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During the years of working as a professional I had the chance to participate in many exciting projects that included managing large teams from many disciplines. Having participated and managed many IT projects, I am still after great opportunities that are challenging and can produce innovative products and services.

Work experience



SYLIPSIS Corporation, Boston MA (

Sylipsis focuses on entrepreneurs with a viable idea or concept in the hard science fields or specialized markets and provides the structured commercialization “environment”; providing the entrepreneurs the skills, knowledge, and resources required to build, test, deploy, and successfully bring their product to market.



Seeders IKE

Seeders is a Premium Co-Working Space located in Psychiko district in Athens, Greece. It main purpose is to provide office facilities on demand for startups from specific industries including hard science, marine, sports science and agrotech.



Digital Media House
  • Formed a new IT company to develop SaaS applications and implement innovative marketing techniques
  • Established production workflows and contracted external developers.
  • Designed and Managed the Production of a number of SaaS applications including:
    • BusinessDirectory: BusinessDirectory by DMH is one of a kind service for publishers and advertisers designed to utilise their advertising space, maximizing exposure and creating ad revenue. BusinessDirectory is a portable and customizable listings catalogs that can be implemented on any site with minimum effort increasing traffic and value to the users. Publishers can design and control their own pricing strategy and listings content while providing valuable category specific service to its users. BusinessDirectory is supported by an extensive database of business listings in all geographic areas and industries. This unique service will drive traffic to your website and promote individual businesses by giving them maximum exposure from multiple sources simultaneously.
    • Shipview: An ERP type software focused on managing large yachts. It is a platform that allows MEGA or ULTRA yachts to manage their full onboard operations .
    • 2000eyes: A platform that provides total brand visibility intelligence and competition analysis using aggregated data from online properties.
    • eCommerceLιnker: A platform that’s main target is to provide the infrastructure for managing product data in a formalized and interchangeable way and enabling product content marketplaces.
    • Squeezm: A platform that allows multilingual development of platforms by substracting content production out of code and allowing content professionals to get involved without interrupting the code development.
  • Developed a number of smaller IT projects (ecommerce, websites, news channels, etc)


Swiss Version GmbH
SwissVersion GmbH is a company based in Zurich, Switzerland. It is founded by me and my good friend from MIT Mr. Andri Largiader (SMc'99).
SwissVersion's mission is to provide IT solutions for the European market with a focus on developing solutions for the yachting and marine industry.

Co-Founder, CIO/CTO

HeBS Ltd
  • Co-Founder of HeBS (Hellenic e-Business Solutions Ltd)
  • Implemented innovate web technologies in the Greek merchant market and established a very strong knowledge in e-Commerce operations, logistics and international trade.
  • Designed a number of SaaS applications including GroupDraw, ClinicView, PriceMonitor, Dealfinder, Paynext, ExpressionLink, Serpenter, Manhours, CEN, Deals2Stores.
  • Established one of the most popular brands in Greece and Cyprus about novelties and gadgets (including eight physical stores in Greece and Cyprus and 4 online stores).
  • Designed and created the first online wholesale eCommerce marketplace in Greece (more than 900 retailers registered by 2009 and interacting in a daily basis).
  • Organized the Imports / Exports Department, designed and developed the integrated logistics solution supporting all stores (by 2011, more than 35000 orders

National Representative to NATO NIAG/SG61

Hellenic navy / NATO
Member of the NATO Industrial Advisory Group NIAG/SG61 for developing software simulation models for sea going vessels.

Naval Officer - Naval Architect

Hellenic Navy, General Naval Headquarters - D2 Division
  • Naval Architect position in the general headquarters D2 division. 
  • Member of the HN in the team of the Polytechnic institute of Athens for the design and testing of new ship hull shapes for fast patrolling vessels.
  • Member of various procurement commities for the definition of requirements for new material and services and the verification to specifications of participating contractors

Naval Officer - Naval Architect, ISO9001 Specialist

Hellenic Navy, Hellenic Shipyards, Skaramagka
  • Naval Architect, ISO 9001 Specialist
  • Project section leader for the modernization of the "S" class frigates at the Hellenic Shipyards
  • Part of the National Armament Procurement Team (ΓΓΟΣΑΕ) for inspection and quality control of naval systems procurement.
  • Project section leader for the procurement of 18 high speed patrol vessels (Lambro 57) for the Hellenic coast guard.
  • Completed a large number of the sea trials of the Lambro 57 high speed patrol vessels for the acceptance of the vessels by the coast guard.
  • Responsible for monitoring the Hellenic Shipyards related to compliance with the ISO 9001 standards as applied to the contract for the modernization for the "S" class frigates.
  • Member of various procurement committees for either the definition of the requirements for new material or services or the verification to specifications of participating contractors.

Naval Officer - Naval Architect

Hellenic Navy, Naval Base Salamis
  • Responsible of the inspection and repair of the Greek naval fleet related to hull, shafting and propellers.
  • Responsible for all the dry docking operations of HN vessels
  • Supervised all the related workshops including more than 250 technicians
  • Supervised the HN diving team with whom I planned and completed the salvage operations for sunken vessels.
  • Supervised external contractors for hull repair and related work.
  • Part of the "ISO certification" team that planned, educated and enforced the ISO 9001 standard at the HN Naval Base.
  • Member of various procurement commities for either the definition of the requirements for new material or services or the verification to specifications of participating contractors

Naval Officer

Salamis, Greece
  • Chief Engineer on board Naval Ship "AGON"
  • Planned and executed the overhaul and modernization of the vessel during 2001
  • Participated in many naval operations (naval drills, S&R and patrolling) in the Eastern Aegean sea.

Naval Officer

Salamis, Greece
Assumed duties as an Engineer Officer on board HS NEARCHOS
Participated in NATO operations in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

Naval Officer

Salamis, Greece
  • Positioned as an naval engineer aboard the HN frigates "HS ELLI" and "HS ADRIAS" Positions hold: - 3rd Engineer - 2nd Engineer - Damage Control Officer
  • Participated in many naval operations (naval drills, S&R operations, patrolling and joined NATO operations) 
  • Participated in naval operations in the Adriatic sea as part of the NATO task force during the war in Yugoslavia.
  • Trained on gas turbine engines, diesel engines and auxiliary machinery maintenance and repair
  • Participated in the overhaul and repair of the vessels during scheduled dry docking



ISO 9001 Certified External Auditor

lloyds register

SEAN - War College

Hellenic Navy's - War Collecge
Completed mid carrier education for naval officers, including military operations and geopolitics.

Engineering Degree (Eng)

Engineering Degree in Naval Engineering and Marine Architecture (13A)

Master of Science (MSc)

MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
MSc in Marine and Ocean Systems Management (13B)

CORBA Development

OMG Training Facilities, Cambridge, MA, USA

GE Officer's Early Carrier Education

GE Hellenic Naval Academy
Completed early carrier prerequisite education for young officers


Naval Officers School Command Damage Control, Firefighting, flood control, nuclear, biological and chemical detection and prevention on Ships



Publications / Presentations

The Digital Ocean
The Digital Ocean, N. M. Patrikalakis, S. L. Abrams, J. G. Bellingham, W. Cho, K. P. Mihanetzis, A. R. Robinson, H. Schmidt, P.C.H. Wariyapola, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University 
10th International Conference of Computer Applications in Shipbuilding
"DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING IN A DISTRIBUTED COMPUTER ENVIRONMENT", Nicholas M. Patrikalakis, Kawasaki Professor of Engineering,  Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis, Doherty Professor of Ocean Science and Engineering, Lieutenant Konstantinos Mihanetzis HN

Opening Speach at the 10th International Conference of Computer Applications in Shipbuilding presenting the
Masters Thesis
K.P. Mihanetzis, Masters Thesis, “Towards a Distributed Information System For Coastal
Zone Management”, MIT Dept of Ocean Engineering, June 1999.


Information Technology, mathematics, engineering, and business have been my passion for more than 25 years. Have worked on programming languages ranging from assembly (Z80) to pascal, basic, fortran, C,C++, Java, CORBA and scripting languages vbscript, javascript, asp and php.
During my studies at MIT I tried to combine my passion for IT with my passions for engineering and business by adjusting my studies accordingly.
The outcome was an adjusted curriculum (with added IT courses) and a thesis for the Poseidon project which laid the platform for a distributed information technology environment for software collaboration. 

On my free time I train a team of small kids (techpops) teaching them programming and robotics using the lego EV3 and arduino boards.