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I am currently working as a GIS and cartography Manager in an environmental consulting company in Whitehorse. I have 8 years of experience in the GIS field. I manage a small team that provide GIS analysis, data management and cartography products to  members of our group and to our various clients. I get excited about learning new things and solving new problems. I am known as having positive attitude, great interpersonal s skills, and a am dedicated and accountable team-member.  I have above average data management and graphic design skills.



GIS and Cartography Manager

Access Consulting Group

  • Manage GIS team and ensure the quality and accuracy of cartographic products, results and data
  • Train and supervise  team member and assign tasks according to individual strengths, capacities and preferences.
  • Use ARCGIS to organize, analyse, create, store and present spatial data pertaining to long term and short term projects
  • Create new or use existing models and scripts to automate repetitive tasks and workflows
  • Acquire remotely sensed data for projects
  • Use LiDAR data to create DEM, DTM and Terrains
  • Delineate watersheds& watercourse using ARCGIS Spatial Analyst tools (Spatial Analyst) 
  • Design and produce handout, posters, graphs, charts figure and maps to illustrate and communicate analytical results, data and concepts.
  • Provide technical support and training (IT, GIS, cartography, and database management) to colleges, and other agencies in Canada and abroad.
  • Manage non-spatial database containing field data and produce a variety or reports or graphs, extracts statistics
  • Create and maintain  relevant metadata  pertaining to short term and long term projects
  • Organize and ensure the proper storage and backup of data


Laboratory instructor

Yukon College, Whitehorse

Upon beginning my teaching position, I identified the need to update class material and curriculum. I took the initiative to convert all class notes, exams and assignments from hard copy to electronic versions, and updated the material and curriculum. I also did a lot of organization in the lab itself. I received extremely positive feedback when leaving this position.


Residential Attendant

Alcohol and drug Service, Yukon Government

Residential attendants support and assist individual participating in-patient treatment program for recovery from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. Residential attendants facilitate programming and ensure a safe and supportive environment for participants.


Research Technician

Utah State University

As a research assistant for the Remote Sensing/GIS Laboratories of Utah State University, I was responsible of gathering data on plant cover for a state wide vegetation mapping project (ReGAP). I was responsible to travel throughout the parts of the United States and report on the types of vegetation found in these locations and delineate the distribution of the vegetation cover on satellite imagery using ArcGIS sotfware

  • In charge of collecting vegetation cover data in the state of Utah and surrounding states using standard forms
  • Responsible to collect spatial and attribute data for vegetation communities
  • Ensure accuracy of data collection and database maintenance
  • Organise the logistics of week long trips in the backcountry

Research Technician

Missouri Department of Conservation

As a research technician for the Missouri department of Conservation I was responsible to gather vegetation information of forest environments as part of a long-term research project investigating forest growth.


Research Technician

Oregon State University

As a technician for a research project conducted by the forestry department of Oregon State University I was part of a team responsible for gathering data for a project investigating the ecology of forest. There were numerous measurements to be performed necessitating that we plan and organize our workload and responsibilities effectively. Furthermore, most duties could not be accomplished without the help and coordination of the other crew -members, requiring a team player attitude, good communication skills, and good interpersonal skills. Working in remote location using various tools and software required to have good problem solving skills.



Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Advanced Diploma

Center of Geographic Science, NSCC,

Bachelor of Science, Botanical Science Major

MC Gill Univeristy