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Max is a full-stack software engineer with over 9 years of experience. A passionate builder, he seeks to build innovative products and services to solve hard problems in the world. He is a Digital Solution Engineer at Airbus & Founder of Upskillcycle, a mentoring platform for individuals and PWD to journey into tech and assist their career development. Outside of his current work, he is part of the organizing team for Junior Developers Singapore (JuniorDev SG) and current President of the Python User Group Singapore. Max blogs technical content regularly with about 40,000+ followers around the world.


Full Stack Web Development

Django, Flask, FastAPI, HTML, JavaScript, CSS 3, CSS Grid, React, Redux, React Native, Angular 6, Styled Components, JWT, RESTful API, GatsbyJS, Netlify, GraphQL, Postman, OpenAPI, Django Channels, Webflow, HTMX, Tailwind CSS,

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) & Data Engineering

Skywise (Palantir Foundry & Airbus), Pandas, NumPy, PySpark, Anaconda, Tensorflow, TFDV (Tensorflow Data Validation), Large Language Model (LLM), Matplotlib, Streamlit, DSPy,  llamaindex, RAG


Served as a tech & career mentor to mentor junior developers and university students through the Junior Developer Singapore chapter & Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) Alumni mentorship program.

Tech Community Management

Manage and execute programmes for local tech communities namely JuniorDev Singapore, DevSG and Python User Group Singapore (PUGS) with a combined membership of more than 10k+ members.

Technical Writer, Adult Educator & International Speaker

He is a prolific writer with a following of 40,000+ tech professionals through his technical blog & tech community. He conducts technical training for career conversion programmes and vocation educational institutions. He was invited as a Keynote speaker for Python Conference (PyCon) Malaysia  2023.

Programming Languages

Python, JavaScript (TypeScript, ES6), Kotlin, Rust, GDScript


Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Google BigTable, InfluxDB, Aurora, DBOS

Cloud Computing

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Linode

Work experience

Dec 2023Present

Digital Solution Engineer

  • Developing, Testing, Documenting, Publishing, Supporting and operating proof-of-concept and integrating with existing solutions and 3rd party libraries and applications
  • Contribute to the design of the application providing creative and cost-effective solutions
  • Deploying highly available, scalable, maintainable, monitored solutions
  • Implementing test automation covering multiple test aspects, like unit testing, functional testing, security testing, load and performance testing
  • Developing, updating and use CI/CD pipeline to allow fully automated deployments of applications across all environments from Development, Q&A and Production
  • Validating deliveries from sub-contractors and reporting to Digital Solution Leader on the progress and quality of delivery
  • Actively provide timely and regular updates to Digital Solution Leader for reporting of progress of projects
  • Interface with development teams in Toulouse and Bangalore when a project is progressing beyond Minimal Viable Concept (MVC) to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and industrialization.
  • Close collaboration with Customer Engagement & Program Management (CEPM) and Innovation teams to validate and deliver solutions’ business objectives and values
  • Conduct activities autonomously and always act in full compliance with Airbus ethics and compliance, data governance and cybersecurity policies. This job requires the constant awareness of the compliance risks we face in day-to-day responsibilities. Continuous commitment to act with integrity with each other, with your communities, business partners and suppliers is the foundation of your success and sustainable growth.
  • The commitment to integrity is supported by your adherence to all internal policies and procedures that govern business activities. Compliance with these policies will also protect Airbus reputation and brand, some of our most strategic and important assets.
Jun 2023Jul 2023


StackTribe (Tribe) Pte Ltd

Providing Professional Tech Training to FinTech Talent Programme under Tribe at Ngee Ann Polytechnic in DevOps, Software Testing, Container & Container Orchestration   

Apr 2023 Jun 2023

Adjunct Lecturer

Institute of Technical Education

Adjunct lecturer for Mobile Application Development using Flutter and Enterprise Web Development at ITE College East



Upskillcycle Pte Ltd

Building an inclusive society by creating mentoring platforms & technical courses for individuals and PWD (People with Disabilities) to break into Tech.  Successfully raised funding through Enterprise Singapore's "SG Startup Founder Grant". Won 3rd place in Alibaba-Cloud SUSS Demo Day 2021. Top 28th in Top 28 Semi-Finalists for Idea / Early / Growth Stage in Entrepreneur World Cup Singapore 2021

Involved in Software Consulting of a Mentoring Platform under 6 months that supported up to 5,000+ users for a non-profit called Mentoring.SG


Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Codesurance Pte Ltd

Building products & services for Startups and companies, that require technical expertise & knowledge to help grow and scale their company.

  1. Account-Based Marketing Solution
  2. Check-in and Alcohol Redemption System for a Company Dinner and Dance of 10,000+ participants.
  3. Refactored an Islam Event & Activities Mobile Application in both iOS & Andriod using React Native
  4. Software Consulting for an HR AI Tech Startup
  5. Avatar & Float Selection System for Chingay2020 with GatsbyJS & Gatsby Cloud
  6. Entrepreneur Personality Selection System

Full Stack Developer

Mircrosec Pte Ltd

MicroSec is building World's first Enterprise-Grade Security Software for IoT and Sensor Network.

  1. Developed the IoT management dashboard to visualise data or manage IoT devices.
  2. Building public, internal & external RESTful APIs for clients, developers or IoT devices.
  3. Front-end & Backend integration of our products or services
  4. Kickstart and build MicroSec's Design System



Bachelor of Science, Computing Science

University of Glasgow

Computing Science is the study of information, computation and computational thinking. It is wide-ranging, from programming, programming languages and engineering large software systems, to the design and evaluation of human/computer interfaces, algorithms, computer and network systems, as well as information retrieval and storage systems.

Interest Groups & Non-Profit Organisations




Moderation & community managment for 2,500 users in the Telegram group called "DevSG". We focus on being a goto platform for Engineers or Developers in SG for all levels and stacks to value add and share technical resources and ask technical questions.



Python User Group Singapore

To promote Python and spread the knowledge within Singapore through either PyCon or monthly meetups.


Organizing Community Member

Junior Developer SIngapore

To be the leading support group and champions for junior developers in the Singapore tech industry.


Cooking, Kettlebell, Hiking, Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), Hiking, Dungeons & Dragons (DnD)

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