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Michael Tatum

#> Linux && Security;


  • Proven Linux and cybersecurity professional with both academic credentials as well as years of enterprise experience
  • Cloud Linux engineer focused on optimizing and hardening for efficient operations
  • Accumulated years of secure migration experience in the virtual cloud, maximizing business value
  • Prepares for disaster recovery with geographically-varied, redundant data backups
  • Designs, implements, and secures custom High-Availability server builds
  • Designs, implements, and secures custom routing and traffic distribution
  • Experienced with hosting and site administration for over 100k users
  • Automates using Shell scripting and related tools at scale
  • Verifies security configurations with Linux auditing tools at scale
  • Ensures server reliability and up-time¬†under stress with load-testing tools
  • Visualizes and shares business-critical data with monitoring and graphing tools


Mar 2019Current

Systems Engineer II

  • Multi-cloud administration, Accruent CloudOps
  • Redundant international data-center administration
  • Globally distributed applications, Java and Apache Tomcat
  • RedHat Linux administration
  • CentOS Linux administration
  • Oracle Enterprise Linux administration
  • Cybersecurity vulnerability patching and scanning
  • F5 routing, load-balancing, and administration
  • Bash Shell systems automation
  • Systems configuration and administration at scale with Ansible and Salt
  • IoT sensor server administration
Mar 2016Feb 2019

Linux Systems Engineer

  • Cloud Infrastructure administration
  • RHEL environment administration
  • Network monitoring and logging
  • Apache web server management and hardening
  • Moodle LMS server management
  • Wordpress server management
  • Drupal server management
  • Redmine server management
  • Jira server management
  • MariaDB / MySQL database management
  • NMap / ZenMap network enumeration
  • Nginx proxy and load balancing
  • Server stress testing / bench-marking
  • Server security and auditing
Jun 2015Mar 2016


Astreya at Google
  • MacOS corporate Domain environment
  • Equipment maintenance and support
  • Hardware support
  • Operating system / software maintenance
  • Networking support
  • Inventory management
  • Help Desk / Ticketing
  • User support
Feb 2012May 2015

Desktop Technician

Peniel Solutions
  • Windows 7 corporate Domain environment
  • Operating system / software maintenance
  • Workstation support and security
  • Networking support
  • Hardware support
  • Mobile devices support and security
  • Backup management
  • Help Desk / Ticketing
  • User support
Aug 2006Feb 2012

PC Repair and Network Technician

  • Operating system maintenance and management
  • Software maintenance and management
  • Networking support and troubleshooting