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Work experience

Founder & Business Development Consultant

Founder & Business Development Consultant at CIGEU

-Assisting EU organisations in the analysis of implementing investments and business expansion into the Cuba Market

-Providing strategic advice to evaluate significant business opportunities.

-Assisting in establishing new enterprises in Cuba and partner selection

-Introduce initiatives and projects to Havana's chamber of commerce.

-Fundraising and projects commissioning


May 2013Present

Sales Consultant and Business Development

Sales Consultant and Business Development at Renewable Energy Technology 

Engage as commercial and industrial business partners to represent manufacturers within the area of Renewable Energy Technology to provide cost-effective low-carbon technology and sustainable solutions into LATAM and the Caribbean market at competitive prices.

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Strategy Insights

Nov 2010Nov 2011

International Sales Executive

International Sales Executive at (1 year 1 month)

RENEWABLE ENERGY & INFRASTRUCTURE DEVELOPMENT EUROPE, One to one Strategic Business meeting between Renewable Energy Systems Provider and Developers.

Marcus Evans


Team Leader

Team Leader & Senior Sales Executive at Marcus Evans (2 years)

Team Leader & Senior Sales Executive at Marcus Evans (2 years)

Generate sales opportunities for the Oil & Gas and Utilities Market by identifying appropriate business targets, securing high-level appointments, execute the strategic sales process, and manage the prospect to close a deal.  


Delft University of Technology


Electric Cars: Technology, Certificate

This course focuses on the technology behind electric cars. It explored the working principle of electric vehicles, dive into motors and power electronics critical roles, learns about battery technology, EV charging, smart charging, and the future trends in electric cars development.

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Inter-American Development Bank


A Comprehensive Toolkit of Innovative Investment Promotion Agency Services

This course focused on strategies to bolster a country or territory as a favorable destination for foreign direct investment. The topics covered include the latest digital and innovative techniques and tools for investment promotion and how these can be applied to generate real investment leads, location branding, along with media and communications strategy, advertising, and other marketing channels. It also provides resources to support prioritizing and developing aftercare and advocating for investment climate reforms.

World Bank Group


Trading for Development in the Age of Global Value Chains - WDR 2020

This course summarized the development of the global value chain, describing the activities implicated in the production of goods or services, its linkage to intermediary inputs, distribution, and suppliers. Another examined aspects were subjects in connection with manufacturing processes coordination across geographies, the implication of technology, international cooperation and environmental issues.   

Inter-American Development Bank


Towards The Next Generation of Investment Promotion Agencies

The course Provide arguments to validate the impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) attraction and its importance to economic development. Describe characteristics of sustainable FDI and explain the relationship to the sustainable development agenda.

Moreover deepen into different types of FDI, institutional best practices, and innovative programs, as well as the resources necessary to replicate them in your home country/territory, developing an appropriate portfolio of services throughout the investment generation project cycle based on theory and practical knowledge.

Università Bocconi


Private Equity and Venture Capital, and Financing and Investing in Infrastructure

The private equity and venture capital course provide the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the mechanism underpinning the creation and/or development of a firm and the financial support it can get from the financial system through venture capital investment.

The financing and Investment in Infrastructure course focus on how debt and equity can be used to finance infrastructure investments and how private investors approach infrastructure projects from the standpoint of equity, debt, and hybrid instruments. The course concentrates on the practical aspects of project finance with the most frequently used financial techniques for infrastructure investments.

Lund University


European Business Law: Understanding the Fundamentals, Doing Business in Europe and Competing in Europe

This course is a series of three sequences that will provide an insight into European Business Law. The first course, Understanding the Fundamentals, we will examine the core structures and principles of the European Union as well as the primary sources of law. In the second course, Doing business in Europe, we will focus on the primary laws that regulate various aspects of establishing and running a business within the European Union. In the final course, Competing in Europe, we will go into more depth about how to compete on the internal market and protect your brand, product or invention.

Delft University of Technology


Wind Farm Offshore Engineering, Open courseware

This course provides an understanding of the design of offshore wind farms in general and focuses on the foundation design in particular. The course is based on actual cases of real offshore wind farms that have been built recently or will be built in the near future. Study Goals: Those who are successfully completing this course will be able to work in and lead a team designing the civil works of an offshore wind farm.

Heriot-Watt University


M.Sc Renewable Energy Development,

This course covers a broad understanding of the environmental, political and socio-economic principles and mechanisms which affect how energy developments are taken forward, as well as risk assessment and management in the context of current renewable energy developments. It explores the engineering solution that has been developed to extract energy from natural resources, including the technical aspects of integrating it into the distribution system network and storage devices. It also analyzes the financial issues (valuation of capital assets, financing projects and the costs of generating electricity) and project management.

University of Southampton


Contract Management: Building Relationships in Business, Certificate of Participation

Contracts are fundamental to all business activities, and relationships are fundamental to all contracts. This free online course focused on understanding contract management processes; providing the tools to develop new contracts with confidence, and building successful relationships to implement contracts effectively.

University of Toronto


Wind, Waves & Tides Alternative Energy Systems, Certificate

This course has explained and illustrated how to extract energy from three naturally occurring fluid flows: the wind, waves, and tides. They were described and discussed through case studies of specific installations. By analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of various technologies lead us to focus on the potential of harvesting energy from these resources.

European Energy Centre (EEC)


Renewable Energy Management & Finance, Certificate

  • Introduction to Renewable Energy Finance
  • Feed-In Tariff
  • Project Finance calculations 1
  • Basic technical calculations – energy, economics, emissions
  • EIA and LCA reports
  • Project Finance calculations 2
  • Government policy and support schemes – UN, EU, UK
  • Project Finance examples
  • Practical international case studies

RENAC (Renewables Academy), Berlin


Project Management in Renewable Energy, Certificate

This course introduced methods and concepts for successfully implementing medium to large-scale RE projects, from the initial idea to full operation. The course covered the planning and organisation of complex RE projects, the tools to perform the economic analysis and the primary technical and non-technical risks that affect them directly. Schemes to organize sufficient project financing, assessing market conditions, and identifying market barriers including the use of public support, were another focus of the training.


RENAC (Renewables Academy), Berlin


Investment Appraisal in REP, Certificate

RE projects need careful financial planning and control to be successful. Financial management tasks are consequently an integral part of all project phases' appraisal. The course's focus was on the analysis of project attractiveness and the assessment of whether a project should be undertaken at all, and if so, under what circumstances and conditions. It has highlighted the financial tasks in controlling and managing the cost during project realization. Looked into project completion, how project stakeholders must assure that project returns are sufficiently high for the planned profitability to materialize. And lastly, the management and cost accounting tasks as essential tools in the operation mode.  

New York Institute of Finance


Prime Brokerage Operations, Certificate

Real world examples and detailed descriptions of the trade processing cycle

  • Understand the components of the trade processing cycle
  • Identify the processing routines used by the multitude of products
  • Grasp concept of customer margin requirements for different products
  • Interpret financing needs and the tools used to satisfy those needs
  • Garner an appreciation of the differences for customer and street side processing cycle
  • Be conversant in the workings of the Stock Record and General Ledger

Open Universiteit


Introduction to Energy Analysis

The course provided an introduction to the analysis of energy systems and energy technologies. The attention was on both energy supply and energy demand systems, Offering methods and tools to analyse energy systems. Topics in the course were, among others:

. Thermodynamics

. Energy services and demand

. Energy extraction and conversion

. Energy markets, energy in a social context and energy management

. Energy chains, life cycle energy analysis

. Measuring energy efficiency and intensity

. Energy technologies and energy scenarios

. Policies for efficient energy use and renewable energy.


English (Full professional proficiency)

Spanish (Native or bilingual proficiency)

Dutch (Limited working proficiency)

Italian (Limited working proficiency)

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