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Minash Bablani


Talented and balanced individual motivated to delivering and adding value to an organisation in the fields of media and communications. Believe in adapting to change, working with others and learning from their strengths whilst continual self development and education. Dedicated and continuously striving to deliver positive and measurable results.



BSc. Communication and Media Studies

Loughborough University, United Kingdom

Class achieved: Second Class, Upper Honours (2:1)

Modules studied include:

Digital Media and Society, Persuasion and communication, Media in the Global Context, Promotional Culture: Advertising, Public Relations & Society, Critical Viewings: Television, Documentary, Films.

Sep 2014

Avid technology Film Editing Course

London MET Film School, United Kingdom

Three week intense film editing course in Avid Technology which focused on film grammar and storytelling techniques . A high-level instruction in how to use the editing interface of the professional Avid Technology from a rough cut to a complete film.


International Baccalaureate Diploma

St. Christopher's School, Bahrain

32 points scored (equivalent to 435 UCAS points) in subjects including:

Business Management, Geography, English, Biology, Spanish AB initio, Mathematics Studies.

Work Experience & Positions of responsibility

Oct 2015Jan 2016

Account Planning Intern

TBWA\Mumbai, India

Reporting to: Senior Planning Director

  • Drafting consumer trend reports
  • Research for existing clients
  • Assisting in primary research 
  • Assisting in developing insights for campaigns and new business pitches
  • Help with the crafting of campaign creative briefs and a variety of other projects assigned

Skills developed include: Research, pitch presentations, effective communication, improvement of MS Powerpoint skills.

Aug 2013Sep 2013

Management Trainee

Bespoke Hospitality, Bahrain
  • General administrative work
  • Attended to E-mails and online communication
  • Assisted in the recruitment of potential staff for clients
  • Assessed the required skills for potential staff through telephone interviews.
  • Prepared the potential staff for interviews with the firm being recruited for

Skills developed include: Written and verbal communication, commercial awareness, active listening.

Jul 2012Sep 2012

Brand Communications Intern

Palate Culinary studio, Mumbai
  • Social Media management (Facebook in particular)
  • Marketing packages locally via social media and phone calls
  • Food Photography
  • Designing logos, posters, business cards, menu booklets and leaflets
  • Generating content for the web-page

Skills developed include: Sales and marketing, design, organisation. 


Social Media Representative

Loughborough Students' Union Nights Committee

LSU Nights is the comprehensive guide to all events and entertainment from Loughborough Students Union. LSU being a million-pound business per annum, was largely successful at promoting its events through the social media pages where all the latest events based during the day or night were marketed using Facebook in particular. Being responsible for the Facebook page my main responsibility was to work with the Head of Entertainment and Events to find more ways to reach a larger part of the student population. 

Skills developed: Social media and audience engagement. 

Achievements: Increased the‘ likes' on the page by 3000+ this year.


Culture and Faith Representative

Loughborough Students' Union

 Being responsible for 15 societies, I held fortnightly meetings to gather updates from the society chairs and held personal appraisal meetings once every 6 weeks. Additionally I planned events such as Faith Fest, International Day and helped society members organise their personal events such as Hanukkah, Diwali and Eid.

Skills developed: Event planning, leadership, team building, chairing meetings and communication.  


Vice Chair

Loughborough Women's Network

 I took charge of organising many events for the network such as Women of the World festival including a week full of events comprising of a showcase of women talent with over 200 attendees, Women In Sport panel with speakers from the British Olympics team, Women in Academia lunch amongst many others.

Additionally, planning and executing two campaigns was a key part of my role,‘ Know the Line' and‘ F word' campaign. The network also partook in supporting and bringing in national events and campaigns to Loughborough students. Examples of such as the Women of the World festival in London, My Body Back Project and #ThisGirlCan.

Skills developed: Identity (Brand) management, marketing and planning events.


Student Representative

BSc. Communication & Media Studies

As a course representative I worked with senior staff and attended student staff liaison committee meetings to communicate the concerns and feedback of the students.

Skills developed: Written and verbal communication in a professional environment.

Achievements: Loughborough Your Education Silver Award 


Media and Communications Officer

Loughborough Women's Network

Being the first media and communications officer for the newly founded Women’s network required starting from scratch and creating a presence on social media.

Skills developed: Poster design, marketing, and communication via social media.


Vice Chair

Hindu Society, Loughborough University

During my time as Vice Chair at Hindu Society, I mainly worked towards attaining sponsorships and grants for one of the largest culture and faith societies at the University.

Skills developed: Planning and execution of large events locally and nationally by pairing up with the National Hindu Students forum to partake in Sports competitions and committee training days.

Achievements: The society saw an increase of 36% in attendance at events during year.


Head of Human Resources

Loughborough Students' Union Television

Being part of one of the country's award winning television stations was a challenging but rewarding experience. All new students with an interest in television are welcomed to start as volunteers.

Skills developed: Team management, leadership and delegation.



Loughborough Employability Award

Loughborough University

The LEA recognises the development of valuable employability skills through participation in the many extra-curricular activities across campus and through vacation work and volunteering.


Sub Committee Member of the Year

Welfare and Diversity, Loughborough Students' Union

An award in recognition to the contribution towards Loughborough Women's Network which sits under the Welfare and Diversity section in the Students' Union.


Your Education Silver Award

Loughborough Students' Union

A certificate awarded to recognise hard working and dedicated student representatives. Awarded by the Loughborough Students' Union Student Voice section.


Written & verbal communication:

 My written and verbal fluency in English and Hindi, and basic knowledge of Spanish and Sindhi, have enhanced my communication skills over the years enabling me to correspond with a variety of people. Being part of Loughborough University's highly commended Students’ Union committees required constant interaction between the staff and student bodies. Additionally, several group presentations over the three-year course of my education allowed my written and verbal skills to undergo profound development.

Adaptability & time-management:

 Being an international student from Bahrain, adapting to an entirely new culture and country during university was a great challenge in itself. However, not only did I find myself comfortable with university life, but I took interest in involving myself in as many ways as possible. Additionally, adapting to such a vast array of roles required balancing extra-curricular activities with my education. I believe this challenging opportunity allowed me to incorporate time management into my everyday life.

Team work & motivation:

All the aforementioned positions of responsibility have required me to work as part of different teams and to be present at meetings, share and take into consideration others’ opinions. These voluntary roles have also given me the opportunity to lead a team and also become more confident in public speaking and representing views and concerns. Moreover, through teamwork I was given plenty of opportunities to develop my negotiation and persuasion skills and critical thinking.

Creativity (poster design and video editing)

Brief knowledge of software such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop and iMovie to be able to design posters, flyers and edit short videos with sound and effects. 


Available on request.