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Work experience

Apr 2007Present

Owner / Founder


I am the owner / founder of medXcentral.

Brief explanation of | Cooperative Health Care Networking for those in Healthcare and those who need them. Home of the MPOPS program and the Medical Staffing Exchange. Everything we do is designed to facilitate the awareness, understanding and success of health care social networking and healthcare social media. Get connected in healthcare; medXcentral.

Dec 2004Present

Independent Business Consultant


Consulted and assisted in the development of OutsourceProcessing.Com, from concept to market, operating first year in the black with 10+ accounts in three states.

OutsourceProcessing.Com is a third party, freelance mortgage processing company providing mortgage processing services to mortgage brokers in multiple states.

Developed website and basic social media presence. Currently advise owner as needed regarding website and social media web presence.


Implementation Specialist - B2B Team

MILA - Mortgage Investment Lending Associates

Short project introducing mortgage brokers to MILA's automated mortgage loan origination system.  In addition to promoting MILA's sub-prime mortgage loan products, I was empowered to educate mortgage originators regarding the use and implementation of automated, web-based mortgage origination software.

MILA was one of the first sub-prime mortgage wholesalers to go under at the start of the sub-prime mortgage melt-down.


Travel Nurse Recruiting Manager - Eastern Region

Hudson Global Resources, Inc.

Promoted to manager of Eastern Region within 60 days and increased territory production by 177% within subsequent 60 days for Hudson Healthcare, a division of Hudson Global Resources, Inc.

The focus of my division was Travel Nurses as well as Allied Travel Health Care professional.

Hudson Global Resources dissolved their entire health care recruitment division in 2004.


Travel Nurse Recruiter - Account Manager

New Age Travel Nurses, Inc. / Crdentia

Increased placement of Travel Nurses by 35% at New Age Travel Nurses within 6 months contributing to the stabilization of the company for the Start-Up to be acquired by a publicly traded company.Renegotiated hospital contract in Maryland, creating positive placement environment, increasing production within that account from $0.00 to over $50,000 per month within 3 month period.


Travel Nurse Recruiter

FASTAFF Travel Nursing

Top producer for U.S. Nursing/Fastaff’s “24/7” Travel Nurse Recruiting team 4 months running placing more than 80 nurses into hospital accounts and labor disputes during one year period.

Social Community


Slide Show Narration

Site Design w/SEO

Social Media Marketing

Google Aps

Screencast Tutorials and Narrated Slide Show Presentations


Have you developed some amazing PowerPoint presentations?  Want them converted into narrated movie files which can then be uploaded to your website or your favorite video sharing platform?  I can do that for you.  See sample in column.


User adoption is key to the success of any software solution. Make your new users comfortable quickly with short, narrated screencasts tutorials to shorten the learning curve.  Users tend to stay with what they are "comfortable" using.  See sample in column.

How I can help you.

Below are a few services which I can provide.  Sure.. you could do these things yourself.  I did.  But, if you don't have the time to learn these tasks, I'm here willing do them for you.

Uniquely, if you choose me to build you a website or a branded social community, I'll show you how it's done and how to maintain it yourself.

Entrepreneurial Independence. 

Considering a Branded Online Social Community?


Are you now understanding the power and value of online social communities and how having one could empower your brand.  Let me help you get one started for your business.  You don't need to make a huge software investment.  I set up your branded community with all the necessary components to allow your members their own profile page, blog, text box, RSS feed, groups, etc.  I will then teach you how to maintain and administrate the community yourself.  When our term of engagement is over, you'll have a growing community, with a defined purpose, an understanding of what makes a community thrive, and the ability to maintain and administrate the community yourself.  See sample in column.

Let's see if my objective meets your needs.

My Objective:  I seek to fund my entrepreneurial ventures by sharing my knowledge, talents and abilities with you for a profit.  I'll consult with you, build it for you, teach you the basics and set you free.  No long term maintenance.  Entrepreneurial Independence.

I am open to on-site projects, but prefer remote projects and will work as an independent contractor or W-2 as needed. I can travel as well as make myself available, on-call, 24/7 for the right company and situation. I will contribute beneficially to the bottom line of your company while leveraging my off hours to contribute to the bottom line of my company.

What knowledge, talents and abilities do I "bring to the table?" Glad you asked...

Looking for a Social Media Manager?


Need someone to do the "heavy lifting" for you on facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.  Allow me to get you started, build you up, teach you the basics and set you free.  Build a community around your business and learn to manage multiple, extended community outposts as efficiently as possible.

Techniques and strategies are changing constantly. The most important thing to understand is "why" you or your company needs to be involved. Once we come to that frame of mind, then the task becomes remaining up to date and engaged with your growing community.

The sample to the left will take you to my company twitter page.

Do you understand SEO - Search Engine Optimization?

SEO (ORGANIC Search Engin Optimization):

Am I a GURU?  Quite simply "NO".  I know the fundamentals well.  See for yourself...

Google; "safe job search." One of my sites is on page one, organically, just below Look for the link with the URL. 

Here's another: Try searching; "find medical professionals."  I'm currently on page two organically. And, I did not pay anything to get there. 

Here's a third: Google "Nursing Shortage Solutions." You'll find my site on page two currently.  (I'll move that up as soon as I'm ready). 

I can apply the same tactics for you as well as provide you with the basic knowledge you'll need so that you can do the work necessary to maintain your search rankings.

Need an SEO friendly Web Site Design fast?


I build for simplicity and usability. My focus is not on graphic design or copywright.  I'll count on you for that.  I develope on one platform only.  It is a template driven platform.  The benefit is, when our term of engagement is over, you'll have the basic ability to maintain and change your site as needed (I'll teach you the basics of development platform.. no coding required).

(Note: Site Design and SEO work best when I design for you from the ground up. Best results if you do not have a site yet.  Optionally, I can rebuild a site to look much like what you have.)

Who I am?

I am a truly creative, intuitive problem solver.  I especially enjoy the challenge of turning a good idea into a great business model.  I see problems and challenges from the top down and bottom up simultaneously.  I require an understanding of "why" before I proceed to determining any "how".  I am multi-lingual in that I speak the following languages; "Entrepreneur", "C-Level", "Marketing", "Biz-Dev", "Design", "Support", "End User" and, most importantly, "Community."  Note: I only speak English dialects.  I love a start-up, disruptive business model or emerging technology.