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Matt Williams

Manager, Team Leader, Software Development and Delivery


Manager and developer carrying 5 years of software development and technical project management. This comes with 9 years of professional experience within the mineral exploration industry including several years of project management in fast paced, high and low cap environments.

Passionate about technology and its real world applications to solve technical problems. Shipping high quality, fit for purpose software. On time. On budget.


Junior level skills in Rust, ReScript, Java, and Python

Intermediate level skills in JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, HTML, GBIS, Vulcan, GoCAD, Oasis Montaj, Target for ArcGIS, project management, contractor and staff management

Expert and advanced level skills in ArcGIS, MS Office, Customer Service, Data Analysis, and sales.


Most projects are under NDAs, so aren't available for sharing. At home I like to do small arduino projects at work focusing on automation, robotics, and IoT. Recently I have been experimenting with running multiple cryptocurrency nodes from small single board PCs such as Raspberry Pis, ESP32 boards, and low cost Intel NUCs.

Work experience

October 2019Current

SBI Holdings

Technical Manager
  • Many hats from leading a team of project managers on technical projects, to directly managing a small, high performance team that develop and maintain one of the top cryptocurrency mining pools
  • Developed a reputation for delivery without the often associated overtime
  • JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, HTML, with some minor Java
  • Experimenting with ReScript and Rust
Jan 2018October 2019

SBI Bits

Software Development Lead
  • Brought best practices and discipline to front end development raising efficiency, readability, and maintainability for a better developer experience
  • JavaScript, TypeScript, ReasonML, with the usual CSS/HTML for high performance user interfaces and data processing
Feb 2016Jan 2018

Software Developer

Finger Food Studios (now a Unity company)
  • Heavy focus on JavaScript, TypeScript for interface development and hardware interactions
  • Chrome App, Electrum, and web application development
  • Completed one .NET 4.5 application using C# that remains in production
Dec 2005Aug 2014


  • Planned and executed multimillion dollar drill programs in the Pilbara iron ore district. Plans were delivered in ArcGIS and GoCAD, including custom scripting.
  • Showed incredible flexibility and ability to deliver despite changing scopes from multiple stakeholders
  • Mentored and coached teams of geologists in the technical and operational aspects of exploration.
  • Several years of grassroots, greenfield, and brownfield exploration