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Mary Lisa Tychsen

Work experience

Jan 2013Present

Senior Advisor

Washington, D.C. senior advisor within the Office of Research and Development(ORD), Immediate Office, and Office of Administration and Resource Support(OARS) providing support to ORD's senior leadership and Executive Council in meeting planning and support. Additional responsibilities include monitoring conference costs, supporting senior leadership in emergency preparedness planning and staff safety training; and developing staff analytical skills.
Jan 2011Jan 2013

Financial Advisor

Washington, D.C. As senior member of Budget and Contracting Team, provide financial and contract oversight regarding budget formulations and execution, Intelligence programs. Analyze and execute Federal budget formulation process involving complete lifecycle of Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution(PPBE) for Military Intelligence Program(MIP) and National Intelligence Program(NIP) operations. Prepare and review justification materials(exhibits) for the Budget Estimate Submission(BES) and President's Budget submission for all Operations and Maintenance, Procurement and Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation(RDT&E) requests. Oversee the collection of budget requirements, verify and edit justifications for specific requests, and assemble the submissions into well-documented, organized, and useful formats for both internal and external stakeholders. Track contractor performance, ensuring major contract progress milestones were achieved on time and within costs. Use automated information management systems including Comptroller XML Exhibits, Comptroller Information System(CIS), Program Resources Collection Process(PRCP), CHARRTS, SNAP, Budget Intelligence Resource Database(BIRD), and WAAS data systems. Coordinate and administrate funding documents related to OUSDI. Verify and process funding documents
Jan 2009Jan 2011

SBudget Budgetenior Budget Analyst

Pentagon, Washington, D.C. Budget Analyst/Chief, GS-0560-15 Directed and performed budgetary, administrative, and analytical duties associated with the formulation, justification, presentation, execution, and review of program budgets for the Financial Management Directorate(FMD). Supervised two Resource Management team leaders and oversaw the financial portfolios Pentagon renovation and information technology support, DoD(National Capital Region) offices, Office of the Secretary of Defense(OSD), Chief Information Officer, and OSD Small Offices. Directed a third team(Budget Integration) responsible for locking the controls and input into the Comptroller data systems. Provided budgetary and analysis support and reporting to Legislative Affairs, Public Affairs, Office of General Counsel-DoD, ATSD(Intelligence Oversight), Director of Administration and Management, and Director of Net Assessment. Developed comprehensive annual and multi-year program plans used in the formulation of program budgets and subsequent budget requests. Analyzed and presented the probable cost impact of proposed policies and shifts in operating procedures on current and future year budgets. Served as OSD Resource Manager, providing subject-matter expertise to supported OSD offices regarding entire budgetary lifecycle of Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution(PPBE). Advise leadership in developing near/long-term budget requirements(PPBE cycle). Reviewed and analyzed Resource Management Decisions, Program Budget Decisions and Management Initiative Decisions for impact to the Washington Headquarters Service/Office of the Secretary of Defense. Oversaw all budget planning, formulation and execution related to assigned portfolios for the Pentagon Renovation Maintenance and Revolving Fund, and Operation and Maintenance appropriations. Reviewed justification materials for the President's Budget submission. Administrated funding documents(USD-ATL 419 system, SF-1034' s, SF-1262' s, DD-448-and DD-448-2, Reimbursables-GSA-2957) related to the Pentagon Renovation Maintenance and Revolving Fund, BRAC, MILCON, and Operation and Maintenance appropriations.
May 2008Jan 2009


Washington, D.C.
May 2008Jan 2009

Budget Analyst, National Guard

National Guard and Reserve(Operations & Maintenance)
Budget Analyst, YA-, Provided senior DoD leadership with authoritative, accurate, and timely financial information and analysis. Prepared the Fiscal Year 2010 President's Budget request for all the Guard and Reserve Military Operations(O&M) accounts, including the war funding for Global War on Terrorism(GWOT). Prepared apportionments and allotments in accordance with OMB policies, directives, and regulations to formulate, justify, monitor, and execute budgets for programs. Provided technical assistance with cost analysis, fiscal allocation, and budget preparation using knowledge of congressional budget process and strategies of budget presentation. Organized, wrote, and presented supporting documentation including justification for requested spending levels to assure that resources were administered according to OMB/DoD regulations. Analyzed monthly budgeting and accounting reports to maintain expenditure controls. Examined budget estimates for completeness, accuracy, and regulatory conformance. Compiled and analyzed accounting records and other data to determine the financial resources required to implement a program. Consulted with OMB and agency managers to ensure that budget adjustments were made in accordance with program changes. Performed cost-benefit analyses to compare operating programs, review financial requests, or explore alternative financing methods. Reviewed and reported on the FY2010 Guard and Reserve Budget Estimate Submissions and President's Budget Justification Book materials. Coordinating and administrating of funding documents and Congressional reports related to Guard and Reserve(O&M) issues.
Nov 2007Feb 2008

Budget Analyst, Military

National Guard and Reserve(Operations & Maintenance)
Budget Analyst, Provided budget development, analysis and execution for Military Personnel and Construction Directorate of Military Housing Construction(MILCON). Provided expert guidance in the development and justification of budget estimates and the formulation of budget requests in support of the life cycle management of the MILCON program. Performed financial statement preparation, analysis of accounting reports, establishing, or reviewing of internal control systems, and management of financial accounting systems. Reviewed, analyzed, and edited budget estimates and requests for funding for compliance with approved MILCON program plans, priorities, and objectives. Ensured accuracy of budget formats and data, adequacy of supporting narrative justifications, conformity with budgetary policy/guidelines, and recommended necessary changes and revisions. Prepared the Fiscal Year 2009 President's Budget request for DoD Family Housing and President's Budget Black Book papers. Assessed and provided recommendations for the OUSD-Comptroller's data systems/reports-Comptroller Information System(CIS) reports and Program Resources Collection Process(PRCP). Collaborated with the Defense Finance and Accounting Service-Indianapolis team and used DoD's Program Budgeting and Allocation System(PBAS) for apportionment of funds. Coordinated and integrated the Family Housing Improvement Fund OMB MAX schedules exhibits in the FY 2009 President's budget. Organized and administrated funding documents and Congressional reports. Played integral role in the forward planning for major budget components.
Nov 20002003


Arlington, VA Management and Program Analyst, YA-, Military Housing Privatization Initiative Served in increasing responsible roles supporting the planning, development, monitoring, and implementation all operations pertaining to Military Housing Privatization Initiative(MHPI). Identified, analyzed, and developed enterprise-wide programs for MHPI projects to improve performance of services, save costs, and optimize operations for military personnel. Monitored progress of Acquisition Technology and Logistics-Installations & Environment projects through r review of reports, programming documents, and process analysis reports. Apply a wide range of statistical and quantitative analytical methodologies to anticipate, to the fullest extent possible, changes in administrative activities, and resources changes. Provided program guidance, conformance with criteria, and compliance with DoD policies and procedures. Conducted cost-benefit analysis and reengineering studies of MHPI projects. Prepared testimony and Congressional housing reports. Reviewed legislative proposals and provided financial and budgetary forecasts regarding proposed legislation. Collaborated with OMB National Security Division staff on OMB Presidential Management Agency(PMA) Housing Scorecard and Program Assessment Rating Tool(PART) documents. Engaged in public/private outreach and responding to Congressional Budget Office, General Accounting Office and public inquiries. Developed and maintained MHPI program data(preparing Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents). Updated and maintained program website. PREVIOUS POSITIONS
Feb 1984May 1999

Program Analyst

Program Analyst,-14, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Washington D.C.
Sep 1983Feb 1984

Management Intern, OMB

Presidential Management
Intern, OMB, Washington D.C.
Jun 1982Sep 1983

Management Intern, Federal Emergency Management Agency

Presidential Management Intern,, Washington D.C.




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