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Jun 2010Jun 2010

Nipissing University

This was a 30 hour intensive over a 6 day period in June which was put on by the Royal Conservatory of the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.  This intensive certainly has opened my creative side as to being an artist/educator working with teachers in the classroom setting. I am open to work with any school that is open to share culture. I am open to work with any students that are open to learn about cultural appreciation through a First Nation Perspective.



Nipissing University

The Aboriginal Teachers Certification Program is a six week intensive which runs from the end of June to the first week in August each year, (two year program). I must admit the intensiveness certainly keeps the creative process going. And I am happy to say I completed the second summer however I did not complete my 2nd yr practicum. I did however receive the ENJI GIIGDOYANG/ ABORIGINAL INITIATIVES VALEDICTORIAN AWARD. 

Sep 1990May 1993

Associate Degree Museum Studies

Institute of American Indian Arts

The Insititute of American Indian Arts offered a 2 year program at that time.  I had went beyond the time to accumulate more learning in exhibition development, collection management and repatriation.  Since then the musuem study program at the institute expanded to a four year program.  My time at the Institute of American Indian Arts placed me on the Dean's List and the President's List.  I had recieved the Museum Studies Award and a 2 year Internship with Walt Disney Imagineering, Glendale, California.

Work experience

Apr 2014Apr 2016

Art Coordinator

Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory

To take direction from the Arts Community and showcase artists from the Wiikwemkoong Unceded  Territory. Offer workshops in the arts to the community, mural projects within the community.  Encourage the youth to pursue their artistic endeavors, support and seek out venues for the artists, established and emerging.  

Feb 2010May 2010

Aboriginal Artist In the Schools

Rainbow District School Board

I was contracted through the Rainbow District School Board to work mural projects with two schools within their district. I titled this project "Cultural Appreciation From A First Nation's Perspective".

- Central Manitoulin Public School, Mindemoya, Ontario.  Ten students were specially selected to work on the mural; they were from grade 2 to grade 8. I am always impressed with the artistic endeavors these young students put into learning through color and symbolic terminology regarding our First Nation's Culture.

- Espanola High School, Espanola, Ontario. The class program was called 'Appreciating Aboriginal Culture'. It was an interesting project to motivate the high school students into cultural themeing.  Once they got involved they executed an excellent mural.


Aboriginal Artist In The Schools

Ontario Arts Council (Grant application each year)

I received a grant in the visual arts under the title: "Aboriginal Artist/Elders in the Schools Program". This offered me the opportunity to do mural projects with several public, high and alternative schools in the province of Ontario.  I had the wonderful opportunity to work with the following public schools.

- Christian Island Elementary School, Christian Island First Nation.  The mural project included all four walls in the gym which measured 60 foot in length, 30 foot in width.  I worked with students from grade 8 to grade 4 in the fall of 2009.  The mural was titled "Remembering Our Clans".

- A.B.Ellis Public School, Espanola, Ontario.  This mural measured 30 foot in length, 12 foot in height. It covers one wall of the main entrance into the school. I worked with students from grade 8 to grade 3 in the late fall 2009. The mural was titled "Healing Through History and Color".

- Huntsville Public School, Huntsville, Ontario.  This mural measured 24 foot in length, 8 foot in height. It is composed of 6 panels four foot by eight foot. This project was executed by the grade 6 class as part of their social studies class regarding First Nations, (February 2010).  It was mounted on the exterior wall of the school in May 2010 in time for the G8 Summit.  The mural is addressing environmental concerns, issues

and native culture.  The mural was titled "The Past That Was Environmentally Friendly".

May 1997Feb 2006

Museum Curator

Ojibwe Cultural Foundation

My responsibilities were to manage all aspects of the musuem, exhibition design and development, proposal writing, digitizing the collections, registar, conservation, public relations, research, community outreach, developing creative workshops, recruiting new and emerging artists, repatriation of cultural patrimony, human remains and other relevent issues and concerns.

Sep 1994Sep 1996

Intern/First Nation's Cultural Consultant

Walt Disney Imagineering

I was interned from the Institute of American Indian Arts, Museum Studies Program to Walt Disney Imagineering. My responsibilities were to work with a team of First Nation consultants. We traveled Disney Theme Parks making appropriate cultural changes to script and visual imagrey.  This was  with the Disney's America Theme Park Project.


Jonathan Pitt

I have had the honor to learn in Professor Pitt's Method's Class during the 2 summer intensive programs of the ATCP while at Nipissing University.



The following site shows more detail to the murals mentioned in this CV.

The following site is the interview with the students and artist in Huntsville regarding the mural.


I have always been actively involved in the community development of First Nations cultural arts. Art, in all its hidden conceptions seems to me as a vehicle used to transport ideas beyond mere sight.Art in itself contains all viable possibilities in expressions.These learning's have allowed me to utilize art in a therapeutic manner with children and adults within this mosaic society.

This Visual CV shows up to a point in time. Since that time I have had the opportunity to work with S.Gieger Public School, Massey (2), N'Swakamok Alternative School, Sudbury, Cecil Facer Correctional Facility,Sudbury (2) , Mattawa District Public School, Mattawa, Phelps Public School, Redbridge, Tressler Public School, NorthBay, Scollard Hall, NorthBay, Monetville Public School, Monetville, Center Wellington District High School, Fergus, Peel Alternative School North, Brampton (4), Mnjikaning Public School, Rama First Nation, St.Lukes Public School, Downeyville, Woodville Public School, Woodville. Espanola High School, Raven's Alternative Program (4), Espanola.  Wasse-Abin Wikwemikong High School, Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory (WUT), Manitoulin Island, Webwood Public School, Webwood(3) ,Landsdowne Public School, Sudbury (2). Ottawa Crescent Public School, Guelph, Andrew Hunter Public School, Barrie, Copper Cliff Public School, Copper Cliff, Wasse -Abin Junior School, Wasse-Abin Pontiac School, WUT (2).  I have included  presentations 1. 1763-64 Encountering the Crown, 2. Art and Artifacts of the Odawa Anishinabe. All schools may be contacted for reference on the projects.

All projects were here in Ontario. I am in the process of putting the images on SlideShare.

The following site reflects a very successful 25 hour project completed with Phelps Public School, Redbridge, Ontario, Near North District School Board/ Ontario Arts Council, 2011 as 'Artist In Residence'.

I am presently back on the Aboriginal Artist In the Schools Program (AAIS/OAC) for 2015-16. The program I offer is called "Cultural Appreciation From A First Nation Perspective.

* Pikangikum First Nation High School - ArtsCan Circle, Mural Project (Volunteered Time)

Mural Project with Southern Youth in Motion (SYiM) via Art Bridges, Toronto

Mural Project at the Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archieves (PAMA) 2016, Based of the Clan System of Governance (WUT)

*I was informed that any of these schools can be contacted should a reference be needed regarding "Cultural Appreciation" Art/WallMural project..


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