practical solutions.

Things I'm Proud Of

  • Awarded the President's Council Award & Presidential Citation (The highest honors awarded by the company President acknowledging outstanding leadership ability) ~ (also nominated twice).
  • Realized annual savings of $1M (8%) by partnering with an offshore development partner.
  • Leadership responsibilities of several community outreach programs including the United Way and Habitat for Humanity.
  • Obtained certification in Essentials of Problem Solving ~ Dun & Bradstreet Organizational/Professional Development course.
  • Earned recognition as District Manager of The Year (Northeast Region).
  • Selected as a member of the Quality Assurance Committee established to ensure high standards of commitment to the customer experience.
  • Won several National Sales Contests including most new business and highest retention rate.

The Fine Print

I am a strategic executive with the proven ability of applying broad experience in operational and technical knowledge to deliver business improvement.Acknowledged as a leader who possesses strategic business skills combined with strong analytical ability and conceptual awareness to understand complex business dynamics.Decision-making and subsequent successes in all assignments are guided by unquestionable integrity and strong personal ethics.Demonstrated ability and skills to manage increased responsibilities and accountability throughout an extremely diverse career. 

Extremely well versed in all aspects of the financial supply chain of receivables management including invoicing, collections and bankruptcy creditor representation.

Developed the strategic plan and implementation for all aspects of the Technology infrastructure separation from corporate ownership to private equity, venture capital funded ownership.  This encompassed key areas such as all aspects of software licensing, hardware procurement, contract review and service level agreement creation.

Whether the discussion involves EBITDA or HTML, I am equally versed in fundamental business aspects as well as all key areas of Technology and how they interact with business.

Skilled in key functional business areas such as:

  • Staff Management and Development
  • Direct, Matrix and Independent Management
  • Web Enablement Strategy
  • Application Development (In-house and offshore)
  • Vendor Management
  • Budget Management/Cost Control
  • PCI, HIPAA and FDCPA Security Compliance Standards
  • Strong Communication and Negotiating Skills
  • Strategic Growth Planning
  • Operational Efficiencies and Organizational Redesign
  • Innovative and Creative Solutions
  • Partnering With All Stakeholders
  • Mainframe, UNIX & Wintel Platforms
  • CRM Implementation from Vision to Functional Usage
  • IVR, Dialer and PBX Platforms
  • Daily contact with senior executive staff, business leaders and customers

I Said It, They Wrote It

Things I Like

  • All things Disney
  • Record Collecting
  • Dogs
  • Technical gadgets
  • Sports
  • Crossword puzzles

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