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After the completion of a MBA and 17 years of working experience in various sales and marketing positions in different markets in Health Care (selective) managing distributors and global key accounts to develop and implement our brands.

I have been involved with training and development and therefore I have a balance that allows me to be an asset for any project within my profile.

 I want to pursue my career in a FMCG/Retail/Fashion/Cosmetic/HealthCare company and environment or another industry where a FMCG background can be relevant with strong international sales and marketing orientation combined with high level of people management or trade development


Key Interests:  Reading (Management, Leadership, Theology (served as volunteer missionary for two years within a Religious organization), Science Fiction); Sports (Martial Arts, Football) New technologies (Web, On Line Marketing, Management systems); travelling (meeting new people, places and cultures. Learn new business approaches and usage of cultural understanding and behaviour to improve business results in different areas of the globe); Psychology applied to business organizations, HRM, Marketing and CRM.

Work experience

Sep 2009Present

Managing Director

Luanday (Group Refriango)

Responsible for the sister company of the Refriango factory named Luanday (Refriango Group). This company has all the commercial, marketing, financial control, import and export of all raw materials and products. Lead with success the new phase of launching of new brands in new categories, go to market strategies and improve dramatically the communication among functional areas. Represents the owners/administration of the company in Angola and leads all the strategic planning process of the company, expansion of the business in Angola and to other African Countries (Ex:Congo. Role and responsibilities:

·Manages the team of functional Directors; Strategic planning (commercial, marketing, financial and impor/expor), Trade Negotiation, Development of modern retail accounts and traditional specialized retail; Development of new business models and new sales channels; Development of the companies department and new ways for reaching the customer. Develop the top and middle management team, P/L responsibility and $400million.

Jun 2008Sep 2009

CE Sales Group Director

LG Electronics

Responsible for the plans to recover the brand in the market implementing sales customer plans based on the international Go to Market strategy that support the growth and market share gain for the brand and increase profitability. Achieved above 40% growth Q4 2008 and keeps a steady double digit growth of the business during 2009 exercise, achieving a clear top 2 position globally and top 1 in some market segments. Role and responsibilities:

·Commercial team of Directors Management; Strategic planning (commercial and marketing), Trade Negotiation, Development of modern retail accounts and traditional specialized retail; Development of partnerships and new sales channels; Development of the Commercial department and new ways for reaching the customer. Develop the top and middle management team and P/L responsibility. Report directly to CEO LG Portugal.

Oct 2007Jul 2008

CE Managing Director


Responsible for the plans to improve the company performance in the market implementing sales and marketing plans that support the growth and market share gain for the brand (moved from 10% to over 20% share in plasma category), international negotiation for support of local plans aimed at brand development in the market (received the first significant international investment for the brand in Portugal). Key responsibilities:

·Commercial and Marketing Division Management; Strategic planning (commercial and marketing), International Negotiation, Development of modern retail accounts and traditional specialized retail; Development of partnerships and new sales channels; Development of the Marketing department and new ways for reaching the consumer. Develop the top and middle management team and P/L responsibility.

Oct 2006Sep 2007

International Marketing and Sales Director

Balmain Hair Group (World Licensee of Peirre Balmain Paris)

Responsible the expansion plans of the Balmain hair Care Business in Europe (achieved coverage of all EU countries, Russia, USA launch and first opportunities in South America and South Africa) , and contribute for the growth of the brand awareness, usage and results. Key responsibilities are:

·Develop the Marketing Strategy for the company; Implement media plans; Choose agencies and partners; Manage the Marketing department; Improve Education programs; Develop the consumer market; Strengthen the professional market; Implement market research plans; Implement consumer research; Implement rules for events, shows and branding, P/L responsibility.

Sep 1997Aug 2006

Business Development Manager

Responsible for increase the sales times twenty in Portugal over a steady nine years period and for strengthening the image of the brand to levels of awareness tree times higher than before. Part of European Management team. Key responsibilities are:

  • Define the “go to market strategy; Deploy and implement the marketing plans; Adapt global strategies to the local market needs; Create organizational capacity; Use insights from market research; Hire, train and develop a sales force; Coach and Develop the distributor network; Develop retail customer coverage plans; Share and reapply best practices at international level; Develop the Veterinarian sales channel and represent the company in industry events; Participate in work and learning sessions with other businesses in other countries and brands (Cosmetic & Perfumery, Pharmacy with brands like Boss, Lacoste or Olay) and Plan events that drive awareness .
Dec 1996Aug 1997

Sales Manager

Beldata, Lda

Responsible for the leadership of a Sales team focused on specific objectives and customers. Represented at the time brands like Ricoh, OKI, Gestetner, Texas Instruments, Peacook Computers.

Main responsibilities where increase distribution network, segment the market and develop the global commercial strategy. Results where an increase of 30% in distribution network with different sales channels segmented and a sales increase of 35%.

Mar 1993Dec 1996

Product and Channel Manager

Tech Data

Responsible for the triplication of the business of computer peripherals and accessories.Managed the telemarketing team and the promotion of brands to customers. Managed products from brands like WordPerfect, Borland, Computer Associates, HP, Compaq directly and sold to customers other product categories like Microsoft Systems and Software, IBM Mainframes and PC´s, Digital among other products.

Joined later on HH Computers as Senior Product Manager who was representing at the time Digital Corporation Mainframes and computers as well as Lexmark printers until end of 1996, when Compaq started the purchase of digital


Oct 1999Jun 2001


European University


Strategic Management
Strategic management refers to the art of planning the business at the highest possible level. It is the duty of the company’s leader (or leaders). Strategic management focuses on building a solid underlying structure to your business that will subsequently be shared in the organization out through the combined efforts of every individual that joins the organization. I believe leaders at all level must have key basic rules of strategic management to achieve the best planning and results from their business.  I believe in answering the tree key questions of strategic management: 1.      What are my business’s objectives? 2.      What are the best ways to achieve those objectives? 3.      What resources are required to make that happen? I learn over time to practice and help other trough coaching and training to use also this science in every level of business in the organization in which we have leadership responsibilities.     
Joint Value Creation
Ability to manage partners and customers in order that we both achieve a higher value creation for the organizations we lead. This is a process of identifying the partners or customers that are key for our strategy and goals, approach them with clear goals in mind to which both organizations can grow more together than separately 1+1= 3. Joint teams, marketing actions and measurements based on scorecards are tools essential to achieve success together.   In today’s challenges to stay competitive firms must put their main focus on the customer’s needs.  Joint value creation process becomes a central part of the relationship between producer and user.  The purpose of this concept or management tool is to understand how customers, in a business-to-business situation, perceive the value of a complex service, over time. Focus will also be directed towards understanding how the producer can improve the knowledge of what are the customers’ preferences, how this change over time. Also what both can bring together that generates added value for both companies and more consumer preferences.  
Situational Leadership
Lead an organization with the ability to diagnose the development level of managers and directors and adapt the behavior that best brings the desired outcome of each individual according to the task or project ahead. Results of using and prepare the organization to use this type of leadership behavior are:   ·  Develop leaders who excel at goal setting, coaching, performance evaluation, active listening, and proactive problem solving ·  Clarify individual goals and ensure alignment with the organization’s goals ·  Create systems to track performance and partnering ·  Reduce employee turnover and absenteeism ·  Increase retention of "star" employees ·  Improve individual and organizational development ·  Improve job satisfaction and morale at all levels ·  Create a shared language of leadership within an organization   This management behavior is today part of management style, practice and belief.