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Dynamic and innovative educational leader with extensive experience in steering organizations toward groundbreaking achievements in learning and development. Proven track record in strategic planning, team leadership, and cross-functional collaboration, underpinned by a commitment to creating equitable and transformative educational excellence, leveraging a multifaceted skill set. Excels in driving program development and operational quality. Aims to lead in bringing a forward-thinking approach to reimagining education and nurturing future leaders.

Work Experience

Lead National Faculty

Buck institute for education (dba PBLworks)
  • Spearheaded the PBLWorks Kentucky Statewide PBL initiative, focusing on integrating Project Based Learning (PBL) strategies across various educational settings and audiences (teachers, school and district admin, and Dept. of Ed)
  • Designed and implemented comprehensive PBL events and training programs for educators fostering collaboration between schools and communities tailoring PBL strategies to local educational needs.
  • Played a pivotal role in driving educational innovation, enhancing student engagement and elevating teaching practices while ensuring alignment with state educational standards and objectives.
  • Played an active consulting role through School Leader Network workshops and subsequent sessions.

Culturally Responsive Teaching Specialist

Adaptive X
  • Developed and facilitated innovative online coursework and workshops, targeting coaches, school administrators, and trainers.
  • Instrumental in training educational professionals to create inclusive, equitable, and productive teaching and learning environments.
  • Used strategic collaborations to guide the design of content delivery that is sensitive to diverse cultural backgrounds, for educators and students.
  • Facilitated day-long Culturally Responsive Teaching workshops that enhanced Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion competence 

Instructional Innovation Strategist
  • Founded and was dedicated to revitalizing teaching profession through instructional innovations.
  • Used my extensive experience to design school concept pilot programs and training administrators.
  • Specialized in integrating emerging instructional methodologies, including PBL with a strong focus  Social Emotional Learning (SEL).
  • Offered international consultancy services offering expertise in tech integration, school leadership, professional development design and delivery for teachers in multiple pedagogical approaches including Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).
  • Co-authored Pulse of PBL: Cultivating Equity Through Social Emotional Learning to address the coping skill challenges of post COVID 19 education for educators and students.

Co-founder and Program Director

International center for education
  • Played a pivotal role in offering top-tier professional development experiences for educators globally by focusing on fostering collaboration and connections within international community.
  • Enhanced teacher expertise in workshop facilitation to share their knowledge to educators in various states by conducting day-long workshop for educators from a wide range of backgrounds
  • The work emphasized the importance of cross-cultural collaboration and the sharing of best practices in educational innovation.
  • Founded My Learning House (MLH), a 501c3 organization working to use education as a platform for economic development and positive social change. Through MLH, I founded a PBL school in Tanzania and a tuition assistance program in Equatorial Guinea 
  • International project experience in East Asia, Africa, and Europe

Session Director

Michigan State University LATTICE program
  • Orchestrated high-quality cultural professional development events and facilitated global education conversations.
  • Coordinated and implementing sessions bringing together educators from around the world fostering ideas and exchange of best practices in cross-cultural education.
  • Ensured each session strategically informative and relevant to the collaboration needs of international educators.

Award winning educator

Grand Ledge HS
  • Multiple-awards showcased my innovating teaching methods, integrating emerging instructional technologies to enhance student learning
  • Spearheaded yearly educational trips abroad for students, teachers, and their families which provided firsthand learning experiences, immersing participant in divers cultural environments.
  • Combined my passion for for global education for economic development with a commitment to providing transformative and impactful learning opportunities for students and broader community.



Walden Unversity

Education & Leadership: Learning, Instruction, and Innovation

National Society for Leadership and Success


Marygrove college

Masters in the Art of Teaching

BAchelor of Arts

Messiah university

History/Political Science

TEacher Certification

Spring arbor University

Social Science and World Language (Active)

Minor: World Language


Program management

Ability to oversee multiple programs at a statewide scale, ensuring alignment with organizational goals, and delivering outcomes that meet stakeholder expectations.

diversity, equity, and inclusion expertise

Certified skills in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, ensuring a culturally responsive and inclusive organizational environment

Social emotional Learning (SEL) Specialist

Author and specialist in Social Emotional Learning, with in-depth knowledge and experience in integrating SEL into education curricula and organizational strategies

Change management

Proficient ability to manage and navegate organizational change insuring adaptability and resilience

Keynote Speaking

Exceptional public speaking skills with experience as keynote speaker, adept at engaging and inspiring large audiences with insights in education and innovation.

Language proficiency

Fluency in Spanish and English, enhancing communication with a broader range of stakeholders and enabling effective operations in multilingual environments.

International experience

Broad international bandwidth, with experience in understanding and navigating different cultural contexts in global education sector and beyond.

Stratigic Leadership

Ability to develop and implement long-term strategies, drive organizational change and lead teams toward achieving complex goals

Workshop facilitation

Ability to design and conduct interactive and impactful professional development workshops, engaging divers audiences in professional learning experiences.

Curriculum development

Ability to  create engaging and effective educational curricula that cater to diverse learning needs and educational standards.

data-driven decision making

Ability to analyze data to inform strategic decisions, assess program effectiveness, and drive continuous improvement

Innovative thinking

Ability to incorporate emerging technologies and trends to develop cutting-edge learning solutions and programs

stakeholder Management

Ability to build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, including investors, partners, and educational communities


  • Microsoft Innovative Educator
  • Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning Educator of the Year
  • Michigan Teacher of the Year
  • National Teacher Hall of Fame Inductee (United States)


Cris Waldfogel

Senior Director of Professional learning and leadership


(719) 321 2904

Trevor L. Alward, edd

Superintendent GBCS

Grand Blanc Community Schools

(810) 591600