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Passionate and entrepreneurial leader with successful strategy, business development, digital marketing, and personnel management skills. 

Work experience

Director of Client Services

Arts & Analytics, Inc.
Jan 2015Present

Arts & Analytics, Inc. was created with the sole purpose of leveraging the predictive sciences to attract, build, and retain audiences for the performing arts.

We support NYC’s theatrical marketing companies that are retained to promote and increase ticket sales for Broadway as well as support other marketing companies that are responsible to increase ticket sales for the road tours. 

We use Precision Marketing to turn patron data into actionable insight. Our 250 million-line database captures over 400 different behavioral attributes and contains 101 predictive models to quickly build audience capacity by precisely targeting your patron with the most relevant message, at the right time, and in the right channel. 

Marketing Director

Oct 2013Oct 2014

Slash Machine is a marketing platform that helps increase the revenues of Haunted Attractions by incorporating technology, techniques, expertise, and demographic / behavioral data to boost revenues and increase annual attendance, while cutting marketing cost. 

  • I developed and executed the brand
  • Oversaw the production of marketing materials and ad campaign strategies.
  • Established a highly successful marketing plan and brand promotion strategy.
  • Identified, recruited, and collaborated with strategic partners.
  • Planned, marketed, and managed regional and local events.

Business Development

Nov 2013Oct 2014

At Ticketbiscuit, our clients are in over 1500 venues across 49 states, we serve live entertainment professionals ranging from haunted attractions to concert venues and festivals.

  • In 2014, the Ticketbiscuit system processed over $55 Million USD in gross ticket sales.
  • Serve as bridge-builder between diverse worlds by leveraging extensive network to forge profitable strategic partnerships and generate new business opportunities.

Chief Strategy Officer

Magic City Analytics
Mar 2013Present

Magic City Analytics LLC (MCA) is a solutions services provider targeting a broad spectrum of industries.

We specialize in forging the right relationships with the right data to produce measurable and meaningful results for our clients.

We offer services in the following areas:l

  • Concept Development, Promotion, and Management
  • Statistical Analysis and Predictive Modeling
  • Big Data / MapReduce
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Application / Database Design and Development
  • Network / Cloud Planning, Configuration, and Deployment

Artist Management

Figure2 Management
Sep 2010Present

Figure2 is a full-service music marketing agency specializing in using big data to connect artist with opportunities.Through ad tech and social media, music can leverage a much larger, data-driven digital advertising market and join the global trend toward collaborative marketing and ,mobile engagement for brands. As a manager I am responsible for :

  • Determining the artist’s business status and recommending/negotiating with a business entity
  • Evaluating and filling the artist’s personnel requirements
  • Bookkeeping and balancing the artist’s budget 
  • Coordinating live performances and appearances
  • Mapping out a career plan for the artist; establishing career goals
  • Formulating a marketing and promotions strategy and marketing the artist’s image
  • Negotiating and securing a recording contract and then hiring a producer and personnel for record production and publication, Making suggestions for improvements in the recording
  • Overseeing all creative aspects of the process

Project Portfolio

My purpose is to express my ambition, passion and open-mindedness by never giving up, and by being committed to the ongoing growing and development of myself as well as others.

I'm focused on developing innovative solutions to issues facing industries.. I'm constantly on the look out for emerging trends and new technological advances that could potentially create new industries and positive change.

The Press / Play Hotline Creative Collaborator // Artist Management

Started in 2006, using only a cell phone and word-of-mouth viral promotion, Derek Davis, aka Drizzy Dro, and I developed an innovative approach to marketing his talents to the world. It all started, when he sent out a mass text to his friends inviting them to call his personal cell phone and request a random freestyle on any subject. Since it's inception, The "Press/Play Hotline" has continued to grow, and to date, has reached upwards of 50,000 fans in over 45 states and 3 countries. 

We are in the process of developing a mobile app that will allow us to engage with fans in such a precise way that we can eventually build it into a new mobile based business model for the recording / entertainment industry. 

View Drizzy's Press/Kit Here : The Press/Play Hotline 

Hey Jude - A Rooftop Benefit 2013 Event Producer // Organizer


Beatles tribute concert on Redmont rooftop to benefit family of man killed in June car crash

A Birmingham band will take to the Redmont Hotel rooftop Sunday night to recreate The Beatles' final performance while raising money for the family of a man killed in a June car crash.

Martin Mayorga, 37, died on June 29 when a Dodge Charger hit the Toyota Prius he was driving. The wreck happened at 10:20 p.m. in the 3100 block of Highway 280. He left behind his wife, Amy, and their 6-month-old son Jude. The couple also was expecting another child.

From online Blogsite Barefoot Justine

Though the story surrounding the event was quite tragic, the upshot was that the community was able to Come Together in a spirit of love through the music of the Beatles. After all… All You Need Is Love. Simply put, the Beatles generate LOVE like no other band or artist. Many artists may be great, many bands may be great, but few truly breathe the rarified air the Beatles breathed.

The point is, art heals, and many people have turned to the Beatles for healing. In this case, this community turned to the Beatles for healing. See the video, you’ll get it, it’s beautiful. And I think you’ll get why it had to be the Beatles, and no one else, that this community turned to for healing. 

The Inner Light Festival Event Organizer

The festival was conceived as a collaborative initiative between the arts, education, and community organizations within the city of Birmingham and beyond. We presented site-specific, collaborative and interactive projects, exhibitions, and performances that investigate new forms and concepts to engage the public.

Our goal was to build connections with people and organizations in every sector and industry associated with the arts— government, business, philanthropy, and entertainment. By promoting collaboration in the form of alliances, partnerships, linkages, and mergers Inner Light hopes to build a stronger voice in support of the Arts community in Birmingham, AL.

The event serendipitously coincided with the Dalai Lama's  visit to Birmingham. This sparked an idea that I felt could change the world's perception of our city. If the Dalai would agree to be photographed inside the luminarium we could use the unique picture to craft a new story. A story of growth, evolution, and transformation. 

From a Weld BHAM : 

Dreaming Big In Birmingham

A Sense Of Wonder

Made In The Magic City Producer // Fundraiser

Made in The Magic City is comprised of a group of filmmakers with a love for Birmingham. Our goal is to showcase the movers and the shakers within the city through a short documentary series, broadcast once a month. 

  • We feature artists, artisans, musicians, small business owners, or everyday people that have a unique story.
  • Plan and develop documentary projects and music videos 
  • Help facilitate partnerships, fundraising opportunities, and other business relationships

Secret Stages organizer // Sponsorship Coordinator

Birmingham has an opportunity to be a real hub for music activity and industry.  There are new events, venues, bands, etc all popping up everywhere. I think the creative entrepreneurial spirit we're seeing in Birmingham is very exciting. The kind of cultural landscape we're looking for is going to need broad based support and a community that allows all these different angles to work together.

Secret Stages is only a part of this but we hope to play a big role. Our cultural events, arts education opportunities for young people, government and private sector support, venues and businesses all have to be working together to achieve what we're envisioning. That support system will allow our various cultural "scenes" to grow.

Secret Stages aims to help facilitate and encourage a working local music industry by:

  • Bringing unique and extraordinary music talent to Birmingham
  • Increasing the opportunity for music education for area school children
  • Providing performance, educational, and networking opportunities for area musicians
  • Bringing regional and national industry focus and media attention to Birmingham’s vibrant music scene
  • Focusing regional attention on the burgeoning downtown Birmingham business community

Hey Jude 2014 Event Producer // Organizer // Social Media

The first "Hey Jude" fundraiser was magical. It showed me the power of the human spirit when uniting for a common goal. It inspired the community and uplifted everyone involved. I started discussing with Amy the possibility of creating a non-profit. The Beatles are known and respected all over the world, and this connection opens up the story to global attention. We decided to put on another event with this in mind. I handled the following tasks : 

  • Managed all aspects of the social media promotional campaign
  • Booked all the talent
  • Secured the venue 
  • Reached out to artist worldwide in an effort to create a global "Beatles" themed art show.
  • Met with the team three times a week to plan and execute promotional campaign and to set Road Trip schedule and coinciding social media marketing strategy.
  • Responsible for promoting each road trip stop on social media, on-air, Birmingham Mt. Radio and with the venue staff
  • Responsible on day of event -set up and tear down of tables, tents, banners, and artwork
  • Managed silent auction table and ticket operations at the event (which includes interacting with concert attendees and delegating work to volunteers.

D-Lab // birmingham Founding Member

DLAB is an idea factory, a think tank. It's a juicy mix of creatives, innovators, influencers and executors. It's fun. It's intense. It's awesome.

Monster Energy Cruise Organizer // Marketing Consultant


Video Production
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Panasonic 4K Ultra HD
  • Canon 5d
Story Telling
  • Social Media
  • Blog Posts
  • Video // Vlog
  • Press Release Distribution
Data / Analytics
  • Tableau
  • Umbel
  • SAP
  • Excel
Social Selling
  • LinkedIn
  • Content Marketing
  • Thought Leadership
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
E-Mail Marketing
  • Constant Contact
  • Database Administration
  • Segmentation
  • Mailchimp
  • Yesware
Inbound Sales / Marketing
  • Hubspot
  • Marketo
  • Perculator
  • Eloqua
Adobe Creative Suites
  • Photoshop
  • Premiere
  • After Effects 



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Master of Science in Marketing

Auburn University
Apr 2001Jan 2003

GPA: 3.60/4.00