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MaRCEL "MAC" Kloberg

SM / SE / TA / ERP / IT / Logistics

Executive Summary

Self-starter that excels in auto didactic training with a scientific mindset to match any given technology, role, project or environment with proven competency in driving projects or assignments to successful completion.

Work experience

Jan 2021Present

IT Senior Manager / Data Center Specialist / IT Campus Architect / Project Manager

Liebherr Mining Equipment, Co.

Currently in the same role under renewed management. During normal department duties in 2019/2020, I've also had the chance to successfully execute a once in a lifetime IT project for Liebherr. Liebherr USA executive management enabled me and my team to plan, budget, design, procure and oversee the build into production of the entire IT infrastructure for a new campus at 4800 Chestnut Ave in Newport News (Cisco network, WiFi, AV, Security, DataCenter, etc.). Selected, purchased and provisioned latest technology in A/V systems and conferencing rooms.

Designed, procured and built a new state of the art data center from scratch, using Liebert/Vertiv/Samsung components with self sourced local contractors and resources. Worked with the City of Newport News for permitting and closely with the GC (WM-Jordan) from ground breaking to the certificate of occupancy during the construction of the campus.

Coordinated the relocation of the moving Liebherr USA employees to their new campus in terms of IT, which concluded the project successfully on time and under budget by 1/2 mil.

Liebherr - Inside the New Liebherr USA, Co. Headquarters in Newport News, VA. - YouTube

Mar 20162021

IT Senior Manager / Systems Integrator / Software Developer / ERP Business Analyst

Liebherr Mining Equipment, Co. - Newport News, VA

Due to a restructuring merger of several Liebherr divisions into trading and production companies within the US market, IT was designated a shared service provider and was moved into the only production company in the US, under the existing IT manager of Liebherr Mining Co. Roles and responsibilities stayed the same under new leadership.

Dec 2014Feb 2016

IT General Manager / Systems Integrator / Software Developer / ERP Business Analyst

Liebherr USA, Co. - Newport News, VA

Managed IT operations of all Liebherr US divisions (10) for Liebherr's presence in the USA. Provided Baan IV ERP finance support: Year end closings, audits, IRS audit and litigation support. Managed windows domain for approx ~1000 end users. Supervised lawsuit data recoveries . Implemented disaster recovery policies and procedures to ensure business continuation. Managed and executed all hard and software purchases, among other inherited duties.

Nov 1998Dec 2014

Senior IT Administrator / Systems Integrator / Software Developer / ERP Business Analyst

Liebherr America, Inc. - Newport News, VA

Executed legacy ERP data migration of multiple Liebherr divisions from various legacy systems to Baan IV ERP system (comparable to SAP). Designed from scratch, installed, managed and maintained MS-Exchange email and Proxy/Firewall environment for all US and Canadian Liebherr divisions (~800 Users). Selected and hired additional personnel to build up working IT departments in several divisions. Managed and executed all hard and software purchases. Designed and built state of the art data center infrastructure to comply with tight corporate IT security policies (backup generator & ups power management / fire suppression / emergency lighting / etc.).

Nov 1997Oct 1998

IT Administrator / Systems Integrator / Software Developer

Liebherr Gear Technologies - Saline, MI

Selected, purchased and installed server and networking hardware to build up initial IT environment, provisioned and installed first Internet Communication Services with local Telco, launched first e-mail service and provisioned initial fire walled Internet access. Selected and trained key users for upcoming ERP migration. Built fuzzy logic heavy data migration platform in MS-access that ran on eight workstations in parallel for several weeks to transform and facilitate the migration of all existing legacy data to new Baan IV environment. 

Jan 1994Nov 1997

Project Manager, Duratec Engine Assembly Plant

Liebherr Automation Systems for Ford Motor Company - Cleveland, Oh

Among the duties and tasks shown below that carried over, managed installation and programmed several two ton railed robotic vehicles to transport containerized stacks of cam shafts from one machining center to the next (helped lay down the heavy rails by hand). Helped to pitch and sell and then later managed the design stage of the first telescopic, six headed gantry line that Liebherr ever built - to move Jaguar engine heads from machine to machine operation.

Apr 1992Jan 1994

Robotic Overhead Gantry Installation Supervisor

Liebherr Automation Systems for Ford Motor Company - Cleveland, Oh

Installed 120 gantry robots covering the transportation of in process work-pieces: Camshafts, Crankshafts, Cylinder Blocks and Cylinder Heads.
Executed the assembly of the various parts and beams, delivered from Europe, the mechanical installation, alignments and initial try-out at the customer site. Rewrote from scratch most of the factory designed CNC programs, once the customer discovered that they didn't meet customer requirements. Lead all mechanical and electrical aspects of the installation, including communications and dealing with the local auto workers union (UAW) over the course of several years.

Feb 1992Mar 1992

Commercial Food Factory Maintenance Electrician

Kaeserei Champignon, Heising - Germany

Summer job to bridge vacation gap to return to Liebherr after military service: Gained extensive knowledge about commercial food processing, hygiene laws and regulations to operate a business in this field.

Apr 1991Feb 1992

Military Service

German Army, Mountain Infantry Communications Division 1/8 Kemmel - Murnau

3 months of standard combat training, vehicle and weapons handling, care and use training. Joined the administrative division and was promoted to replace the departing  corps wide logistics administrator. Processed all requisitions for spare parts, munitions, fuel, and consumables as well as food supplies for the division.

Mar 1990Feb 1991

Industrial Robotics Installation Technician

Caterpillar Engine Plant, Charleroi - Belgium for Liebherr

Installed, programmed and taught eight multi million dollar overhead gantry robots to transport and help manufacture large ten cylinder engine blocks for hydraulic excavators.

Sep 1989Mar 1990

Industrial Gantry Robot CommisioningTechnician

Liebherr Verzahntechnik GmbH, Kempten - Germany

Responsible for planning, setup, power-up and troubleshooting of large automotive gantry robots on the factory floor, sometimes longer than 2500 ft. Often tasked to meet with international customer engineering teams to for final sign off on the product. First exposures to many different cultures from various countries.

Aug 1988May 1989

TV and Audio Service Technician

Fernsehtechnik Gruber, Kempten - Germany

Side Job: On customer premises troubleshooting, delivery and programming of TV's and Audio equipment. Later in shop troubleshooting and repair of TV's and Audio equipment.

Sep 1986Sep 1989

Apprenticeship to Industrial Mechanic, Electrician, Electronics, Programmer

Liebherr Verzahntechnik GmbH, Kempten - Germany

- Mechanical apprenticeship in metalworking with ferrous metals , brass, copper, aluminum and plastics. After 6 months mechanical and passing that, transition to the Electrical group after passing that, later on to the Electronics group at Liebherr. Completed projects that included operation of large and small milling machines, surface grinders, hones, welders, turning pieces on lathes, operating gear cutting CNC machines, operating 6-axis arm style welding robots and simple, but extremely large three axis gantry robots.
- Commercial Trade Degree in Electronics and Programming, specialized in Industrial Robotics. Graduated early, with best in state honors by IHK Schwaebia.


Sep 1988Sep 1989

IHK/VDE Trade Degree in Electronics

Staatliche Berufsschule - Kempten, Germany
Sep 1986Sep 1988

IHK/VDE Certified Electrician

Staatliche Berufsschule - Kempten, Germany
Jul 1983Jul 1986

Technical High School

Knabenrealschule - Kempten, Germany

Excelled in technical drafting, physics and chemistry.

Jul 1981Jul 1983

University Preparatory Highschool

Allgaeu Gymnasium - Kempten, Germany

Work Related Project Hightlights

1998: Designed, purchased, configured and operated first MS-Exchange and Firewall environment for all Liebherr US operations.

1999: Baan implementation Liebherr America: Coordinated all aspects of the ERP migration from legacy system. Wrote custom code to transform legacy item master data for several US Liebherr companies (5), and Liebherr Canada from legacy system into new ERP system, some of which required fuzzy logic and advanced statistical weighing treatment. Selected key users and traveled to train the key users in the areas of distribution, manufacturing and finance.

2001: Designed from the ground up, coded, implemented and hosted E-Commerce Website, with EDI interface to communicate with the local ERP system (Baan) to sell spare parts for earth moving equipment. Implemented custom local ERP interfaces to facilitate solution to print picking tickets instantly after orders received, including stock management and reordering parts from Europe- the solution also creates supply chain orders for parts not in the local warehouse. Developed additional interfaces to UPS and FedEx and coded workflows to channel the resulting tracking numbers back into the local ERP system (Baan), and display-link the data to the customer on the web at the same time. The site is still in operation and has a proven track record for 15 years now. The site processed about 270,000 orders from affiliated dealers as of 2016, resulting in several hundred millions of turnover in spare parts for Liebherr. 

2002: Designed and implemented BI data warehouse from scratch, using C#, Informix and SQL Server technologies. At the time, SQL Server Integration Services (called DTS back then) was too immature and not ready for the task yet. The process involved tapping into the internal tables of the ERP system to discover the table schemes and reflectively recreate the same structures in SQL server tables (+500 tables x multiple companies), including any foreign constraints and indexes. Implemented as a windows service, the transformation of the internal field codes to human readable column names was realized at the same time. The reporting solution using SQL Server reporting services is still heavily in use to date and has provided employees across several companies to get the data they need on their on, using MS-Access via ODBC or Excel/PowerPivot. Other solutions inside the data warehouse included custom OLAP cubes and time series aggregations at the statistical level to provide easier ways to analyze the data coming from the ERP system for key users.

2012: Designed, purchased servers, built and installed highly available Hyper-V Cluster, using redundant NetApp FAS series SAN for guest OS storage. Selected and installed other NetApp SAN's in remote locations to replicate back to local data center using NetApp SnapVault replication technologies. Including a recent upgrade, the cluster has now six nodes, amounting to a total hosting capability of 576 GB in RAM, with failover.

2013: Added virtualized RDS farm to the Hyper-V Cluster. Hosting 20+ applications across four session hosts.

Private Project Higlights

Dec. 1988: Interfaced a Commodore Amiga 1000 Computer to a Mercedes W123 (200 D), built custom switched power supply from scratch, reverse engineered and integrated two donated Siemens PLC 24 port I/O boards to control the cars functions. Implemented in dash display, consisting of a 6" b/w tube type small form factor TV. The implementation consisted of many power modifications to the car as well as sawing the entire dashboard in half, to execute the project.

Apr. 1995: Contract work: Designed and programmed modem based remote access system for all employees of NASA Lewis Research Center in Cleveland, Oh.

Sep. 2003: Developed predictive, autonomous stock day-trading service using e-trade api, advanced statistical point based custom engine (fuzzy) and Walt data feeds. Analytic approach included federal filing indicator values for traditional stock positions and IPO indicators. Eventually, the system failed: Available data feeds were too slow, for the system to be effective.

Mar. 2013: Redesigned and built a CNC Machine from scratch. Build log:

Nov. 2014: Mapped large dataset of raw GIS Space Shuttle elevation data as a 3D model. CNC cut a representation of the southern German alpine mountain region in walnut.

Sept 2014: Interfaced ARM processor based dash computer on Android to a Dodge Charger (personal car). Soldered custom wiring harness and custom programmed client side CAN bus controls so that the computer has full access to all sensors and actuators of the vehicle. Interfaced rear view camera to the system and added permanent wireless Internet connection.

Dec. 2014: Designed, CNC process optimized, started manufacturing and commercialized a successful, luxury line of cat furniture wall shelves. Featured in Modern Cat Magazine and other publications, featured on national TV - Animal Planet, To be featured in My Cat From Hell in the fall 2016. +250 shelves produced and shipped around the world, including Singapore, Australia and the UK.

Dec. 2015: Designed and started production of a high end wooden jewelry line.


- Remarks to 2015 Performance Rating Report 1/8/2016 by Lena Hogue, former President of Liebherr America, Inc.

- Letter of Recommendation 8/7/1996, INS Petition by Peter Kozma, Retired Executive Vice President of Liebherr America, Inc

- Letter of Recommendation 6/24/1996, INS Petition by Dipl. Kfm. Mario Trunzer, Director of Finance and Administration, Liebherr Verzahntechnik, GmbH