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The following maps and screenshots are examples of some of my work this far. This is just a few of the projects I have permission to share as many of the things I have worked with pertained to classified or private data. 


ArcGIS 10.x Suite

I have used ArcGIS products through out my career and have an up-to-date understanding of the software capabilities.

Remote Sensing

Experience using ENVI, ERDAS and other proprietary softwares.

GIS Design

I have acquired the necessary skills in order to implement and maintian GIS within a company oran  organization.


I am familiar HTML and have used it to create and maintain websites in a professional sense. 

Microsoft Office
Python Script

I have been exposed to Python and have used apps and tools created with the script. I am interested in learning more. 

Work experience

Nov 2019Present

GIS Technician

Utility Data Contractors
  • Successfully and professionally contract with nationally recognized utility companies.
  • Map features representative of electrical utilities being replaced or installed in the field such as transformers, fuses, switches, power lines and power poles etc.
  • Perform as a contractor for high profile agencies both nationwide and worldwide.

  • Work in a team environment in order to deliver the highest quality product to the client. This includes a rigor- ous QAQC system in which we all are able to receive constructive feedback from team members as well pro- viding feedback to said team members alike.

Nov 2017June 2018

Imagery Technician


Correct imagery taken from Space by satellite. 

  • Color correct images taken daily around the world from space by a variety of satellites owned and main- tained by DigitalGlobe.

  • Mosaic multiple images together to differing accuracies and requests dependent on customer specifications.

  • Ground truth imagery globally in order to maintain geometric integrity.

  • Work on and complete multiple project a day with a 12 hour turnaround deadline. Meaning, once data and imagery are received, the completed project must be ready and submitted to client in final form within 12 hours.

  • Implement code heavy work arounds as necessary to data or imagery that does not meet general require- ments of generally gathered information.

  • Crate and maintain shared databases to help track progress and meet deadlines within a team setting.

  • Worked daily with and maintained sensitive intelligence and classified information for both private indus-

    tries and government agencies (security clearance required) alike.

Jun 2017Nov 2017

GIS Specialist / Primary Consultant

  • Develop and implement premier decision making processes through the use of GIS and UAV technology.
  • Consult on proper land use practices in order to provide the most efficient and profitable yield for producers in the agriculture industry. 
Jul 2014Feb 2016

GIS Technician

  • Consult on and complete projects such as creating maps and other digital representations of pipeline monitoring and exploration of prospective pipeline routes for a variety of clients.
  • Work from a remote location while maintaining contact through telephone, email, face-to-face meetings and other communication lines with associates, supervisors and clients.
  • Generate flight maps of routes for pilots flying pipeline monitoring flights detecting leaks.  
  • Create maps, charts, tables and other graphics representing anomalies and their locations recorded during monitoring flights.
  • Analyze, catalogue and organize large databases to be utilized in decision-making processes. Compilation of vast or multiple sets of data and information when necessary.
  • Use and troubleshoot tools coded in python created by GIS Analysts within the company.
  • Create maps, charts, tables and other visual graphics for specific requests tailored to desired outcomes made within the company
Nov 2012Jul 2013

GIS Technician

Spacial Application Research Center (SpARC)
  • Consult on and complete multiple projects for a variety of public and private clients.
  • Projects included, but were not limited to,
    • Creation of maps and deliverables for New Mexico State Parks which included digitization of trails, roads, facilities and offices. Other products included maps representing land-ownership, management zones, confidential archeological sites, and trail maps provided to visitors.
    • The development and application of a Human Development Index for all of Dona Ana County, New Mexico. Three variables, including health, education and income, where combined to determine the human well-being of each sub-area within the county. The results where then mapped and categorized. The resulting maps are currently used to make future management decisions.
    • Maps were created to represent current transit routes for El Paso Metropolitan Planning Organization. Resulting maps for each metropolitan area in the Dona Ana County were then used in community outreach in searching for future possible transit stops, routes and facilities. Digitization of land-use for all of Dona Ana and Otero County, NM was also completed.
  • Conduct analytical research into various topics applicable to relevant work and generate reports to be shared with associates or clients.
  • In addition to completing projects I managed, assistance to other colleagues was provided when available
Jan 2012May 2012

GIS Technician

NMSU Recycling Project
  • Established coordinates of existing recycle bins and collection points through using handheld Garmin GPS
  • Mapped recycle collection routes, stops, man-hours using ArcGIS
  • Accompanied NMSU Facilities/Operations collection to gather worker input on more efficient routes, taking into account “On the ground” knowledge of traffic, pedestrian volumes, idle zones, etc.
  • Researched literature and data as well as modeled future needs



Bachelor of Science

New Mexico State University

Geography - GIS & Technology


Working with Geodatabase Topology


Using Subtypes and Domains


Getting Started with Geodatabases


Using Model Builder