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Matthew Daoust

Strategic Communication Educator



The conveyance of ideas. I am quite capable of instructing others on how communications work at different levels and through different channels or mediums. 

  • Tutored intermittently for 15 years
  • Teacher assistant for 1 year
  • Coached a few sports
  • Was a trainer at multiple jobs
Marketing Campaign Management and Evaluation

This is taking a message from idea formulation to the end result, including evaluating its effectiveness after the campaign. I am stronger at management and development versus evaluation, but am quite capable at both.

  • Created many advertising campaigns in advertising classes.
  • Wrote a story board for a commercial that never got produced.
  • Created brochures and newspaper advertising for two different companies.
Communications Ethics and Law

What is right? Morally right and legal are not always the same thing.The laws at the local and state levels can be much harder to navigate than the federal laws and the First Amendment.

  • Illustrated to upper management that not telling employees of upcoming changes would cause upheaval at the local level. They did not listen, and it did.
  • Helped a company adopt signage that was compliant in three different local jurisdictions.
Crisis Communication

Taking the lead on both good and bad crises, by identifying and keeping stakeholders in "the loop."

  • Communicated to all stakeholders (except local employees because management did not want this) about ownership and name change.
  • Wrote a crisis plan for a game company that hosts many tournament style events in case of outbreak or disaster.
Integrated Marketing Communications

This is the communication of basic and complex marketing ideas (mission statements, ad campaigns, brand recognition, etc.) throughout all channels and to all stakeholders. I also have a BA in this so I am quite versed in this subject.

  • Wrote many marketing plans for real world, fictional, and start up businesses, starting with the massage therapy business I owned for 10 years.
  • Wrote a strategic plan to facilitate better communications between two international offices of the same corporation where cultural and communication norms became counterproductive. 
Socio-Economic History

This is the skill of looking at economic trends that have shaped eras in the world.

  • Studied various recessions and bubble economies.
  • Active in minimum wage advocacy.
  • Wrote multiple papers on the Great Depression.
  • Wrote multiple papers on the changing of social classes.
  • Minimum wage advocate.

Work experience


Recreation Center Manager

McGeorge School of Law

Responsibilities include: Hiring, employee scheduling, maintenance scheduling, customer service. This position has helped in honing my Socratic method of teaching by discussing the law with law students and professors who use the gym.



Acrobat Outsourcing (rebranding to the Service Company Staffing Services)

The last 3 years of my 5 years with Acrobat have been at McGeorge School of Law's cafeteria doing catering, cooking, and bartending during special events. This school has helped train me in the Socratic method of discussion, since a lot of time was spent with law professors and students.



1A1 Tutoria/Adaptive Learning

Responsibilities included: Tutoring math and English language arts in the Sacramento City School district for students in 1st through 12th grades.


Lead Line Cook

Chili's (Rancho Cordova)

Responsibilities included: Closing the kitchen, training closers, food prep, and team leading. This job helped me hone skills in directing small groups of people in a high pressure environment.


Assistant Sales Supervisor/Account Manager

ADL Systems

Responsibilities included: Training new sales people, conducting sales meetings, trade show organization, lead generation, low voltage electronics and restaurant equipment sales, and account service. This is where I began to train salespeople.



Matthew's Mobile Massage

Responsibilities included: Massage therapy, marketing materials generation, hiring, training, and sales. Owning a business is one of the hardest things I have done and one of the greatest things I have done.



Master's in Strategic Communications

National University

I can operate with high levels of skill in a non-profit, government, corporate realm doing public relations, journalism, or advertising/marketing. Courses included mass communication law, integrated marketing communication, public relations, crisis communications, marketing research, persuasive communications, marketing campaign development, and marketing campaign evaluation.


Bachelor's in Integrated Marketing Communications

National University

My skill set gravitates towards the public relations and advertising side of Integrated Marketing Communications.


Bachelor's in History

National University

This is where I learned and explored social and political history throughout the world. My strengths are economic trends, legal history, and pop culture.


Associate's in General Business

American River College

This is where I really began to understand the inner workings of business and communications while finding my love for history.