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Mark Howell

Resume for Hire at Conserve Accounts Receivable Management

Work experience

Army National Guard

Apr 2008Present

Military Police Officer

New York Institute of Massage

May 2015Present

Student Massage Therapist

- Evaluate clients physical needs by a three point assessment

1. Initial Interview with Client - Outlying physical needs and concerns of the client, ensuring client understands proper procedure before, during and after the massage.

2.  Hands on Assessment -  Properly evaluate client within given parameters of legal massage practice limits

3.  End Interview with Client -  Outline new found issues with client, present a plan of action to reduce and eventually eliminate bodily pain and discomfort through a series of productive revisits.

Student Massage Therapist highlighted skill - Client Attainment

  It is the objective of every massage therapist to lockdown a client into coming back. It is because of the quality of services rendered and the vision for progression down a positive path that must be made absolutely clear to the client.

Mckinley Mall Olive Garden

Mar 2013Present

Food Service Professional

Start to finish

-  Maintain professional appearance standards in all aspects of the job

1.  Personal appearance - clean shaven, appropriately attired according to dress code standards and always remain in control

2.  Hot by design - Same presentation consistently, hot and ready to serve

Food Service Professional highlighted skill - Consistency 

  A good friend of mine Chef Andrew Chatonay - 5 start rated,  once stated to me, "a dish should be portrayal of the creator to the cliente"  Meaning what you create should be you in essence.  I believe that no matter what I do it should be a portrayal consistently of myself it should be organized and professional.  

* I have a passion for cooking *



May 2015Present

Still attending

Massage therapy

NYS Equivalency

Mar 2015Present

Highschool Equivalency


Text Section

Summary of highlighted relevant skills:  I believe that all three highlighted skills would come together perfectly for Conserve.  I know this because I have quite a few acquaintances that work there already and have given me a few insiders.

Through the use of IPC skills and maintaining a professional appearance and approach consistently, I believe that me and conserve would make a great pair.  

I know I do not have more specific and acute skills related to this job.  However, I would love the opportunity to make a new heading for myself.  I have a passion for success and I believe I have the tools to get there.