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CTO who possess the focus and is tenacious with the ability to get results, complement with IT, sales knowledge and experience from working with SME, Startups & various non-profit community. 


Website Development

Codeigniter, Django, Flask, HTML, JavaScript, CSS 3, CSS Grid, React, Redux, React Native, Angular 6, Styled Components, JWT, RESTful API, GatsbyJS, Netlify, GraphQL, Postman, OpenAPI

Programming Languages

Java, Visual Basic, PHP, Python, C, C#, Git, JavaScript (TypeScript, ES6)


Proving mentorship & guidance to junior developers entering the industry through Junior Developer Singapore chapter.

Technical Blogging

Creation of newsletters, technical articles, content planning. publishing content in his own blog or for developer or startup communities.


Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Google BigTable, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), InfluxDB

Work experience


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Codesurance Pte Ltd

Building product & services for Startups and companies, who require technical expertise & knowledge to help grow and scale their company.


Full Stack Developer

Mircrosec Pte Ltd

MicroSec is building World's first Enterprise-Grade Security Software for IoT and Sensor Network.

  1. Developed the IoT management dashboard to visualise data or manage IoT devices.
  2. Building public, internal & external RESTful APIs for clients, developers or IoT devices.
  3. Front-end & Backend integration of our products or services
  4. Kickstart and build MicroSec's Design System



React Nanodegree


React is a powerful JavaScript library ideal for building interactive, data-driven user interfaces, and it’s used by some of the most successful brands in the world, including Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, and more.


Bachelor of Science, Computing Science

University of Glasgow

Computing Science is the study of information, computation and computational thinking. It is wide-ranging, from programming, programming languages and engineering large software systems, to the design and evaluation of human/computer interfaces, algorithms, computer and network systems, as well as information retrieval and storage systems.

Interest Groups & Non-Profit Organisations



Python User Group Singapore

To promote Python and spread the knowledge within Singapore through either PyCon or monthly meetups.


Organizing Community Member

Junior Developer SIngapore

JuniorDev Community is a home for all things JuniorDev, where we will connect you with not only your peers, but also industry experts, experienced developers, we'll have people share their stories, their failures, and there will be plenty of fun times!


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