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Louis Meyer

Corporate Social Responsibility - Administrative Assistant

    Work History

    April 2021Present

    Administrative Assistant - Corporate Social Responsibility

    Manage large data sets spanning multiple fiscal years to conduct trend analysis of goods based upon category.

    Identified key areas of improvement of CSR related goals by analyzing competitors CSR strategies.

    Assist with the planning and implementation of CSR related company goals.

    Developed multi-tiered goal proposals for CSR areas that are based on current market trends.

    Track and manage certification progress of in store goods.

    Research sustainability trends in the grocery and retail sector.

    Communication and coordination within a multi-national corporation with different needs, goals, and responsibilities in terms of sustainable goals.

    Develop intercompany communications that inform employees of CSR topics in a friendly and easy to digest manner.

    Create informative and data driven presentations for multitudes of stakeholders and company levels.

    Feb 2020July 2020
    Anchor Financial Group

    Customer Relations Manager

    Acted as central link between the three internal departments streamlining intercompany data to create multiple referral opportunities in various departments.

    Conducted data inquiries with various financial institutions to receive missing customer financial records and data.

    Ensure leads are contacted and worked in accordance with company guidelines, procedures, and client expectations. 

    Ensure quality customer service through daily monitoring of leads via rapid client-rep feedback, SalesForce mechanisms, and other company processes to ensure rapid client acquisition and satisfaction.

    Used large data tools to format 20,000+ customer accounts in .CSV .XLSX .ACCDA .ACCDR while maintaining database integrity and operation.

    Created and optimized SalesForce Workflow and Process builder tools to send client surveys, streamline the internal referral process, setup various flows to save company time, and fixed various process that were left incomplete or outdated.

    Setup employee dashboards in SalesForce to allow them to track personal sales progress, ensure all work is completed, display any important or past-due action items. This allowed employees less familiar with the platform to engage better and maximize company and personal profits.

    Feb 2019Sept 2019
    Asset Campus Housing

    Operations Manager

    Collected and reviewed resident payments daily, recorded each check or other payment into a database for accuracy.

    Ran checks and other payments through a payment processing system. Maintained files on all processed payments in case any issues arose.

    Spoke with residents and family members to guide them through difficult financial times, discussed and created payment plans that worked for the company and client.

    Coordinated with vendors and residents in issues of maintenance or pest issues.

    Inspected and filed reports on a 700 unit building, maintaining records in a neat database.

    Coordinate with regional management to set and exceed historical expectations.

    Facilitate day to day operations to ensure the best possible residential experience.

    May 2018Jan 2019
    Airbus Americas

    VIE/Intern Debt Management

    Daily use of SAP and Microsoft products such as Excel, Outlook, Word, Access, and PowerPoint.

    Teach the use of SAP functions and how to apply them properly.

    Created Excel Macros to streamline tasks with a high rate of repetition.

    Creation of visual graphics such as flowcharts, graphs, and other visual aids.

    Facilitate assessment centers for potential candidates and give feedback on candidates.

    Find innovative ways to streamline processes to reduce time to respond to customers.

    Creation of Access Database for customers credit limits, and other relevant information.

    Communication with customers to resolve issues before they arise.

    Complete tasks quickly and efficiently with quality in mind.

    Communicate with customers of different countries and languages.

    Worked in a team to support one another efficiently.


    Feb 2018Nov 2018
    P.F Changs


    Communicate with customers and relay instructions back to the kitchen, manager, or other staff members.

    Solve issues before they occur by identifying problematic situations.

    Ensure accuracy of orders and service.

    Provide support to other staff members, when needed, while maintaining ones own responsibilities.

    Jun 2015Aug 2017
    Ruby Tuesdays


    Communicate with customers to ensure proper food delivery and absolute correctness.

    Identify the needs of the guests before they need to convey their needs.

    Ensure proper handling of food.

    Check for order consistency and making necessary changes if an error is found.

    Make sure other servers do their side work diligently to make sure food areas are sanitized and safe for guests and other servers.

    Volunteer Work

    Sails Angels RVA June 2019- Present

    Ladera Elementary School 2011-2015


    Aug 2015May 2017
    Germanna Community College

    Political Science Studies

    Aug 2011Jun 2015
    Culpeper County High School

    Advanced Diploma


    Microsoft Office Specialist: Expert on Microsoft Office 2013 & 2016 Update

    Exceptional listener and communicator who effectively conveys information verbally and in writing

    Computer-literate performer with extensive software proficiency covering wide variety of applications.

    Productive worker with solid work ethic who exerts optimal effort in successfully completing tasks.

    Confident, hard-working employee who is committed to achieving excellence.

    Exceptional ability to retain information.

    Ability to be a leader but also able to carry out assigned tasks swiftly and diligently.


    Family and friends 

    Hiking and camping

    Rock climbing