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Work experience

Jul 2019Present

Senior/Lead software engineer


Account Management

  • Leading a team of 6 people working on a vital piece of functionality for the company which enables us to go to new markets - responsible gaming and account management. Mentoring/pairing with junior colleagues, improving the Scrum process, clearing out requirements with product owners, participating in interviews, and making internal company presentations.

Continuously improve the product by introducing new practices and technologies which affected other teams:

  • Unit and integration testing greatly increases the confidence with which we ship new features and decreases the number of bugs in production
  • Introduced Storybook that got widely adopted by all teams - improved visual regressions by using image snapshots, HTML snapshot testing, separately deployable and used by product and UX people
  • React migration to hooks improved productivity and code maintainability
  • Improved build time for manual QAs by 30%-50% per build
  • Improved flaky CI builds by stabilizing Cypress integration tests
  • Implementing automatic document verification that saves around 40%-60% of agents' time when reviewing people's documents

International Sports Platform

  • Implementing some of the key features in sports betting like placing a bet, cash out, viewing placed bets
  • Set up the infrastructure for our SEO needs using AWS CDK (used Event Bridge, Lambda, S3, API Gateway)
  • Implementing automatic generation of Open API spec documentation for our BFF (backend for frontend) layer from TypeScript types served as a Swagger UI app.
    Enabler for the following functionalities that were done:
    • avoid duplicating types between BFF and client by reusing the BFF types on the client
    • identify breaking changes in APIs by using openapi-diff tool
  • Onboarding new engineers into the project
  • Improving the performance and accessibility of the client
  • Providing architectural diagrams for service description documents
Feb 2018Jul 2019

Senior full-stack engineer

  • Working through the whole system development life cycle - bug fixing, client support, converting business requirements into technical tasks, estimations, features implementation, unit/integration testing, sprint review, and planning, helping more junior colleagues.
  • Involved in the complete redesign of the app.
  • Working on analytics and statistics REST APIs and charts using Java and SQL for pulling the data and Highcharts for visualization.
  • Implementing a new type of conversion funnel for better traceability of applicants.
  • Implementation of full-text search features.
  • Implement integration with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Azure AD for two-factor authentication which increases the security for our clients and hugely improves the UX of the login flow for customers. 
Jul 2018Jan 2019

Senior front-end engineer (part time remote)

Working on real estates application for easier finding of your next dream home called

Implementing an interactive neighborhood map, GDPR features, improving the application responsiveness, bug fixing, and refactoring using TypeScript and Angular.

Oct 2017Feb 2018

Back-end engineer
  • Working on custom Viber chatbot solutions for the media industry using TypeScript, Node.js, and MongoDB. Implementing new features for the chatbot and improving the news scraper functionality for providing better news to the customers.
  • Implementing integration testing framework for Viber chatbots with custom language parser using Node.js, Cucumber, Chai.
  • Implementing REST APIs for the Connecto bot builder platform. Setup integration tests using Chai and Chai HTTP,  configure GitLab CI server running tests for the front and back end with the ability to automatically or manually deploy to Heroku and configure Heroku pipelines for staging and production environment.
Jan 2016Jul 2017

Full-stack engineer

Wintrgarden (continued from Obecto)
  • Implementing features on the front end and the back end, writing database migrations, bug fixes, research tasks, integrating new libraries, and performing code reviews. Participate in converting business requirements into technical tasks and making estimations. Taking architectural design decisions on how to implement new features (for the front end, back end, database).
  • Helping other team members to get a better understanding of the domain and the code base, pair coding.
  • Leading the rewrite of a front-end application for a Swedish start-up named JustArrived using Anguler.
Aug 2015Dec 2015

Junior full-stack engineer


Implementing features for a company called Wintrgarden on the front end and/or the back end, bug fixes, code review.



An application that goes beyond conventional recruitment process support by combining three critical aspects of successful Talent Acquisition: Talent Relationship Management, Applicant Tracking, and Content Management

Tech stack: MySQL, Hibernate, Spring, AngularJS

Session Stack:

Support customers remotely as if you are face to face

Tech stack: MySQL, MongoDB, Node.js, Flask, AngularJS

Just Arrived:

Connects newly-arrived immigrants with Swedish companies: Github link

Tech stack: Angular


Real estates application for easier finding your next dream home:

Tech stack: Angular, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Python

You can see more at my Github profile or open source contributions.



Bachelor Computer Science

University Of Library Studies And Information Technology


Telerik Software Academy

Bachelor Applied Mathematics

Sofia University

High School

Sofia High School of Mathematics

Mathematics and Informatics profile.