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Work experience

May 2017Present

Figaroo - LIFE -


Figaroo - LIFE - is an iOS App focused on high-end needs for travelers interested in nightlife; in particular, Figaroo allows its invitation-only members to gain immediate contact with the best "promoter" of each of the 20+ cities worldwide included in the App. Thanks to this connection, each member can be informed on the best private or public restaurant/club that night; moreover, if solo traveling or with a small party, he has the possibility to create or join opened VIP tables, being able to live the night at the max level and to meet fellow travelers with similar interests.

Figaroo - LIFE - is part of Dynamo Group, received an Angel investment and is ready to be deployed in late 2017. 

Mar 2017Present

Dynamo Group LLC

Founder & President - San Francisco

Dynamo Group is the first real company I founded on my own. Initially, it was needed to be enabled to receive payments coming from my occasional (but frequent) intermediation jobs, especially: software development, consulting to foreign companies opening new branches in the US, consulting to foreign mid-stage start-ups seeking funds and expansion in Silicon Valley and, ultimately, to be eligible in receiving a definitive VISA without the need to depend on external companies. Then, it became a real business.

Nov 2016Jul 2017

BOS Global

International Business Development Manager - Silicon Valley

BOS Global, founded in Australia and expanded worldwide, listed on the London Stock Exchange, developed a revolutionary software suite with the ambition of maximize efficiency on new-age workplaces dominated by computers, by offering to the employees of companies of any size different tools to monitor and increase their work performance when using laptops.

As Silicon Valley area manager, I was in charge of establishing the roots of the company in a new area of the world, create an ad-hoc strategy to penetrate that market and set-up an external network of distributors.

Jun 2016life partnership

Facebook's "Telecom Infra Project"

Member - Menlo Park HQ

"TIP" is an engineering-focused Facebook's initiative in order to gather most relevant telecommunications companies to actively collaborate; mission: extend internet connectivity to the missing 2/3 of world population and enhance internet experience in developed world.

I've been the one creating this partnership for my company and I personally collaborated with C-level members of companies like: Facebook, Nokia, Intel, Samsung, Opera, Deloitte, T-Mobile, just to name some.

Jan 2016Nov 2016

Pangea Communications

CSO (Chief Strategy Officer) - New York

As Strategy Officer I directly dealt with most important tech companies of the world, governments, local industries' representatives. Thanks to gained trust and proven results, handling relations with investors, external parters, mobile operators, new employees individually.

Notable the impact had dealing with Sub-Saharan Africa main countries' ambassadors, British NGOs and local enterprises. This allowed the company, in few months, to create all the right conditions and a favorable field for the launch.

Great connections in India and South-America for further expansion.

Oct 2015Jan 2016

Pangea Communications - San Francisco

Business Development - New York

Pangea, Silicon Valley based, aims to deliver free internet connection to 4 Billion people in developing countries who still remain not covered; collaborating with Facebook, Microsoft and Google's projects in same field. 

Entering Pangea by bargaining innovative business models of my creation in exchange of shares. Responsible of business development, expansion and partnerships, reporting directly to CEO.

Mar 2012Aug 2012

Transocean s.r.l.


Transocean is a family business founded by former head of South Italy zone at Saima Avandero S.p.A., giants of import/export in Italy.

Transocean mostly found its niche in private boat transportation everywhere from Italy to Miami, FL, U.S.A.

Jan 2012Mar 2012

Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A. - Milano


Territorial Marketing project, task to study, create and manage a "Trunk Show" as final step of broader marketing intervention, mirrored to down-enlarge age of target female customers.


Sep 2014Oct 2015

Master of Arts in Entrepreneurial Management

Regent's University London - European Business School

London, United Kingdom

Great focus on individual entrepreneurship. Candidates were asked to submit a business proposal on first day; rest of the year was dedicated to teachers, mentors and connections office in support of candidate launching his Start-Up as path-end.

Here I managed to create and verify innovative business models making internet connection affordable for most Sub-Saharan African countries; receiving an endorsement by 1985 Nobel Prize for Peace winner.

Sep 2012Sep 2014

Graduate Degree in Economy and Company Management

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Milan, Italy

Specialistic final thesis on Economical and Social benefits of expanding internet connection to missing 4 Billion people in the world, with focus on new technologies making it possible.

Sep 2009Jul 2012

Economy, commerce and company management

Università degli studi Federico II di Napoli
Naples, Italy
Sep 2004Jul 2009

Scientific Diploma

Liceo Scientifico Tito Lucrezio Caro
Naples, Italy


Italian - Mother tongue

British English - Maximum work proficiency in listening/reading/interaction and oral production

American English - Maximum work proficiency in listening/reading/interaction and oral production

Spanish - Good level in general work aspects

Personal Competences

Communication skills

  • Excellent communication skill at every hierarchic level
  • Communication as base of every management action
  • Ability to declinate communication skills depending on interested sector
  • Ability to include and positively influence others for max team output

Organizational and managerial skills

  • Leadership skills - able to manage up to 10 employees
  • Financial management skills
  • Output optimization
  • Goal-oriented management
  • Team creation
  • Engineers management
  • Sales department management

Professional competences

  • Personal experience in various sectors of economy
  • Used to hard workloads and high pressure
  • Experience in many Start-Up foundation 
  • Creation of innovative business models
  • New partnerships creation

IT competences

  • Excellent knowledge of the entire IT ecosystem
  • Perfect utilization of every digital device
  • Perfect utilization of all operative systems, mobile included
  • Use of all productivity tools (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc...)
  • ECDL certificate
  • UX skills


  • Outstanding performance at the "Strategic Management Simulation" held by Regent's University London (European Business School), certified by London Industry leaders.
  • Endorsement by Nobel Prize winner, for the creation of innovative business model allowing internet access to be affordable in Africa. 2014
  • Responsible of my Start-Up (Pangea) entering in partnership with Facebook in 2016.
  • Foundation of first "Start-Up" at the age of 12.