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Innovation in Product Design & Engineering

    Work experience

    Jul 2011Present

    Business Development Manager & Partner

    DINAMO Design (San Sebastián, Spain / Cologne, Germany)

    I started and established this branch office in order to expand Dinamo´s customer portfolio and I helped to define the offering with new services to manufacturing companies in central Europe by:

    - Searching, evaluating, contacting and monitoring 400+ new potential customers in different sectors (identifying the relevant decision makers through specialized directories and social networks and meeting them in fairs and visits to client premises). As a result, a few of the offered projects were commissioned and are currently ongoing, and some others are envisaged.

    - Devising and implementing a thorough marketing and advertising strategy through: design of the new multilanguage website, social networks (Linkedin, XING and twitter) and presence in Google and specialized directories, advertising focused campaigns, blog edition, main news emailing campaigns with Mailchimp, articles publication in professional press, participation in exhibitions,...

    - Searching acknowledgement through prestigious and internationally recognized awards in the design sector: iF2013RedDot2014 and RedDot2018.

    - Becoming an active member of the relevant associations (VDID, KölnDesign).

    - Introducing new methodologies and tools in the team´s design and development workflow. Specifically, a new tool for materials and manufacturing processes selection, another new tool for machine elements calculations, a systematic approach to customers´ IP protection and exploitation and, more recently, reinforcing our engineering simulation capabilities with ANSYS (see details in Education section).

    As a result, here a brief samples of some completed projects:

    • Electric motorcycles business strategies & models, for NUUK Mobility
    • Passengers high-speed Turbo-track for THYSSEN-KRUPS
    • Logistics Future Roadmap,  for BETTERFLOW
    • Driver cockpit interfaces, for IRIZAR
    • HVAC systems for coaches and buses, for HISPACOLD
    • Bulk material processing machinery, for ALLGAIER
    • Harbour infrastructure for merchandise certification in ships unloading, for SGS
    Jan 2004Dec 2010

    Innovation Director

    SIMON Holding (Barcelona, Spain)

    After proposing this initiative I was entrusted to establish, foster and develop a culture and a methodology of systematic continuous innovation across the group´s companies which, eventually, involved leading a group of 50+ people from different areas and backgrounds. The following tasks were performed:

    · Strategic and Technological Surveillance: Prospection & Analysis of Market Threats and Opportunities

    · Organize & Lead the generation of new ideas (Ideas Management) within multidisciplinary working teams with the help of a custom-made simplified software platform inspired in tools like HYPE, Imaginatik and Easycrit.

    · Development of Strategic Projects from initial idea to “Proof-of-Concept” and/or “Business Model” stage

    · Technology Consulting on emerging and relevant trends for the Group´s Business Units

    · Training on Creativity&Innovation tools (specially those oriented to problem solving, like TRIZ, Value Engineering, RCA and FMEA with Goldfire Innovator)

    · Search & Tracking of potential technical partners for Collaboration Projects: e.g. IREC, PARC, ASCAMM, UPC 

    · Industrial Property Rights Management: Patents and Registered-Designs (see Patents section aside)

    · Management of Public Grants and Allowances for R&D projects

    During this period many technologies and their potential applications were researched and tested. Among them:

    • Smart materials (thermo/photo/piezo-chromics, SMAs, textiles,…)
    • Biometrics (from basic fingerprint to speech, gait or age recognition) and RFID for Access Control
    • Advanced Control Electronics (for multiple load types, algorithms, comms-protocols and user-interfaces)
    • Wireless (from broadband WiFi to narrowband low-power Zigbee and alternatives)
    • Wireless Power transmission (conductive, inductive and non-radiative resonant)
    • Installation built-in networks (PLC, PoE, FTTH,…)
    • Direct-current power networks and Energy Storage
    • Long-lasting batteries and high-power capacitors
    • Energy Scavenging for low-power electronics and batteries removal (see patents section aside)
    • “Flat technologies” (speakers, power wires, OLED-displays,…)
    • Compliant mechanisms
    • Optimized Products Family Platforming
    • Twin-shot plastic injection-molding

    As a result, some of them were used and implemented in different projects. Here, some of the latest:

    • Plug&Drive: Infrastructures for the new sustainable mobility: Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles recharge and management
    • Solar-PV and Wind devices to power the new LED Lighting
    • Electric Demand Response for the consumption optimization: feature built-in the MaxLon platform
    • Infrastructures and equipment for "smart city" services: equity share and commercial agreement with Urbiotica and ParkHelp
    • The connected multimedia home: expanding the company´s home automation offer
    Jan 1998Dec 2003

    Chief of New Products Development

    SIMON,S.A. (Barcelona, Spain)

    · In charge of a 20-25 people team I was responsible for the product design & development process. It involved multiple materials and industrial processes and the use of CAD/CAM/CAE tools (pro-Engineer and Ansys integrated in pro-Intralink PDM) under a Simultaneous Engineering philosophy for a suitable Time-to-Market; all this implied the following tasks:

    • Work loads planning and assignment of resources
    • Projects terms and milestones tracking
    • Supervision and validation of projects documentation
    • Assurance of products official certifications

    Besides, I also:

    · led the ISO-9000 Quality Certification of the department defining workflows, goals of improvement and key process indicators; All of these was implemented in parallel in the new ERP system (SAP-R/3) following an adapted version of the "Stage-Gate" model.

    · was involved in projects for internacional markets: Morocco, China, Mexico, India, Italy, Brasil,...

    · frequently dealt and collaborated with suppliers, customers and marketing & manufacturing departments.

    · prepared R&D budgets & plans.

    During this period the company product portfolio was deeply updated with, since then, many successful and well-established product families: 82, Nature, 27 Neos/Play, 73 Loft, 44 Aqua and 77 series in the spanish market. Several other product ranges were also developed for foreign markets.

    Jul 1996Sep 1996

    Industrial Designer

    PHILIPS Research Labs (Redhill-London, UK)

    Placement to participate in the “Home Network Computer” project where I developed a new concept of an interactive universal 3D navigation device featuring force feedback

    Sep 1993Sep 1994

    Assistant Engineer

    EDESA-FAGOR (Basauri, Spain)

    Involved in the project for developing a new fridge model which I used for my final Degree project


    Feb 2015Feb 2018

    Online Master's Degree in Numerical Simulation in Engineering with ANSYS

    Technical University of Madrid (UPM)

    Focused on "Thermo-Mechanical Analysis" specialising in Advanced Non-linearities, Contact Non-linearities and Optimization with DFSS (Design for 6-Sigma). Master's thesis on "Integrative simulation of injection-molded reinforced plastic parts"

    (more details here)

    Oct 1995Jul 1997

    MA+MSc (Joint Course) in Innovation Design Engineering

    Royal College of Art (RCA) +Imperial College London(IC)

    A joint two-year post-graduate course devoted to a very intense educational program in which the first year is skills-based plus project-based and the second year is project-based only with a high focus on innovation. My major project was an electronic globe sponsored by Philips Research, Planetary Visions and Spherical Concepts and featured in the june-97 issue of the Electronic Times magazine. My minor was a user-friendly electronic translator.
    My mid-course thesis was about "The History of Technology".

    (more details here)

    Main Training Actions

    2020 - 2022: edX and Udemy e-learning platforms, On-line self-teaching courses

    2011 - 2015: MIT OpenCourseWare,  On-line self-teaching courses

    Dec 2010: Ibermatica, San Sebastián (Spain)

    Mechanical Simulation with SolidWorks tools

    May 2010: Internal Lighting expert, Barcelona (Spain)

    Complete course on Lighting technology & design

    Nov 2009: Axiom Groupe, Barcelona (Spain)

    Innovation for Business Excellence Conference

    Mar 2009: Marcus Evans, Barcelona (Spain)

    2nd Annual Energy Efficiency Implementation Strategies Forum

    May 2007: CDE, San Sebastián (Spain)

    Course on “Technology Surveillance & Competitive Intelligence”

    Aug 2006: MIT Prof. Institute, Cambridge.MA (USA)

    Summer course on “Product Platforms Design and Optimization”

    (teaser video)

    Nov 2005: IESE Business School, Barcelona (Spain)

    Advanced Course on “Creativity & Innovation”

    Sept 2004: MIT, Cambridge.MA (USA)

    World Conference on “Emerging Technologies”

    Mar 2004: TRIZ XXI Innovation Consultants, Valencia (Spain)

    Course on “TRIZ methodology with Goldfire Innovator software”


    Nov 2001: ESADE Business School, Barcelona (Spain)

    Fundamentals of Business Finances for non-professionals

    Other remarkable older courses and seminars:

    Rapid Prototyping & Tooling, Reverse Engineering, Lean/Six Sigma Manufacturing,  Marketing research tools (KANO, QFD, SWOT, BCG Matrix, Porter´s 5 forces, etc.), Design of Experiments, PLC-Technology, SMC/BMC Technology, Attendance to many Trade Fairs and Congresses over the years.

    Some knowledge sources I follow through my RSS news reader (feedly):