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Michael Vail is a highly skilled fitness professional with a strong background in leadership and class coordination. He has a proven track record of creating dynamic and engaging fitness experiences for members. Michael's expertise includes group fitness instruction in various formats such as cycling, HIIT, barre, yoga, and more. He is known for cultivating high-energy and inclusive class environments where every participant feels welcome and motivated. Michael has a strong commitment to delivering top-notch fitness experiences and consistently adheres to high-profile standards. He has successfully attracted and retained a dedicated client base and is skilled in building community and rapport. Michael is seeking opportunities to continue making a positive impact in the fitness industry and contribute to the growth of a vibrant fitness community.



April 23Present
Heimat - Los Angeles
  • Played a key role in defining Heimat's Cycle Program, creating a dynamic and engaging fitness experience for members.
  • Demonstrated reliability and punctuality by consistently showing up on time and providing substitute instruction when needed.
  • Cultivated a high-energy and inclusive class environment, ensuring that every participant felt welcome and motivated.
  • Maintained open communication with members and management, actively seeking feedback to continuously improve the class experience.
  • Consistently adhered to Heimat's exclusive and high-profile standards, delivering a top-notch fitness experience to all participants.


Jan 21April 23
John Reed - Los Angeles, CA
  • Opening team member introducing the John Reed brand to the Los Angeles market
  • Consistently maintained full classes with waitlists, demonstrating the ability to attract and retain a dedicated client base.
  • Creates enthusiastic and energetic class environments while providing specific emphasis on safety and proper execution
  • Instruct classes in TruFusion signature formats such as Indoor Cycling, HIIT, Barre and Yoga
  • Provides an inclusive experience for all fitness levels
  • Connection and engagement to every class participant in order to create community and rapport


Aug 21Dec 22
TruFusion - Los Angeles, CA
  • Opening team member debuting TruFusion brand and culture to the Los Angeles market.  
  • Execute TruFusion signature formats while delivering unique choreography and playlists that are exciting and challenging focusing on safety, mind/body connection and fun for all fitness levels
  • Heavily engage with prospects and clients to help create the TruFusion community, brand awareness and rapport. 
  • Only instructor on the schedule to teach 4 formats: Cycle, Barre, Pilates and Kettlebells 
  • Promoted community through personal connections, event appearances, and social media presence


Dec 16July 20
The Wall Fitness - Los Angeles, CA
  • Co-Created class program and set the level of standard for THE WALL class experience
  • Introduced THE WALL pop-up studio in LA and opened THE WALL Flagship studio
  • Spearheaded and developed new instructor training program
  • Facilitated new instructor auditions, onboarding and trainings 
  • Supported instructor schedule management
  • Attended and evaluated instructor classes to provide ongoing feedback for performance development
  • Full Time Master Instructor teaching over 10 classes a week
  • Supported in achieving studio goals through weekly and monthly manager meetings
  • Participated and helped organize in studio special events
  • Served as the main contact for THE WALL concerning all group fitness programming


July 15June 18
EQUINOX - Houston, TX & Los Angeles, CA
  • Choreographed and led group classes including Indoor Cycling, Tabata and signature programs; Stacked and Trilogy Barre
  • Opening team for River Oaks- Houston, Hollywood and Miracle Mile- Los Angeles locations 
  • Completed in-person workshop and training certifications for the following programs: Gold Barre, Trilogy Barre,  Stacked, The Cut, Tabata, and Ropes & Rowers
  • Communicated with Group Fitness Manager on member feedback, equipment and operational status and scheduling
  • Delivered the Equinox Experience to our members in each class


Mar 14June 16
Revolution Studio - Houston, TX
  • Taught over 15 classes a week with over 50% wait-listed
  • Influential in starting Revolutions Yoga program and setting the level of standard for the class experience
  • Led performance and feedback sessions with instructors in training
  • Part of Revolutions Flagship Studio opening team 
  • Choreographed and created unique playlists for Yoga and Cycling classes in line with Revolution standards
  • Created and held space to lead members through a full body experience designed to inspire, empower, and transform
  • Promoted and built community through personal connections, appearances, and a strong social media presence to help grow business 


May 16June 16
O Athletik - Houston, TX
  • Assisted in creating the Barre program at O Athletik
  • Part of the O Athletik opening team
  • Hosted workshops and created consistency in class performance and member engagement to help drive numbers
  • Choreographed classes that target specific muscle groups through full range and small movements that are expressive, fun, and challenging


May 13Dec 13
THRiVE - Houston, TX
  • Led clients through THRiVE signature HIIT program, delivering workouts focusing on form and function
  • Created and promote community through personal connections, studio events, and social media to create client retention 
  • Participated and helped organize in studio special events
  • Managed THRiVE's online social media presence to promote brand awareness and community engagement