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Creates  learning environments that leverage technology and human capacity through effective team-building and professional development with a focus on equity and access.

 Skilled in science education, transforming teaching and learning, culturally-responsive curriculum and STEM integration. Experienced educator, coach, curriculum designer, professional learning community facilitator, and forger of public/private partnerships.

Success demonstrated with diverse student groups in USA and in various countries using online platforms. 

Respected change agent known for hard work, competence, compassion, listening, reflective thinking.

Work experience

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Public Consulting Group
Dec 2018 Feb 2022

Efficiently secured agreements with individuals and families to quarantine or isolate during COVID-19 as an integral part of a team of Tracers and Investigators for COVID-19 New York State Initiative limiting virus spread.  


Personalized Learning Solutions
2017 Present

Technology enabled strategies are developed for clients,  staffs, work groups, or students for comfort with software use  and to increase digital literacy skills.    Provided is website design, professional development, educational technology, and prescribed solutions for individual goals

Science Teacher

Eugene School District

Teaching middle school students physical science and fundamentals of chemistry.

STEM,Online and Blended Learning Coordinator

Eugene School District

Developed and implemented a Blended Learning Initiative for high schools by providing team-building and professional development .  

  • Developed and implemented customized class digital platform with Language Arts and Social Studies  high school teachers .
  • Developed a tech-enabled Credit Recovery process with a continuous improvement cycle.
  • Expanded online credit recovery program from one to the five high schools.
  • Implemented ongoing Professional Development training with staff that used digital class platforms and tools for tech-enabled interactive lessons.
  • Organized and developed a regional computer science  club with city, higher education, tech industry and community with a focus on under-represented groups.
  • Led regional Computer Science Program launch with  community college, local technology industry, university, and local governmental representatives.
  • Implemented Online and STEM Advisory committees with administrators and district coordinators.
  • Facilitated development of STEM model for CTE Revitalization Oregon Department of Education that was selected for substantial grant funding.
  • Implemented the first district-wide science fair in cooperation with the University of Oregon resulting in elementary teacher training and hundreds of student projects.
  • Developed a STEM curriculum alignment tool that helped secure grant funds in collaboration with City of Eugene Recreation and after school activities as part of the BEST schools program.

Science Teacher

Eugene School District 2008 - 2012
  • Provided instruction to 6th and 7th graders for Physical and Earth Science courses.
  • Customized hybrid online biology course for district's summer school as an Oregon Virtual School District contributor.
  • Collaborated with staff and parents to develop and launch student-led conferences designed to include a goal setting process and conference time for each student's family.
  • Customized and sequenced specific lessons and materials for student motivation and focus as part of an 8th grade advisory process for student transition to high school.
  • Initiated a pathway for eighth graders to earn a high school speaking  requirement before entering high school

Comprehensive School Reform Facilitator AND Science TEACHER

Salem-Keizer School District
  • Guided the development and staff agreement of a multi-faceted high school improvement process with staff, parents, students and community. 
  • Collaborated with regional and state consultants to secure grant funds, monitor  resource use and budgets  for working  Professional Learning Communities.
  • Secured Advanced Placement validation for school program and created transparent pathways for student to progress from general to advanced level Biology.
  • Provided school climate and staff development solutions  as  committee  chair.
  • Initiated AVID and Pre-Advanced Placement program
  • Initiated use of a digital class platforms for teachers and students
  • Chaired and contributed as member of District's Equity Committee for the retention and recruitment of staff from diverse backgrounds
  • Taught Biology and Physical Science classes to high school students 
  • Organized and conducted Making College Happen Coordination
  • Provided diversity training as part of a district team

Research Associate

Regional Oregon Primate Center
2005 2007 (summers)
  • Selected as a Murdock  Fellow through their Partners In Science educator outreach program
  • Worked as part of a research team identifying genetic processes related to fertility, and presenting results to an annual convened session

Science Teacher

Rutherford School District
  • Taught physical science and chemistry fundamentals
  • Initiated and coordinated science fairs,  and project based curriculum with local industry partners
  • Articulated science curriculum

Research Associate

Columbia University Advanced Sciences
  • Provided microscopy support using light and electron microscopes as part of a team focusing on neuromuscular junction and cell biology research

Science Teacher

Lutheran Parochial School
  • Taught 6th, 7th and 8th grade Science, Math & Social Studies 
  • Established annual  Science Fair


Initial Administrative License

University of Oregon

Member of University of Oregon's Student Teacher Education Committee

Developed Student-Led Conference model for my district as my licensure project

M.S curriculum and Instruction

Portland State University

 Graduate Education studies with a focus on using  internet tools for education; The  "Use of Web-based Instruction to Increase Student Understanding in Introductory Biology" unpublished; 

B.S Biology

Eastern University

College Women, Inc. Scholar 

Proctored and provided instruction for Biology Department lab classes

Shippensburgh University

New Generation Science Standards

Lewis & Clark College

Coaching for Educational Equity

Indiana University

Courses addressing Tying Teaching to Technology, and Critical Thinking in Content Areas

Western Oregon University

Respecting Ethnic and Cultural Heritage

Monmouth University

Independent Study: Marine Sciences

New School for Social Research

Human Behavioal Biology

Jersey City State College

Electron Microscopy

ePortfolio Documents

These work artifacts provide a glimpse into my ability to visualize projects in ways that support effective teamwork and continuous improvement.

e Portfolio Interactive


Facilitation and Mediation

Extensive training and experience in group facilitation and problem-solving with individuals using strength-based strategies.  

Culturally competent

Regional and state leadership roles that ensures a culturally competent workforce in education.


Success in developing effective program vision as both a facilitator and as a member of a group.

Research and Evaluation

Broad base of training and experience through scientific research and academic training in methods of research and evaluation that deliver reliable results and continuous improvement.

Staff Development and Coaching

Extensive training and experience with professional development and coaching that is personalized and results-driven.  

Instructional Technology Integration

Expert in the area of integration of technology in learning, both in terms of use of online learning tools and the personalization of learning environments through a variety of tech-enabled learning approaches.

Program Design and Development

Key involvement in developing customized projects that improve student achievement in whole districts, individual schools, and/or defined academic subject areas.

Collaborative Partnership Development

Proven success working with industry, community members, higher education and civic leaders to forge partnerships that meet student and community needs.


Deron Fort, Director High School Connections Lane Community College, 4000 30th Ave. Eugene, OR, 97405, Phone: 541-463-5535,

Peter Tromba  Pincipal, Spencer Butte Middle School, 500 E. 43rd Street,Eugene, OR ,Phone: 541-790-8300,

Cynthia Richardson, North Salem High School Principal,765 14th Street NE, Salem, OR 97301-2611 | Phone: 503-399-3241

George Dyer, South Salem High School Principal (retired),  525 Juneau Drive SE,Salem, OR 97302, 503-581-1146,