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Passionate and dynamic Real Estate Development & Asset Management Professional, specialised in providing comprehensive solutions to Developers, Investors & Land/Property Owners, seeking to maximize their assets value and achieve high levels of performance from their Real Estate Investments.

My background extends to a 13-year track record in the Real Estate Industry. Having worked at “LAMDA DEVELOPMENT S.A” (, the leader in the Greek Retail Market, I have gained extensive expertise in transforming real estate opportunities into long-term, revenue-generating business cases; I specialise in setting up and implementing development strategies for properties, in line with the Client’s investment objectives, to drive a quantifiable financial performance. The “Cosmos Mall Re-development Strategy” has been a solid project reference, where I optimised the asset’s performance, increasing turnover by 2%.

Combining engineering and business background, I have acquired a holistic approach on the asset development lifecycle, which not only requires a deep knowledge of zoning laws, construction & project management but also a sound understanding of the Client’s vision, the project’s scope and investment objectives, the market’s needs and customers’ expectations – critical to the success of Real Estate projects.

My core strengths include the ability to manage effectively and coordinate all cross functional teams involved (i.e. legal, leasing, financial, marketing, engineering, property management teams) throughout the asset’s development lifecycle (from the appraisal phase to the final handover/operation) to achieve development targets.

My professional values capture my passionate commitment to excellence, credibility, honesty, integrity and reliability.

Work experience


HBH Holdings S.A.

Development & Asset Manager

  • Asset Management of a portfolio of high-end properties, setting goals and objectives for each property, in order to maximise profit by increasing rental income & reducing operating expenses • Development of a sustainable leasing strategy to achieve shareholders financial objectives • Management and negotiation of lease contracts with existing & new tenants to ensure high occupancy rate, high collection rates, use of space to the maximum advantage, continuity of lease and sustainable profit • Ensuring compliance of tenants with lease contract requirements • Routine audits of the portfolio to identify properties that lag in profitability • Execution of corrective measures when early warning signs exist on performance issues • Liaison with property agents to identify potential tenants • Qualitative assessment of tenants, based on profitability track record & sustainability parameters.
  • Evaluation of land/buildings potential for development or purchase to drive real estate performance and asset value • Management and monitoring of property agents to ensure the company’s investment objectives are accurately communicated to potential property owners.
  • Planning the development strategy for new projects, ensuring that the leasing plan is feasible and the commercial targets sustainable
  • Preparation of Business Plans, Budgets & Investment analysis for new projects • Identification of the project’s vision, scope and objectives • Identification of target markets, product mix and user groups • Setting up commercial targets & profitability parameters • Assessment of the project viability, establishment of the development budget & financial models
  • Investment Proposals prepared and presented to the BoD • Report line directly to the CEO • Presentations of company’s performance to the BoD • Proposals to Investors for next year’s development strategy • Reporting


Real Estate Development Manager

Lamda Development S.A.

  • Identification of business opportunities for value added development in Shopping Malls & Residential/Resort projects • Liaise with property agents
  • Planning the Development Strategy for new projects • Identification of project’s scope & investment objectives • Assessment of the project’s suitability to the market needs • Market research on the competition • Identification of the targeted product mix to drive real estate performance • Identification of target market and user groups • Setting up realistic commercial targets and profitability parameters in the development & leasing business plan
  • Implementation of the Development Strategy in “Mediterranean Cosmos Mall” • Establishment of a brand new lease strategy to attract a more upscale target market • Tenant mix changes to achieve footfall increase • Change of local tenants to international brands • Negotiation of contracts with selected Anchor Tenants • Redesign of customer flow, in coordination with International Architect Consultants, to achieve equal footfall in all mall areas
  • Coordination & Management of all cross functional teams involved (i.e. legal, leasing, financial, engineering, property management teams) throughout the development lifecycle to achieve development targets
  • Preparation of Development Briefs/Appraisals/Budgets/Business Plans • Establishment of comprehensive feasibility/viability studies, investment analysis & indicative financial models in cooperation with the leasing, engineering, financial, operations, legal departments
  • Preparation of Investment Proposals, presented to the BoD and Concession RFPs for privatisation tenders issued by HRADF (
  • Marketing plan/Sales strategy for land properties; Preparation of Sales brochure


Senior Project Manager

Lamda Development S.A.

• Design Management & Implementation of project requirements in coordination with operations, leasing, marketing and construction departments
• Consultants selection & coordination
• Cost Control, Financial Planning, Time Scheduling
• Assistance in the Permitting procedure
• Claims Monitoring
• Contract Management & Negotiations
• Procurement-Tender documents preparation
• Selection & Management of Contractors-Suppliers
• Certifications of payments


Construction Manager


• Consultants coordination & Design implementation
• Project Control: Time, Budget & Quality Control
• Construction Supervision & Contractors Control
• Anchor Tenants coordination
• Tender documents preparation
• Contracts negotiations




Heriot-Watt University

M.Sc in Project Management


Master's Degree in Civil Engineering

National Technical University of Athens